Tynedale 10M Road Race – 2nd September 2012

Tynedale 10M race report by Shaun Brown

After a week of cold weather the large contingent of TBHers taking part in the ‘Jelly Tea’ were hoping for more of the same but lined up on the start line in near tropical conditions. And with minimal warning, or actual idea where the start line was, the race was off.

My initial plan was to run at a steady half marathon race pace, of about 6:50 min/mile, in preparation for the Great North Run. After two quick miles I felt strong and could still see Sean Kelly on the horizon: so I decided to push on and try and catch him. Then first half of the race took us through Corbridge (passing some very appealing public house) and was quite undulating with a couple of long steady climbs. This was especially true between the 4th and 5th miles. The longest of which took the race past half way and by this point I found myself on Sean’s shoulder. He then provided me with some fantastic news; most of the climbing was done and it was steadily downhill until mile nine BUT beware of the short steep climb just before the finish.

With an adrenaline boost caused by the good news I pushed on past Sean on a long down hill section, although not building much of a gap. Sean then came back at mile seven and dragged me along until the aforementioned steep climb. Ignoring all advice, or words of caution, I pushed hard up the hill causing me to peak a little too soon. Sean pulled away finishing as Second TBH in 65:26, just over a couple of minutes behind Dave Moir.

I collected my jelly and stood watching a steady flow of TBHers crossing the finish line, after either: pushing for a specific time; taking it easy and enjoying the sun; nursing a hangover after a bottle of wine the previous night; or quite heroically bringing it home after picking up an injury during the race. All of whom should be proud of their efforts on a day which wasn’t at all perfect for racing.

For most it was a good day out and another brilliant advert for our unique club. Special thanks to Sean Kelly for his words of motivation and advice throughout the race.



Club results:

Dave Moir 1:03:13

Sean Kelly 1:05:26

Shaun Brown 1:05:39

Simon Pryde 1:10:13

Colin Dilks 1:12:20

Tim Hawkins 1:13:09

Micky Baker 1:13:14

Kerry Reed 1:16:34

Emma Wright 1:17:52

Dave Rowe 1:20:15

John Hurse 1:20:15

Keith Rooney 1:23:58

Chris Parkin 1:26:33

Jane Lowes 1:27.14

Aimee Cook 1:29:01

Kate Gordon 1:46:58


full results can be found here

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    • Simon Pryde on 3rd September 2012 at 16:00
    • Reply

    Nice report. Enjoyed the race, the craic after, and the jog back (even though I only made it to Lemington!)

    • Darryl on 3rd September 2012 at 16:52
    • Reply

    Enjoyed the report Shaun and a cracking run, well done!

    • Kev jeffress on 3rd September 2012 at 20:55
    • Reply

    Great report Shaun! Excellent running everyone

    • caballo tonto on 4th September 2012 at 21:09
    • Reply

    Cracking report Shaun. Another glorious day for TBH!

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