The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #1 – Dave Daniels

At Tyne Bridge Harriers, we have alot of Daves. So we thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate everything that is Dave this festive season with a profile of each of our special Athletes called Dave in

The 12 Daves Of Christmas

Kicking off this seasonal feature, we have Dave Daniels, sprouting off about his past glories and his hopes for 2012.

DD at Newcastle parkrun

The first time I put on a pair of trainers to go for a ‘proper’ run will live long in my memory.

I was 27 years old, reasonably fit (or so I thought) and had decided to join a colleague on his daily run home after work. As my colleague was in his early 50’s and I was still a young slip of a lad, I was hoping he wouldn’t be stopping too many times as I didn’t fancy being late home for my tea.

After changing into his running gear, my colleague did a few stretches and then declared he was ready to run. I changed into a pair of Newcastle United football shorts, a casual polo shirt, fastened my favourite pair of Adidas Samba trainers and decided the stretches looked silly. I was ready.

For a while things were going great. My running partner was telling me all about his life in a running club, how he still managed to run about 30 miles a week and how running still played a great role in his life. But in the short space of leaving the office and getting 1 mile along the road something terrible had happened. The life had been sucked out of my body and I could hardly breathe, let alone run another step. Yep, after 1 measly mile I had to bail out and walk home the rest of the way :-(

Because I know first-hand what a challenge it can be to persevere when everyone else is racing off in the distance, I have enormous admiration for anyone willing to take that first step on the running ladder, and if I had to pick one highlight from the past year, it would be being part of a club which has helped so many first time runners achieve their goals and ambitions.

Running and I.

It’s a bit cliché, but the London Marathon has to be my favourite race. The crowds, the famous landmarks and the fantastic organisation all go together to form, in my opinion, the best Marathon in the world.  The fact I ran a PB there in 2011 doesn’t do it any harm either ;-)

My best race occurred in August 2010, at the Morpeth 10k Road Race. Since taking up racing, I’d always been a 36 minutes 10k runner, whether it was a few seconds under or a few seconds over. But in 2010, during a golden spell of running, I managed to record three sub 35 minutes times for 10k, the first (and most special) was the Morpeth race. Something I will value forever (at least until I break 34 minutes).

I’ve got two hopes for 2012, the first of which is Tyne Bridge Harriers continues to grow from strength to strength, and the popularity of the club is matched with race success.

My second wish is more personal, and is for a PB in the next year. 5K, 10K, not bothered. Just one PB to show I’ve improved over the year and old age hasn’t caught up with me yet.

All the best for 2012.


Come back tomorrow for the next Dave of Christmas

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    • Kenny mac on 14th December 2011 at 05:47
    • Reply

    Brilliant first dave of Christmas, all the best for 2012, sub 2.50 for london.?

      • Double D on 14th December 2011 at 08:45
      • Reply

      Let’s hope so. It would be a fantastic PB if it happened.

    • Big Ron on 14th December 2011 at 12:21
    • Reply

    Brilliant, I can recall those days when I used to see you running around Howdon looking like something out of Derect Sports, ha ha. You have come a long way since those early days at Wallsend and I think you have achieved more than you ever thought you could.

    • on 14th December 2011 at 22:04
    • Reply

    Fantastic Dave.. love the 12 Daves Of Christmas.. really looking forward to them all. I want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put into the club this year and wish you all the very best for 2012 and I look forward to seeing you out on road, track & field smashing your times to achieving your goals.. nice one mate

    • double d on 15th December 2011 at 08:58
    • Reply

    Cheers Rob. Same for you as well. We MUST get you under 40 minutes for 10k next year.

    • Denise on 19th December 2011 at 16:04
    • Reply

    An inspirational coach who thoroughly deserves PBs and running success in 2012.

    • Brother Louis on 22nd December 2011 at 16:57
    • Reply

    Cheers for all the great training sessions this year DD! Even when we’ve not been there, Apples (Dave), Psycho eyes (Dave), me and a few others have enjoyed replicating your Thurs sessions during our lunch break.

    Proper top bloke, Mr Nice of the club

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