VAA-NE Veterans XC Championships 2012

K Mac reports from yesterdays meeting at Jarrow

Brilliant sunshine and no wind meant tropical conditions for the 2012 VAANEE Cross Country at Campbell Park, Jarrow.

In the first race Lisa Walker was the sole representative for Tyne Bridge Harriers with the female impetus being focused on next weeks Cross Country in Prudhoe (pronounced PROOD HOE not PRUDE HA) Lisa who quietly went about her business finished in a very respectable time of 31.08, 23rd position and 8th in her age category.

The next race saw a zeal of runners bedecked in the now iconic colours of Tyne Bridge Harriers, black and white, and in Ron Murrays case, with his trademark “black & white with a little bit of red” shorts

The mens course was three outer laps and three inner laps consecutively. It was no Alnwick course but credit to the organisers for making it such a challenging course. the first lap was slow, nobody really knew the course and it was open to misdirection so tentativeness was the order of the day. Dave Moir was leading the montage of vests out on the first lap and after this the outright winner Brian Rushworth took control and pushed on to lead from then on.

Brian Hetherington from Wallsend then took 2nd position and I remained in 3rd position which was the Status Quo for the rest of the race

Such is the competitiveness of Veterans running a sea of runners were chasing the leading three runners down with the calibre of Ken Bell, Tommy Brannon of North Shields, Les Smith of Heaton, Dave Moir, Rob Hand and Paul Hilton in hot pursuit.

In the middle of the race there was a lot of individual battles ensuing for the various age categories which were all in 5 year increments.

After the race it was back to the Jarrow and Hebburn clubhouse where athletes were still unaware where they had come in their individual categories. I was standing next to Ron Murray and we waited eagerly as the results came out.

TBH – (back) Ron Murray, K Mac, (front) Paul Hilton, Dave Daniels & Dave Embleton

David Daniels 3rd V35

K Mac 1st V40

Ron Murray 1st V60

Tyne Bridge Harriers 1st TEAM PRIZE with counters K Mac, David Moir, Paul Hilton and David Daniels.

What a day for our club that is growing from strength to strength.

Special mention to Dave Embleton who is back enjoying his running again and will go from strength to strength this year.

Athlete of the day however goes in my opinion to Ron Murray who beat adversaries who had beaten him well at Alnwick only the week before. Well done on you being the V60 North East Champion.

Focus now is geared towards Prudhoe this Saturday so lets get as many of our athletes galvanised and do everything in our power to get both our teams promoted in our first year of competition in the Harrier League.

TBH Ladies Results
23 Lisa Walker 31.08 L40 (8th)

TBH Mens Results
03 K Mac 33.04 M40 (1st)
07 David Moir 33.51 M40 (4th)
09 Paul Hilton 34.06 M40 (5th)
14 David Daniels 34.45 M35 (3rd)
19 Dave Embleton 36.03 M45 (5th)
26 Micky Baker 38.58 M50 (7th)
31 David Rowe 40.33 M40 (8th)
35 Ron Murray 42.03 M60 (1st)

Audentes Fortuna Juvat.

K Mac

photos: Louis Goffe

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    • John Tollitt on 19th March 2012 at 16:00
    • Reply

    Audemtes fortuna juvat? Put us out of misery. Excellent performances from fellow wrinklies.

    • kenny mac on 19th March 2012 at 16:09
    • Reply

    Fortune Favours the Brave

    • michelle on 19th March 2012 at 18:05
    • Reply

    Well done to everyone who took part!!you have all done so well.xx

    • Brother Louis on 19th March 2012 at 18:11
    • Reply

    Great medal haul, well done to all!

    • Denise on 19th March 2012 at 21:24
    • Reply

    Well done everyone – great results. Thanks Lisa for flying the TBH flag for the ladies.

    • kenny mac on 19th March 2012 at 21:50
    • Reply

    I think V45 at position 19 under the name Stphen Marshall is actually our own Dave Embleton as Stephen Marshall is listed thereafter as a v55

    • Big Ron on 21st March 2012 at 18:37
    • Reply

    Great report Kenny and thanks for the praise. Any medal would have been great and, considering I didn’t believe I’d figure in the medals, to come away with the Gold is just the confidence boost I need after a somewhat frustrating 3 years.

    • kenny mac on 24th March 2012 at 20:06
    • Reply

    Big Ron you have been a massive part of this club and the quiet support you have given me after Blaydon and other races will not be forgotten.

    Lets take this impetus and take it down to Birmingham for the Masters on May 12th,

    Everybody who can do it please put your name down for selection.

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