Brian Goodwin 10k race report

Club member, Mal Steel, sends this report;


I once again headed north, this time to compete in the Brian Goodwin 10km organised by my Scottish club Bellahouston Harriers. The race was held around the Pollok Estate which over the years has been the home of the club, the headquarters have been located in various locations in that time around the Estate but now settled at the Cartha Queens Park Rugby Club. Pollok Park is close to Bellahouston Park where Kenny (Mac) competed for Scotland back in November last year.

Brian Goodwin sadly died in 2007, Doug Gillon wrote of him in the Glasgow Herald “It was as an official that Brian will be best remember for having been one of the people to plan and organise the World Cross country Championship in Scotland twice and holding various positions in committees over the years” Gillon went on “he was an athlete of modest achievement “ His best for 10,000m was 30.24.6 !!!!!! Modest that’s amazing considering when Brian ran that it would have been on a cinder track !!! He finished 3rd in the Scottish 10,000 behind the great Lachie Stewart who went on to win the Commonwealth Games 10,000m in Edinburgh in 1970 out kicking the Aussie legend Ron Clarke.

When I joined Bella Brian was the President of the club. He was born and raised in the same area as Rab C Nesbitt and Sir Alex Ferguson. Once I got to know him I found him as fun as Rab C but equally he could be as moody as Sir Alex.

When I joined the Club in the late 1970’s I found it hard to take to Brian to be honest and realised very quickly the only way to get in the in crowd was to perform well for the club, The first 18 months I progressed to the D team and was running well the following year I cemented a placed in the B team and occasionally got in the A team for the West District and Scottish Relay. Brian never told me or some of the boys they ran well it was a wink or smile but that was suffice for us but heaven help you if you ran bad he would tell you and he could crush some big egos.
But this stage he would be telling jokes and tales before and after races, I asked him once how I was going to progress to the next level his reply was straight forward “ run f++++++ faster son “

The race start at 1930hrs and were fortunate that the thunder storm has past and it look as if condition were going to be good for the 2 lap race. Graeme Gemmell who ran up in Tiree with me was there hoping for 40mins, I planned to start a little bit quicker than Tiree and thought 47.30 should be possible. I asked Graeme who in the club was a 47min runner that I could tag along with. Graeme & Howie Scott said Jim Macmillan would be a good man to go for.

So I started a little bit quicker and by 800m I was feeling bad – breathing heavy, legs felt dead – people going by me all the time I was struggling. Why am I doing this, Why did I pack running in all those years ago, I don’t think I can make this, Think I’ll drop out, Maybe it is best to admit defeat and I just don’t have it anymore , don’t ever do a half marathon – All the thoughts of a struggling runner in the middle of Pollok Park.

Just before 2km a short hill people still going by me – just after this Jim Macmillan cruised by onto the 2nd V60 prize in a time of 45.23 not bad for a 67 year old, At the 3km point we left the Park and moved onto Pollokshaws Road but this stage I was feeling a little better – maybe it just getting into race pace that is the struggle. Passed Howie who was Marshalling just before 4km I didn’t know how fast I was running but was now holding my form slightly better – no was passing me and I was now overtaking runners – maybe it’s off putting for me to be running in large crowds again these days.

Just before 5km we turned off the road and re entered the Park the large clock was there what would it say -23.15 !!!! Maybe I was struggling because my best Parkrun is 23.43 !!!! If I hold it together maybe 48 something could be on. 100m on from the 5km point my able lieutenant wee Kim was in position to pass me a sport gel. A quick taste but threw the rest away. A young girl from Kirkintilloch came past me so thought hang on till the 6km point, managed that and moved ahead of her – then a young Garscube Harriers female came passed so I stuck with her up over the hill past the 7 km marker and left her behind. Felt I was running okay now – couple of Bella vests up ahead so that was my target now passed the first one before 8km and the other just afterwards.

Last km my legs were feeling it now – Off the Road and over the line Official Chip time 47.08. Felt drained but happy, it’s a long road back and it’s not an easy one

Graeme Gemmell ran 40.15 – he was gutted.
A special mention to Steve McLean 78 year Old Bella legend 55.23 !!! awesome

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    • Paul Hilton on 23rd June 2012 at 22:04
    • Reply

    Always interesting reading your reports Mal and you truly have a wealth of running knowledge and its great watching you improve on this comeback.

    Next 10k for you is not as far as the Hebrides or Pollock as its Tynedale I believe, whats the target 46.30 ?

    • Sean Kelly on 23rd June 2012 at 22:20
    • Reply

    There are so many different ideas and philosophies about running. I’ve fallen victim to making things more complicated than they should be. As a runner that some of us know, Jimmy Logue, once said to me, “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.” I love the old school advice about how to make improvements…” run f***** faster”. Great report Mal. I’m glad we’ve got the benefit of your running wisdom.

    • kenny mac on 24th June 2012 at 11:25
    • Reply

    Very informative report and great insight into racing in the halcyon days of road running, as Paul says your wealth of experience is greatly appreciated and it will be good to see you improve your times in the next few months, lets hope you can stay injury free

    • Micky Baker on 24th June 2012 at 11:41
    • Reply

    Great report Mal, so long as you are still enjoying running and the craic long may it continue well done.

    • Double D on 24th June 2012 at 15:19
    • Reply

    As with all race reports, it’s fascinating to read a race from someone elses view point and this one is no different, Mal.

    Your experience and sheer determination leaps from the page (or should that be screen ;-) ) and I’m made up you beat your target time.

    • Bernie on 26th June 2012 at 23:05
    • Reply

    Great report – its funny how all the same mad thoughts go through our heads when racing !

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