Golden Mile Results, 10th May 2014

Golden Mile Results. Well done today to all runners in Junior and Adult Sections.

Junior Athletics 800m Race 1

1105George Willis3.10.0
2103Michael HarlandTyne Bridge3.18.2
3104Jake MoirTyne Bridge3.38.3
4101Lucy Grenfell3.39.6
5110Sophia Dias3.39.9
6107Luke Kelly3.41.6
7106Harris Willis3.50.1
8111Lauren Bird3.53.5
9102Kate GrenfellTyne Bridge3.53.9
10108Hope MoirTyne Bridge4.05.2
11109Millie RoweTyne Bridge4.05.7

Junior Athletics 800m Race 2

1125Niamh HallTyne Bridge3.07.1
2124Jane HarlandTyne Bridge3.08.5
3123Poppy WhiteTyne Bridge3.13.9
4121Keiron Wilkinson3.25.1
5127Molly Anderson3.32.0
6122Pearl WalkerTyne Bridge3.32.1
7126Lily HallTyne Bridge3.43.4
8120Anna Scott3.44.9

Golden Mile Track Race 1

PlaceNumber NameClubTime
118Vicki ThompsonJarrow6.28.9
210Will KerrTyne Bridge6.31.6
39Kirsty Louise DuncanTyne Bridge6.44.7
443Helen MorrisBlyth6.58.2
531Emma MoirTyne Bridge7.05.3
641Rachel GriffithsTyne Bridge7.24.7
737Charly BlackburnTyne Bridge7.32.3

Golden Mile Track Race 2

114James KnoxTyne Bridge5.32.8
225David YoungTyne Bridge5.41.8
329Alasdair Wilson CrawClaremont Road Runners5.43.5
419Steven ShottonTyne Bridge5.45.3
538Alex LockwoodTyne Bridge5.49.1
644Sophie MarrTyne Bridge5.49.2
745Lindsay WalshTyne Bridge5.52.2
834Lucy MathesonTyne Bridge5.58.2
942David RoweTyne Bridge6.02.4
1036Catherine EatonTyne Bridge6.43.3

Golden Mile Track Race 3

PlaceNumber NameClubTime
121Andrew GreenwellTyne Bridge5.12.6
232Mark HallTyne Bridge5.13.6
33David ApplebyTyne Bridge5.21.6
415Malcolm GibsonTyne Bridge5.24.1
520Alasdair BlainTyne Bridge5.24.6
633Simon PrydeTyne Bridge5.25.5
722Edwin WongTyne Bridge5.31.2
828David AnthillTyne Bridge5.36.1
923Steven FrenchBlyth5.37.5
1035Nick PearsonTyne Bridge5.41.3
1140John GoldsbroughTyne Bridge5.41.7
1211Keith RooneyTyne Bridge5.43.7
1324Martin ScottBlyth5.50.4

Golden Mile Track Race 4

PlaceNumber NameClubTime
112K MacTyne Bridge4.58.2
226Lee CuthbertsonBlyth4.59.9
327Andy GreenTynedale5.01.4
430David MoirTyne Bridge5.05.2
51Alex SnookJarrow5.09.7
68Jon MossTyne Bridge5.16.1
717Alison DargieTyne Bridge5.21.8
813Leodhais MacphersonTyne Bridge5.36.5

Golden Mile Track Race 5

139Sparrow MorleyTyne Bridge4.37.1
27Max PearsonTynedale4.40.5
35Joe TurnerGateshead4.42.1
46Terry ScottTyne Bridge4.43.4
54Finn BrodieGosforth4.46.9
62Shaun BrownTyne Bridge4.49.3



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    • Apples on 10th May 2014 at 16:44
    • Reply

    Great morning, thanks to Chris Graham for organising the event and to the leaders of the junior section for their efforts.
    I think I’ll claim the new Male V50 record off Mickey Baker, thanks very much and sorry Mickey.

    • Sinead on 10th May 2014 at 19:33
    • Reply

    Today was a fantastic success which was no doubt down to massive pre event organisation from Chris Graham. I really hope we can create regular event out of this. Well done to all the runners who participated.

    • Mark Hall on 10th May 2014 at 19:56
    • Reply

    Great fun, the kids loved it.

    • Sean Kelly on 10th May 2014 at 22:33
    • Reply

    Thanks very much to the organisers. It was v exciting to watch old friends rolling back the years and flying around the track and wonderful to see the children just enjoy the running, jumping and throwing. Luke was absolutely buzzing after his 800m race. The star for the future is Michael Harland. What a run from a 7 year old! He is a fantastic little runner. A great day.

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