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Have you ever looked at pieces of so-called modern art these days and thought to yourself ‘I could do better than that!!’, well now’s your chance as a forth-coming event in the region is looking for budding artists. Read on…

Dear Tyne Bridge Harriers
I’m currently working on an event as part of the NewcastleGateshead Bridges Festival that I’m hoping some of your members might get involved with. The Bridges Festval is taking place on Saturday August 4th to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Football at St James’ Park.

I’m part of a team organising a large scale event which involves people printing onto an 8 metre long surface which will be situated outside Sage Gateshead. The print will use the theme of ‘running’ and will be made by people running over the surface of the paper wearing shoes that will have images of runners on the soles. The images will
be produced by artists and other relevant groups/individuals, scanned, laser-cut and then bonded to the shoes.
Throughout the course of the day, we are inviting a number of specialist groups to start off each print by running over the surface for the first time. It would be fantastic – and particularly relevant – if some of the Tyne Bridge Harriers would be one of the special groups – particularly if they could start off the whole event at 12 noon.

We can organise shoes for anyone who wants to take part. We’ll have a photographer there (there are events happening along the length of the Quayside) and it would also make a great publicity shot. We’d be looking for anything up to 12 people but need to know pretty soon whether anybody is interested as we’re starting to organise images and shoes, etc.

Many thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Priestley
(on behalf of Northern Print –

Further information about the event can also be found here

If any members are interested, please could they contact Dave Moir.

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    • Stephanie McFarlane on 17th July 2012 at 15:51
    • Reply

    Gutted – I’m away on the 4th August! I would have loved to do this. I’ll look forward to seeing the photos :-)

  1. We now have 12 volunteers – so unless someone drops out who is the same shoe size as you, then that’sit for now.

  2. Many thanks to the 12 people who have volunteered to launch Print Run – the soles of your shoes are adorned with olympic runner artwork and we’re all set to go. We’re all really looking forward to Saturday – see you then.

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