TBH 2012 Summer parkrun series: Final Results

Saturday 6 October saw the final race of the TBH 2012 Summer parkrun series.


Unfortunately, the event was somewhat overshadowed by the opening race of the club’s Winter Grand Prix Series and the concluding race of the club’s Summer Grand Prix series, which were all held in the same week.



Nevertheless, huge congratulations must go to David Appleby who successfully won the competition for the second year running.

David was the only member who competed in every race of the series and is a worthy winner.


Thank you to all the members who took part in the series.


Final table.


NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total pts
David Appleby77.9177.9875.9477.0174.4473.41456.69
Sparrow Morley70.0572.7470.373.36286.45
Graham King70.4574.8272.83218.1
Penny Wilmott56.6848.6151.4450.81207.54
Tony Carter77.7152.370.05200.06
Double D73.1250.0672.41195.59
Stuart Dickson63.4462.1761.8187.41
John Tollit77.5674.85152.41
Megan Parkin66.2366.86133.09
Alan Wallace63.0566.32129.37
Chris Parkin61.960.95122.85
Emma Moir60.0362.55122.58
Mark Reynolds54.5667.03121.59
Rob Wishart71.1645.67116.83
Christopher Murther61.2354.32115.55
Alison Smith56.7654.47111.23
Vicki Deritis54.6255.53110.15
David Young71.9871.98
Lucy Matheson70.0870.08
Shaun Brown65.9865.98
Ed Moore62.3762.37
Phillippa Nichol60.3860.38
Katrina Matheson59.959.9
Tim Hawkins59.7159.71
John Hurse59.3659.36
Kayoung Lee57.7357.73
Bridget Shaw56.1756.17
Kate Meek55.1955.19
Kerry McAndrew51.9551.95
Joanne Lee51.5751.57
Diane Pringle44.3744.37

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    • John Tollitt on 12th October 2012 at 11:55
    • Reply

    Well done for retaining your title champ. An impressive haul of points.

    • David Rowe on 12th October 2012 at 16:04
    • Reply

    Well done apples, ever thought of putting them all together for one big run on October 28th?

    • Penny Wilmott on 14th October 2012 at 21:53
    • Reply

    Are you sure those are the results for the summer GP series? It has me in 4th place with 4 runs where I only actually ran 1 summer grand prix race (those are actually my results from last years winter grand prix). I was sort of expecting to be right down at the bottom with only one race where I actually came last!

      • Apples on 15th October 2012 at 07:48
      • Reply

      Penny, it is the Parkrun Summer Grand Prix rather than the Jesmond Dene series. Basically the races were the first Saturday of the month, it was all very low key.

    • Penny Wilmott on 15th October 2012 at 07:56
    • Reply

    Ah yes of course that makes a lot of sense! I’ve been running lots of parkruns

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