2013 Summer Grand Prix: Race 6


A reminder to all Tyne Bridge Harriers that Tuesday 3rd September sees the final race of the Summer Series Grand Prix. The two mile handicapped race around Jesmond Dene has been a very popular series among Club Members and we want to see another superb turnout on Tuesday. Could we top 100 finishers?

With 100 points up for grabs by winning the race – or a massive 350 points for volunteering for the 1st time – it’s still all to play for.

A guaranteed superb and nail-biting final race is in store on Tuesday night.

Times and final arrangements are at the bottom of the page but here’s how the 2013 Summer series GP table looks after 5 events.

memberrace 1race 2race 3race 4race 5total
jo wood1008584350*47666
kevin cheetham100350*856746648
mal gibson100645470350*638
sinead coffey100566564350*635
paul brown10010028350*57635
nicola brady10063350*6155629
sara sedgley10092350*5422618
charlotte carpenter100350*735339615
annette kelly10026350*7860614
jon moss1005761350*35603
stuart dickson350*54587465601
guy rintoul100350*486827593
dave young1007263350*585
david anderson1002935350*68582
nick pearson100350*5279581
matt walker1005865350*573
darryl davison10080350*36566
ron murray350*50*50*50*50*550
paul hilton350*50*50*50*50*550
lizzy clamp10041350*54545
stephanie mcfarlane10088350*538
rob wishart10072350*522
vicki deritis10066350*516
dave antill350*6750*41508
john hurse350*50*50*50*500
denise waugh350*50*50*50*500
dave moir350*50*50*50*500
anji close350*50*91491
steven compton10038350*488
dave rowe10027350*477
cees vanderland66350*50*466
scott wilkinson100350*450
pip nichol350*50*50*450
joanne lee100350*450
euan clubbs100350*450
davy anderson350*50*50*450
clare smith100350*450
chris parkin100350*450
jessica anderson350*84434
micky baker83350*433
Chris Mitsides350*81431
shaun brown350*50*26426
lucy matheson350*66416
henrik aicher66350*416
michael duff10069568887400
mark hall350*50*400
layla osselton350*50*400
becky parkin350*49399
elliot hayes350*44394
alex lockwood33350*383
vicky cuthbertson350*350*
sean kelly350*350*
ross palmer350*350*
mark reynolds350*350*
julie shaw350*350*
graham mitchinson350*350*
gill parkin350*350*
claire rowley350*350*
chris robson350*350*
catherine easton350*350*
andy harrison350*350*
aimee cook350*350*
caroline smith10062406956327
stephen hall10077367328314
gemma brady100557557287
louise easton100936217272
penny wilmott100972349269
mike parker100374277256
alan wallace100485551254
hannah shaw100674145253
steve allerdyce1006586251
peter kennedy1007174245
stevie barker1006169230
keith rooney1008544229
louise harwood100433351227
margaret hagood1007253225
steve douthwaite1007647223
colin dilks100364333212
michael nemeth826462208
kerry liddle229689207
chris graham40527540207
luke o'neil953476205
meg parkin1007324197
louise watson867932197
kerrie whittle10094194
margaret finn518359193
david charlton9993192
sophie wardrobe10091191
david beech1005930189
anne grenfell9891189
evelyn maholam995530184
catherine powell9094184
chris meek476075182
ben priestley1004537182
alice gowling10079179
helen richardson8989178
andy lisle10078178
angela mcbrien9879177
mandy tunmore497056175
ruth lee10074174
sue mullinger288758173
joy fenwick10072172
steve osselton9873171
maria grady847116171
anna brough8090170
rajan nair10067167
david dickson9076166
michelle bannan7689165
phil scott786221161
natalie ohlsen7883161
kerry neil535949161
andy walton10060160
alex battersby9763160
sandy anderson10053153
kym eden32257125153
andrea hayden7083153
marc fenwick10050150
emma moir10050150
jonathon logan9652148
john pickering6384147
david appleby10046146
alison habebi10046146
jonathan frith8261143
james knox10038138
mick hancock10034134
naomi virgo8051131
ryan hogben10029129
conrad scott10026126
jasmine black4281123
nicola mccoughlin2195116
sparrow morley2490114
graham king2582107
imran mohammed4858106
sarah corcoran100100
michelle ankers100100
mark hobkirk100100
mark allison100100
louis goffe100100
k mac100100
jordan kelly100100
elspeth lawson100100
donna houghton100100
colin whittle100100
chris hughes100100
chichi noyambe100100
ben thackray100100
alison bulman100100
catherine james9999
aoife power9999
joanne nolan9898
nikki diomeo-wears9797
alan hodgson9797
jonathon cameron9696
gareth atkinson9696
steve bond9595
laura pentland9595
steve beer9494
bryan ankers9494
michael hodgson9393
dawn cranston9393
richard dodgson9292
jane shearer9292
alec stead9292
anja mccarthy9191
katie monnelly8888
emma brannon8888
katie dent8787
jane harland8787
geof ellingham8686
felicity watson8686
martin hall8585
simon honeysett8282
matthew kingston8181
laura dickson8181
john tollit394281
james blain8080
sophie marr354479
john blake314879
claire norman7777
claire miller-grossett7777
jonathon powell314576
rob kirtley7575
jordan mullinger7474
adrian brooks7171
suzanne allerdyce7070
kerry reed6969
matty tomlinson6868
matthew brent6868
richard mccarthy6464
emilien legrand6060
thomas vardy5959
mark jackson302959
steve shotton5757
alan taylor5252
nick varley5050
emma wright5050
james dunce4343
simon pryde3939
keith smith3838
kari rashid bamb3737
craig hodgson3434
michael blench3232
joy allen3131
simon willis2727
tony carter2424
lisa mcconnell2323
bridget shaw2323
davy wright2020
naomi jacobs1919
daveen fiddis1818
niamh hall1515

* volunteering pts (350 1st time, 50 thereafter)

The race will get underway at 7:00pm and club members can either meet at Byker Pool at the usual time for a jog to the start or make their way directly to Armstrong Bridge, Jesmond Dene and meet up there at approx 6:45pm.

Please wear your club vests for this final race and let’s make it a great sight for the final one of the series.

Volunteer Marshals & helpers will also be required, so if you’re not running, please turn up and support the club by offering your services.

See you there :thumbsup:

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    • Nick on 2nd September 2013 at 14:23
    • Reply

    If Micky volunteers for the last 1 I think he’s got it in the bag! There would only be Jo who could beat him and she’d have to finish in the top 16! Bit of pressure!

      • Jo on 2nd September 2013 at 22:05
      • Reply

      I’m hoping that only 16 people turn up tomorrow!

    • Jon on 2nd September 2013 at 14:30
    • Reply

    666 The number of the beast :-)

    • Jo on 2nd September 2013 at 22:02
    • Reply

    Are you calling me a beast Jon??

      • Jon on 2nd September 2013 at 22:06
      • Reply

      No no just quoting a famous rock song :-) iron maiden i think :-) xxx

        • Jo on 2nd September 2013 at 22:40
        • Reply

        That’s alright then!

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