TBH Winter Grand Prix 2012/13: Race 2 Results

Despite blustery conditions along Newcastle quayside, there was still a fantastic turnout of 75 members for the 2nd race of the Winter Grand Prix Series.

Whereas the 1st event was a straight forward race, this one incorporated a yacht handicapping system, with runners setting off at pre-determined time intervals depending upon their performance in the 1st race.


Finishing first around the accurately measured 5k course was Scott Wilkinson, closely followed by Sara Sedgley.

Quickest time of the night went to Tony Carter, in a time of 16:30, with Jordan Mullinger and Sophie Marr sharing top billing for the ladies, both posting a time 20:13.

But really, congratulations must go to all the runners who took part in the event and made for an exciting evening of racing.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out during the event, ensuring it passed by without incident.

Race 3 of the series will take place on 4th December 2012.


PositionNameRace TimeActual TimePoints
1Scott Wilkinson30.1730.17100
2Sara Sedgley30.3330.1899
3Andrea Hayden30.3330.3398
4Teresa Hindmarch31.3529.2097
5Ben Riley31.3823.2396
6Megan Parkin32.0923.0995
7Stephen Blair32.2226.3794
8Jillian Parkin32.2427.0993
9Naomi Virgo32.2722.2792
10Amy Jaroszkiewicz32.3026.4591
11Tom McBride32.3522.3590
12Kevin Cheetham32.3926.5489
13Natalie Ohlson32.4326.5888
14Mike Norbury32.4519.3087
15Michael Hancock32.4923.0486
16Claire Smith32.5127.0685
17Rob Wishart32.5418.3984
18Caroline Smith32.5424.3983
19Sue Mullinger32.5527.1082
20Euan Clubbs32.5519.4081
21Carol Davidson32.5630.1180
22Chris Parkin32.5822.2879
23Don Lord33.0021.1578
24Alex Lockwood33.0119.4677
25Stephen Barker33.0319.0376
26Gail Allan33.0327.1875
27Steve Allerdyce33.0427.1974
28Simon Kristiansen33.0617.0673
29Shaun Brown33.0618.0672
30Nicholas Pearson33.0722.2271
31Ross Palmer33.1420.1470
32Dave Young33.1619.4669
33Stuart Dickson33.1821.4868
34Julie Shaw33.2123.3667
35Leodhais MacPherson33.2220.2266
36Keith Smith33.2417.2465
37Tom Whelan33.2825.1364
38Sophie Marr33.2820.1363
39Rob Kirtley33.2819.1362
40Aimee Cook33.3024.3061
41Dave Antill33.3020.0060
42Annette Kelly33.3323.3359
43Steve Compton33.3421.4958
44Tim Hawkins33.3621.2157
45Dominic McBride33.3724.3756
46Nicola Brady33.3824.5355
47Tom Hanson33.4221.2754
48Peter Sloan33.4421.1453
49Tony Carter33.4516.3052
50Darryl Davison33.4617.4651
51Vicki Cuthbertson33.3724.4750
52John Tollitt33.4919.0449
53Luke Allan33.5321.2348
54Ian Laidler33.5418.2447
55Colin Dilks33.5820.5846
56Marc Fenwick33.5916.4445
57Keith Rooney34.0222.3244
58Frances King34.0321.3343
59Claire Miller-Grossitt34.0323.1842
60David Beech34.0416.4941
61Matty Tomlinson34.0518.3540
62Jordan Mullinger34.1320.1339
63Kev Jeffress34.2117.0638
64Sinead Coffey34.2626.1137
65Vicki Thompson34.2824.4836
66Jonathon Powell34.3020.1535
67Stephen Dixon34.3420.1934
68David Rowe34.3721.0733
69Mark Reynolds34.4419.5932
70Lynne Cornell34.4725.4731
71Guy Rintoul34.5421.2430
72Anthony Bagley35.1222.4229
73Claire Rowley35.1525.1528
74Bridget Shaw35.3327.1827
75Emma Moir38.3528.5026

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    • on 8th November 2012 at 11:10
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    Another excellent night. Really well attended and organised. Thank you to all involved especially the volunteer marshals, time keepers, bike riders and everyone who makes this possible. Club is going from strength to strength as is this GP series. looking forward to the next already and to see even more people at the club whos faces & names I don’t know lol :-)

    Well done with the results DD.. excellent work

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