2012 Summer Grand Prix Series – Race 4 results

On a perfect evening for racing, Jude Smith led home the pack of runners across the finishing line, with Dianne Pringle following close behind.

Out of the 55 members completing the challenging two-mile route around Jesmond Dene, 12 were making their first appearance of the series.

Quickest time of the race was posted by Marc Fenwick, with a scorching 10m 08s, whilst for the lasses, there was an almighty scrap between Megan Parkin (13m 37s) and Lucy Matheson (13m 39s).

Following another strong run by Alison Habebi, who finished 28th overall, she has now increased her lead in the points table, sitting at the top with 305 pts, with Ami Cook rising to second place with 285 pts.

Many thanks to all the members who helped during the race and those who came along to offer their support.

Below are a set of provisional results. If you notice any errors please get in touch and I’ll amend accordingly.

Tyne Bridge Harriers Summer GP - Race 4 Results

PosNameRace Time(Actual Time)
01Jude Smith20.4617.46
02Dianne Pringle21.5921.59
03Katy Worral22.3717.37
04Annette Kelly23.2616.26
05Bridgette Shaw23.2716.27
06Claude Kelly23.3013.00
07Guy Rintoul23.3113.31
08Caroline Smith23.3615.36
09Rob Kirtley23.4612.16
10Alan Wallace23.5713.27
11Aimee Cook24.0316.03
12Charlotte Carpenter24.1215.12
13Dave Antill24.1312.43
14Marc Fenwick24.1810.08
15Victoria Waugh24.2515.25
16James Robson24.3012.20
17Helen Fox24.3219.32
18Jon Finlay24.3412.24
19Megan Parkin24.3713.37
20Donna Houghton24.3817.38
21Rob Wishart24.3911.39
22Steve Compton24.4113.41
23Stuart Dickson24.4213.42
24Natalie Mee24.4614.46
25Mark Prendergast24.4611.46
26Chris Mitsides24.4912.09
27Keith Rooney24.5014.20
28Alison Habebi24.5117.51
29Kate Gordon24.5417.54
30Janine Swail24.5616.56
31Tony Carter24.5710.47
32John Hurse24.5811.58
34Kerry Reed24.5914.29
35Jose Gonzales24.5913.59
36Stephen Dixon25.0312.03
37Katrina Matheson25.0415.34
38Chris Parkin25.0614.36
39Louis Goffe25.0810.58
40Lucy Matheson25.0913.39
41Gill Parkin25.1018.10
42James Knox25.1012.30
43Claire Smith25.1418.14
44Sparrow Morley25.1411.04
45Dominic McBride25.1715.47
46Joanne Lee25.2117.51
47Julie Shaw25.2315.53
48Gary Wright25.3512.55
49Mark Allison25.4216.12
50Emma Moir26.0916.09
51David Todd26.2215.52
52Emma Brannon26.3217.02
53Kelly Spence26.5318.53
54Megan Brette26.5819.28
55Gail Allan27.0919.07



Provisional points table after 4 races.

