Training Sessions w/c 17th December

This week’s training sessions are;


Tuesday 18th

Group 1: 1M @ Tempo Pace (TP), 3 x (4 x 400m), 1M @ TP

Group 2: 1M @ TP, 3 x (4 x 400m), 1M @ TP

Group 3: 5 minutes @ TP, 3 x (4 x 1min), 5 minutes @ TP

Group 4: Circuits/Core work

Group 5: 5 x 3 minutes


Thursday 20th

Group 1: Hills

Group 2: Hills

Group 3: Hills

Group 4: 20 minute tempo surge

Group 5: Fartlek run

Following the session, members are encouraged to accompany fellow club member and Tony Blair Sports Foundation fundraiser Graham Smith in completing the final 2.1 miles of his 2012 miles in 2012 challenge.  His final run will take place on the evening of 20 December from Hoults Yard NE6 2HL (click here for map) to the Copthorne Hotel NE1 3RT, and he will be crossing the finish line at 20:12 hours.

Graham has invited supporters to join him for his final run.  Runners of all abilities are welcome to come along – and to ensure everyone is looked after properly and enjoys the experience of running as a group, TBH qualified Leaders in Running Fitness are to lead small groups on the night.  Groups will set off at staggered intervals starting at 19:15 with slower joggers and walkers and Graham will leave with the final group at 19:50.

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