Guisborough Woods Fell Race – 27th December 2012

If you’re like me and tend to overdo it with the chocolates over the festive period then why not take part in this fell race a few days after Christmas.

It is 11k (approximately 7 miles), and the course consists of 1 x  4.6k lap and 1 x 6.4k lap.


Guisbrough Woods+_1_0002

Lap 1


Guisbrough Woods+_1_0003

Lap 2


Guisbrough Woods+_2_0002

Route profile


There should be no navigational difficulties, as it will be marked and marshalled, although as with all winter races, ‘kit’ needs to be taken along just in case, with organisers advising on the day whether it needs to be carried.

A chocolate bar in the kit bag is always a good idea anyway ;-)


Race start is 11:00am and entry is available on the day at race HQ, which is Guisborough Rugby Club

For further information of the race, click here


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    • Jacko on 14th December 2012 at 12:31
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    Sounds canny but sadly back at work then :( and the Xmas allocation of leave is full-up….

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