Spotlight on: Heather Dorman

Congratulations to January member of the month Heather Dorman. Heather has ran some brilliant XC races this season, topped off by placing 2nd v50 at the Masters XC. She regularly competes in club events and relays as well as leading club sessions. Heather is a team player, supporting others with offers of lifts, lending vests and general encouragement! A huge asset to the club πŸ–€πŸ€. Find out more from Heather below

Heather: Over the last few months I’ve been mostly doing the club cross country races and relays, which I really enjoy. Temple Park was particularly memorable, the “uphill bog” being a particular highlight. I much prefer running over the winter months and I’m absolutely terrible in the heat. In terms of other races, this year I’ve done the Town Moor Resolution Run on New Years Day – which is absolutely the best way to start the year – and the North Tyneside trail 12k, a great route through lots of muddy paths.

What is your ideal pre-race snack/breakfast?

I tend to have a big bowl of porridge or a bagel and banana as a pre-race breakfast. Then about 10-15 minutes before a race I’ll have a couple of sweets, I’m currently on wine gums but anything will do. I find that gives me a bit of an extra energy boost for the run and it really helps. I’ve got Jon from the Endurance Academy to thank for that top tip!

What is your ideal post-race snack/meal?

After a race I always need at least 2 cups of tea, followed by a packet of crisps and a kitkat.

Flat course or hills? 

Hills definitely, although having said that I’m a total wuss at running downhill, everyone I’ve overtaken on the uphill goes flying past me coming back down.

How many times a week do you tend to exercise, are there other things you do that you think help your running? 

I aim to do 2 training sessions per week, plus one easy run and one long run. It often doesn’t work out like that, life gets in the way! I try and do some pilates or yoga once a week as it seems to help with injury prevention.

What is your happiest running memory? 

I’ve got lots of happy running memories, mostly running and racing with friends. One that sticks in my mind is from during the pandemic. Louise Lennox and I met when you were allowed to run with one other person, and we did the Newcastle Frontrunners virtual 5K together, there’s a great picture of us when we finished. It was such a strange time, and meeting up with other people for a run, whether it was one person or groups of six, really helped me through it all.

What is your biggest challenge to running and training and how do you try to overcome this? 

The biggest challenge is avoiding injury! Being sensible with training, not entering too many races, and trying to fit in regular pilates, seems to help. Yam always has lots of wise words of advice, so I just do what she tells me, that seems to work!!

What are your favourite things about being a member of TBH?

I’ve made some really good friends through TBH, which has been fantastic. I also help out with Juniors on Wednesday nights, I’ve been doing it for about the last 10 years so it’s been great seeing the younger members improving and progressing up to represent the club at a senior level as well. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting running?

Invest in some decent running shoes, join a running club that has a supportive and encouraging ethos, build up gradually and enjoy it!

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