2012 Summer GP pts after 4 races

NameRace 1 ptsRace 2 ptsRace 3 (pts)Race 4 (pts)Race 5 (pts)Race 6 (pts)Total Points
Alison Habebi50919173305
Ami Cook50638290285
Charlotte Carpenter1009589284
John Hurse50538769259
Stuart Dickson50715178250
Diane Pringle509999248
Gail Allan50777346246
Caroline Smith509793240
Victoria Waugh509486230
Imran Mohammed508988227
Julie Shaw50794454227
Mark Allison967752225
Keith Rooney50623674222
Megan Parkin508982221
Jude Smith2492100216
James Robson586785210
Helen Fox259884207
Alan Wallace813491206
Natalie Mee428477203
Katy Worral9998197
Bridgette Shaw10096196
Sue Mullinger508362195
Mark Prendergast506876194
Dominic Macbride508656192
Kerry Reed50363867191
Alison Smith508753190
Jonathon Greer507557182
Gary Wright438553181
Lucy Matheson507061181
Stephen Dixon506665181
John Finlay504883181
Jose Gonzales674766180
Danielle Rutherford508048178
Donna Houghton9781178
Hannah Taylor507649175
Dave Embleton507846174
David Moir507250172
Joanne Lee348355172
Ian Laidler504972171
Keith Smith505169170
Chris Mitsides504475169
Steven Compton9079169
Katrina Matheson504364157
Dave Antill6988157
Jane Lowes503866154
Colin Dilks504656152
Davy Taylor503765152
James Knox9259151
Piers-Pye Watson506040150
Tony Carter7970149
Mal Gibson6581146
Sarah Kipling5095145
Carol Davison5094144
Andy Lisle504152143
John Tollit505535140
Marc Fenwick5087137
Holly White5084134
Tim Hawkins502955134
Graham Donald5082132
Mark Reynolds8542127
Megan Brette7847125
Mal Steel5073123
Jack Neeson5070120
Sparrow Morley6157118
Carolina Freeman5064114
David Rowe5063113
Chris Parkin5063113
Louis Goffe5062112
Darryl Davison5655111
Peter Kennedy5059109
Micky Baker4761108
Janine Swail3571106
David Appleby5745102
Nick Varley5052102
Emma Brannen504999
Dave Young9898
Annette Kelly9797
Leanne Gonzales9696
Claude Kelly9595
Guy Rintoul9494
Donna Matheson9393
Fiona Shaw9393
Stephanie McFarlane9393
Rob Kirtley9292
Luke Allan306090
Chris Murther9090
Martin Hall8888
Kayoung Lee503787
Lizzy Clamp8686
Vicki Deritis503383
Ami Hodges503282
Rob Wishart8080
Rob De Giovanni7676
Micky Duff7575
Chris Meek7474
Joe Turner7474
Kate Gordon7272
Dan Birchall7171
Kev Jeffress6868
Alan Copeland6464
Gill Parkin6060
Sean Kelly5959
Catherine Willis5858
Claire Smith5858
Alice Gowling5454
Emma Moir5151
Scott McNabb5050
Dave Bradley5050
Patrick Parker5050
Leodhais Macpherson5050
Joy Fenwick5050
Lisa Walker5050
Vanessa Lawrence5050
Harriet Gibson5050
Kerry MacAndrew5050
David Todd5050
Colin White5050
Richard Schofield5050
Abi Johnson5050
Kelly Spence4848
Jonathon Powell4545
Becky Parkin4141
Trudy Cheetham4040
Nina Cliffe3939
Derek Reed3939
Jane Pickin3333
Vin Paleri3232
Elspeth Lawson3131
Chris Hughes2828
Alex Wright2727
Penny Wilmott2626

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    • Kenny Mac on 17th July 2012 at 22:42
    • Reply

    Very interesting results. Mark Fenwick is flying, Megan Parken WOW, fastest girl on the night, Rob Kirtley has ran amazingly after coming back from injury, 12.16 shows Aqua Running works. New lads Claud Kelly and Guy Rintoul had brilliant starts to their TBH careers and hope to see you back asap and how close were Steve Compton and Stuart Dixon, tonights event ran like clockwork. Who all pb’d???

  1. Unfortunately, my supper came first tonight so I missed out on a PB for getting the results out. I’ll try to do better next time (and simply starve until the results are done ;-) ).

    Well done to all the newbies tonight, especially if it was your first session with the club. You were thrown in at the deep end and things will only get easier from here on in haha!!

    • Diane on 17th July 2012 at 23:21
    • Reply

    I think I PB’d but I’ll have to check with the results of race 2.

    • Sean Kelly on 18th July 2012 at 06:53
    • Reply

    I was marshalling at the bottom of the steep hill at about 1/2 a mile into the run. It was fascinating to watch how the race developed and then being able to jog across to the finish line to witness how the positions had changed. We saw who had managed to repel the attacks of runners like Fenwick, Macpherson, Goffe, Sparrow and Carter. Amazing return from Rob Kirtley! I didn’t expect a performance like that. Well done. I’m going to bring a huge roll of cotton wool to the next session to wrap your foot in. Congratulations to all of our runners. A popular winner in Jude and a great night.

    • Charlotte C on 20th July 2012 at 08:53
    • Reply

    Hi, for some reason I am still appearing twice in this table as two different Charlotte Carpenters – so my total should be 284, which places me third?

    1. Sorry about that Charlotte. Maths was never my strongest subject at school, nor it seems in adult life too ;-)

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