NEHL 3: Jarrow – Results

Congratulations to the TBH Men’s team for continuing their winning run in Division Two of North East Harrier League.


In the third race of the competition, held at a muddy Bedewell Park, Jarrow, the team not only managed to finish 1st in Division Two, but also 4th team overall.

With more and more members being promoted to the faster groups, it is a tremendous achievement to figure so highly in the overall finishing positions.


A special mention to Tony Carter who recorded the 8th fastest time of the day.


It was an equally satisifying day for the Women’s team as well, with steady performances by all the ladies helping them finish 4th team in Division One, and therefore retaining top spot in the league. Well done to all the lasses who turned out to race.


In the junior races, Leodhais finished 17th in the U13’s, with a time of 14:51, and Ben Priestley finished 16th in the U17’s, with a time of 27:25. Well done to both guys.


Men’s results:


Pos.Race Time(Real Time)Name
110:35:010:35:01TURNBULL, Paul
180:35:210:32:51JEFFRESS, Kevin
190:35:240:35:24DAVISON, Darryl
280:35:500:33:20MORLEY, John
320:35:560:33:26BEECH, David
800:37:050:37:05LAIDLER, Ian
820:37:100:32:10CARTER, Tony
900:37:200:37:20TOLLITT, John
1090:37:470:35:17DANIELS, David
1130:37:520:35:22CLARK, Rob
1150:37:550:37:55PRYDE, Simon
1300:38:080:38:08JACKMAN, Ian
1380:38:180:35:48MOIR, David
1430:38:230:38:23REYNOLDS, Mark
1500:38:300:38:30POWELL, Jonathan
1700:38:590:36:29HILTON, Paul
1730:39:010:36:31HALL, Mark
2150:39:580:37:28WISHART, Rob
2550:41:160:41:16HURSE, John
2640:41:310:41:31BAKER, Micky
2670:41:350:41:35JACKSON, Mark
2790:42:050:42:05RINTOUL, Guy
2960:42:400:42:40PEARSON, Nicholas
3010:43:080:43:08ANDERSON, David
3150:43:460:43:46HAWKINS, Tim
3290:44:430:44:43DICKSON, Stuart
3380:45:130:45:13ROONEY, Keith
3470:46:420:46:42AICHER, Henrik
3730:48:380:48:38HOGBEN, Ryan
3810:51:090:51:09CHEETHAM, Kevin
3850:53:120:53:12HAUGK, Steffen
3891:02:001:02:00WILKINSON, Scott



Men’s Team results:


