TBH: NEHL XCGP- Overall Tables 2012/13

Here are the overall individual points tables for the Men & Womens Club XCGP. Scores in bold indicate Man or Lady of the match

Mens Scores for the Harrier League 2012/13

H/CS. cupC/tonB/donNEXC ChampsJarowW/tonAlnP/hoeTot
Carter, Tony10120140260
SMITH, Keith20100140240
Hilton, Paul30100100200
Hurse, John80100100200
Davison, Daryl4010090190
Laidler, Ian4010090190
Gibson, Mal6010090190
REYNOLDS, Mark6010090190
Daniels, David3010080180
MACPHERSON, Ken2010060160
NEESON, Jack1010050150
BEECH, David10140140
CLARK, Rob10140140
KRISTANSEN, Simon30140140
THOMPSON, Mark100120120
FENWICK, Marc10110110
MURRAY, Ron90110110
DICKSON, Stuart90110110
PEARSON, Nicholas90110110
HAWKIN, Tim90110110
Di Giovani, Rob20100100
MOIR, David30100100
Baker, Micky100100
KELLY, Sean409090
MITSIDES, Chris709090
APPLEBY, David609090

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Ladies Scores for the Harrier League 2012/13

H/CD. ShieldC/tonB/donNEXC ChampsJarowW/tonAlnwickP/hoeTot
Lisa Walker5010080180
Emma Moir6010080180
Jordan Mullinger10160160
Sophie Marr10110110
Kerry Reed50120120
Elspeth Lawson50100100
Holly White50100100
Charlotte Caprenter50100100
Nicola Brady80100100
Emma Brannan90100100
Helen Fox100100100
Lynne Cornell709090
Carolina-Sassy Freeman209090

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Tyne Bridge for Harrier League Handicap – Rules and Points allocation

100 bonus points for doing all 8 fixtures

20 points for finishing as a counter

Points for placing (Men)
1st -10th = 100
11th – 20th = 90
21st – 30th = 80
31st – 50th = 70
51st – 80th = 60
81st – 120th = 50
121st – 170th = 40
171st – 230th = 30
230 + = 20

Points for placing (Women)
1st -5th = 100
5th – 10th = 90
11th – 15th = 80
15th – 20th = 70
21st – 30th = 60
31st – 40th = 50
41st – 60th = 40
61st – 80th = 30
81 + = 20

Each athlete also has a fixed number of handicap points for all “Harrier League Fixture, which range from 10 – 100 these are added for each completed race.”
There are two none handicapped races where each finishing athlete also gains points towards there final total.

“H/C Points and “”scoring points”” for placing + Counting points”

Bonus points for moving up a pack
M – F = 20
S – M = 10

Man of the Match Bonus 20 points Awarded for best performance (not necessarily the fastest run)

Representing the club by Officiating – receive average points to date

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  1. This is a terrific competition, and to emerge victorious is an great honour. Good luck everyone.

    • micky baker on 3rd November 2012 at 17:38
    • Reply

    do i not have a h/c?

    • Dave Moir on 5th November 2012 at 21:18
    • Reply

    Wife and kids, like many of us ?? Oh I see you mean a points related one, I’ll sort it.

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