15th December – Training Session

This evening’s training session for Groups 1, 2 & 3 is a Cascade Run (5 miles for Group 1 and 4 miles for Groups 2 & 3).

The idea behind the session is, start off at a steady pace (similar to Marathon pace) and then increase the pace for each mile, until the final one is similar – or just quicker – than your 10K race pace.

Each training group will have a coach leading from the front of the pack, setting the training pace. Please do not go ahead of the coach during the run.

Group 1: Runners who can run sub 38 minutes for 10k
Group 2: Runners who can run 38 – 41 minutes for 10k
Group 3: Runners above 41 minutes for 10k

Details of the training route will be announced prior to the session.

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