Teams Overall
League PtsRace PtsClubCounters
1110(1) Sunderland Harriers{3,7,8,22,27,43}
2160(1) Durham City Harriers{6,19,21,36,37,41}
3173(1) Morpeth Harriers & AC{4,5,11,48,52,53}
4175(2) Tynebridge Harriers{9,16,17,26,30,77}
5247(1) Gateshead Harriers{2,10,13,35,78,109}
6273(1) Low Fell RC{12,20,25,51,75,90}
7335(2) Crook AC{23,28,40,69,83,92}
8406(3) Jarrow & Hebburn AC{15,24,45,55,127,140}
9411(2) Elswick Harriers{1,31,44,95,111,129}
10429(1) South Shields Harriers & AC{42,58,59,87,89,94}
11439(2) Birtley AC{14,50,56,76,81,162}
12565(2) Tynedale Harriers{39,62,70,100,141,153}
13610(1) North Shields Poly{18,32,93,98,149,220}
14647(3) Jesmond Joggers{29,54,82,135,155,192}
15714(1) Heaton Harriers{80,106,116,119,130,163}
16747(2) Elvet Striders{65,71,115,123,184,189}
17765(1) Sunderland Strollers{34,47,147,150,193,194}
18834(2) Alnwick Harriers{101,113,131,137,171,181}
19942(3) Blackhill Bounders{63,122,143,167,215,232}
201007(2) Claremont RR{33,156,177,201,217,223}
211236(3) Houghton AC{84,152,161,221,301,317}
221249(3) Blyth RC{66,118,237,249,281,298}
231286(2) Saltwell Harriers{64,96,210,243,299,374}
241298(1) Wallsend Harriers{72,142,173,247,331,333}
251467(3) Derwentside AC{170,179,236,263,287,332}
261954(3) Aurora{276,290,326,329,363,370}
32No team(3) Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue{74}
32No team(3) Alnwick Harriers{104}
32No team(2) Houghton AC{134,169}
32No team(3) Chester-le-Street{73,257}
32No team(3) Newcastle University AC{144,186}
32No team(3) Blaydon Harriers{151,191}
32No team(3) PB Fitness{136,296}
32No team(3) Cramlington Runners{97,376}
32No team(3) Aycliffe RC{208,343}
32No team(3) Ponteland Runners{207,345}
32No team(2) Gosforth Harriers & AC{38,49,204,280}
32No team(3) Shildon AC{308,338}
32No team(3) North East Vets{46,67,102,185,369}
Teams Div. 2
League PtsRace PtsClubCounters
153(2) Tynebridge Harriers{2,4,5,7,9,26}
2110(2) Crook AC{6,8,14,22,29,31}
3141(2) Elswick Harriers{1,10,15,32,39,44}
4148(2) Birtley AC{3,17,18,25,28,57}
5191(2) Tynedale Harriers{13,19,23,34,50,52}
6261(2) Elvet Striders{21,24,41,42,66,67}
7293(2) Alnwick Harriers{35,40,45,48,61,64}
8356(2) Claremont RR{11,54,63,71,77,80}
9456(2) Saltwell Harriers{20,33,74,86,109,134}
15No team(2) Houghton AC{47,60}
15No team(2) Gosforth Harriers & AC{12,16,72,102}



Women’s results:


PositionRace Time(Real Time)Name
320:30:140:30:14MATHERSON, Lucy
330:30:170:30:17VIRGO, Naomi
360:30:300:28:30MARR, Sophie
680:31:320:31:32WRIGHT, Emma
850:32:110:32:11WALKER, Lisa
970:32:400:30:40KING, Frankie
1310:35:200:35:20CORNELL, Lynne
1340:35:250:35:25CUTHBERTSON, Vicky



Women’s Team results:


Teams Div. 1 Team counter positions
1 13 (1) Tynedale Harriers {2,5,6}
2 17 (1) Heaton Harriers {1,7,9}
3 36 (1) North Shields Poly {4,15,17}
4 58 (1) Tyne Bridge Harriers {18,19,21}
5 58 (1) Elvet Striders {3,16,39}
6 67 (1) Sunderland Strollers {11,20,36}
7 71 (1) Blackhill Bounders {12,27,32}
8 77 (1) Gateshead Harriers {22,26,29}
9 96 (1) Durham City Harriers {23,30,43}
10 107 (1) Wallsend Harriers {25,35,47}



Women’s League Table – Division 1


Tyne Bridge1146
North Shields72312
Sunderland Strollers68620
Durham City109928



A full set of women’s results can be found here


Many thanks to Emma Wright for the following photographs (more of which can be seen on the TBH facebook page).




Paul Turnbull



Sparrow (easy easy easy) Morley



Tony Carter (8th fastest during race)



David (out the way lads, I’m coming through) Daniels



David (storming through the field) Moir



Paul Hilton



Mark Hall



Simon (I’m having a great time) Pryde



Micky Baker



Ryan (thumbs up if you’ re having a great time) Hogben


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    • kenny mac on 16th December 2012 at 20:18
    • Reply

    Leodhais was 10th fastest in his race by time, he is improving week on week

    1. Good going, Leodhais! :)

    • Paul Hilton on 17th December 2012 at 07:35
    • Reply

    Another successful day for TBH .

    Ben Priestley, our 1st ever under 17 representative had a brilliant debut race for the club, his finish was incredible.

    It’s great to end the 2012 NEHL year in top spots for both our Men and Women.

    Roll on Wrekenton in February !

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