NEHL 2: Blaydon Results

It was another fantastic day for Tyne Bridge ladies at the latest North East Harrier League fixture.

After securing victory in the first fixture of the season at Cramlington, provisional results show they have followed it up with another victory around Shibdon Pond, Blaydon.  Congratulations to each and every one of the ladies who competed.

The men didn’t fare too badly either, coming 1st in their division and claiming 2nd place overall (behind Durham).

As with the ladies, there was another tremendous turnout by the men folk, and everyone should be congratulated.

Full race report to follow.


Mens race times.

PositionNameRace TimeReal Time
2Simon Kristiansen28:0428:04
14Paul Hilton29:3229:32
29David Moir30:3730:37
30Kevin Jeffress30:3828:08
40Darryl Davison30:4830:48
51Rob Clark31:0428:34
56Ian Laidler31:1031:10
66Sparrow Morley31:2028:50
71Shaun Brown31:2531:25
75Keith Smith31:2928:59
115David Daniels32:1929:49
144Tony Carter32:3427:34
171Mark Reynolds32:5832:58
203Mark Hall33:3831:08
279David Rowe35:3135:31
283David Anderson35:3535:35
284Guy Rintoul35:3735:37
351Ron Murray37:0137:01
355Tim Hawkins37:1037:10
360Ben Riley37:1837:18
365Nicholas Pearson37:2537:25
382Stuart Dickson37:5737:57
405David Taylor39:1339:13
406John Hurse39:1339:13
436Steve Allerdyce41:5841:58
452Kevin Cheetham45:3945:39
459Scott Wilkinson51:3851:38


Womens race times.

PositionNameRace timeReal time
9Frances King22:5822:58
13Catherine Willis23:0723:07
14Kym Eden23:0923:09
25Lucy Matheson23:4323:43
33Sophie Marr23:5921:59
51Jordan Mullinger24:4122:41
77Alice Gowing25:2325:23
82Lisa Walker25:2925:29
86Jasmine Black25:3425:34
92Holly White25:4725:47
97Joy Fenwick25:5323:53
103Charlotte Carpenter26:0326:03
116Julie shaw26:4026:40
117Katrina Matheson26:4126:41
133Amy Jaroszkiewicz27:1927:19
136Lynne Cornell27:2927:29
163Emma Moir28:4028:40
175Sinead Coffey (N/C)29:1929:19
177Denise Waugh29:4329:43
182Jane Picken30:3530:35
187Kate Gordon31:0231:02
190Stephanie MacFarlane31:4931:49
194Sarah Sedgley34:0034:00
195Danielle Rutherford34:5434:54
197Helen Fox37:2237:22


Women’s full race results for can be found here


TBH Lads (Thanks to Sinead Coffey for photograph)


TBH Ladies (Thanks to Denise for the photograph)


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  1. Thanks to all the members who travelled over in support of their club mates.

    It makes a big difference having somebody cheering you on and I have to pay special thanks to Ian McDougall (Wallsend), Natalie Scott (Riverside parkrun) and Lorna Pearson (Claremont) for their shouts of encouragement.

    • Kenny Mac on 17th November 2012 at 23:15
    • Reply

    brilliant day, massive turnout, it keeps getting better and better

    • Micky Baker on 18th November 2012 at 11:37
    • Reply

    It was a sight to behold seeing you all walk across to the start a mass of black n white. You have all done the club, and your selves proud great stuff xxxx

    • Paul Hilton on 18th November 2012 at 13:18
    • Reply

    I make it 53 that donned the black and white vest of TBH at Blaydon -Young Leodhais ,27 men and 25 ladies.
    What an amazing turn out and a fantastic result for both the men and women . The support was also incredible !

    Its the first 3 ladies and first 6 men to count as scorers for the teams but everyone plays there own part of our TBH team. special mentions to Kevin Cheetham and Scott Wilkinson on there debute cross country in TBH colours, well done lads !

    Thats 2 victories in a row for the ladies and the lads have won every single match in their division, since we entered the NEHL . The next Harrier league is December 15th at Hebburn , lets see how many numbers we can achieve at Bedewell park . Fantastic TBH !!!

    • Kenny Mac on 18th November 2012 at 14:25
    • Reply

    That was Kim’s first ever race, she has never done a 5k or a 10k and to finish just behind Catherine Willis is amazing.

  2. The women’s results have been updated to include Lynne Cornell’s time ;-)

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