parkrun roundup – 1st September 2012

Giving the fact there were two big races the following day, there was (unsurprisingly) a fairly low turnout by club members at Newcastle parkrun on Saturday.  Nevertheless, Sparrow and TC managed to entertain all those at the finishing line by having a minor tiff towards the end of the run. Apparently, there had been some sort of gentleman’s agreement about crossing the line together, but this went out the proverbial window as soon as Sparrow turned the final corner and sprinted to the line.  Kids eh!!

Well done to all those who competed in the 5th race of TBH Summer parkrun series. An updated points table is shown below.

Results for Newcastle parkrun, event number 136, 01/09/2012.
250 participants completed the run on Saturday, with the first male to finish Philip AISTON (M) in a time of 00:16:16. The first lady completing the course was Rebecca PEASE (F) (Gateshead Harriers & AC) in a time of 00:20:16.

You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:
The following club members participated:
9 Sparrow John Richard MORLEY 00:18:21
10 Tony CARTER 00:18:25
24 David L APPLEBY 00:19:30
32 Mark John REYNOLDS 00:20:04
57 Graham Terrence KING 00:21:17
136 Katrina MATHESON 00:25:41
150 Bridget SHAW 00:26:21  


NameRace 1 May 5thRace 2 June 2ndRace 3 July 7thRace 4 Aug 4thRace 5 Sept 1stRace 6 Oct 6thTotal
David Appleby77.9177.9875.9477.0174.44383.28
Graham King70.4574.8272.83218.1
Sparrow Morley70.0572.7470.3213.09
Penny Wilmott56.6848.6151.4450.81207.54
Tony Carter77.7152.370.05200.06
Stuart Dickson63.4462.1761.8187.41
Megan Parkin66.2366.86133.09
Chris Parkin61.960.95122.85
Mark Reynolds54.5667.03121.59
Rob Wishart71.1645.67116.83
Christopher Murther61.2354.32115.55
Alison Smith56.7654.47111.23
John Tollit77.5677.56
Double D73.1273.12
Lucy Matheson70.0870.08
Shaun Brown65.9865.98
Alan Wallace63.0563.05
Ed Moore62.3762.37
Emma Moir60.0360.03
Katrina Matheson59.959.9
Tim Hawkins59.7159.71
Bridget Shaw56.1756.17
Kate Meek55.1955.19
Vicki Deritis54.6254.62
Kerry McAndrew51.9551.95
Joanne Lee51.5751.57
Diane Pringle44.3744.37

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  1. Ever the entertainers :P

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