Tynedale 10 Mile Road Race

Well done to the 46 members who competed in this year’s Tynedale 10M Road Race.

A strong westerly wind made for favourable running conditions, and this was demonstrated with some fantastic times by the members, many of whom clocking a PB.

First finisher for the club – in a time of 53:53 – was Steve Cairns, coming home in 7th place overall and 1st in the V45 category.

Also celebrating victory in their age category was Keith Smith, his time of 57:13 securing 1st place in the V50 group.

Sophie Marr was first lady for the club, finishing in 99th place overall.

The men’s team, consisting of Steve, Kevin Jeffress and Shaun Brown, finished 3rd, whilst the Ladies team of Sophie, Kym Eden and Lucy Matheson finished 2nd.

The race was won by Elswick Harrier athlete, Tadele Geremew.

Members results.

00:53:53Steve Cairns
00:56:28Kevin Jeffress
00:56:56Shaun Brown
00:57:13Keith Smith
00:58:49Cees van der Land
00:59:01Dave Moir
00:59:32David Anderson
01:01:38John Hurse
01:01:51Chris Graham
01:02:31Elliott Hails
01:02:42Andy Harrison
01:02:56David Appleby
01:03:05Andy Smythe
01:05:08Dave Young
01:05:50Sophie Marr
01:06:55David Dickson
01:07:35Conrad Scott
01:08:24Euan Clubbs
01:09:06Guy Rintoul
01:09:25Kym Eden
01:09:37Keith Rooney
01:10:24Nick Pearson
01:12:05Graham King
01:12:42Lucy Matheson
01:13:14Steven Shotton
01:14:05Colin Dilks
01:14:30John Pickering
01:14:58Stuart Dickson
01:15:27Philip Scott
01:16:42Kerry Reed
01:18:41Matt Walker
01:19:24Alex Battersby
01:19:59Kevin Cheetham
01:20:00Felicity Watson
01:20:22Michael Nemeth
01:21:46Mike Parker
01:22:27Joanne Wood
01:24:32Laura Pentland
01:24:50Sinead Coffey
01:26:27Claire Norman
01:26:29James Knox
01:27:44Rebecca Parkin
01:30:17Chris Parkin
01:40:13Stephanie McFarlane
01:41:06Gail Allan
01:41:06Steve Allerdyce


Please get in touch if your name is missing from the above list.


Full results can be found here

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    • Lucy on 2nd September 2013 at 08:58
    • Reply

    Well done everyone, it was so nice seeing so many smiling (at the finish!) TBH faces.

    Thanks to all the supporters, those cheers of encouragement were as always much appreciated.

    Also VAANEE medals galore! Well done TBH and thanks to Tynedale Harriers for organising such a great race.

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