North Eastern Harrier League 2023-2024

Location: Druridge Bay, Northumberland

Date: Sunday, 15th October 2023

TBH results from the second fixture of the season.

Women’s results

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
20Emily Vasey30:40:0030:40:00
23Heather Dorman30:49:0030:49:00
42Jessica Eaton31:44:0026:39:00
49Ria Harrison32:00:0032:00:00
54Alison Dargie32:11:0027:06:00
61Kayoung Goffe32:30:0032:30:00
89Rachel Turnbull33:04:0030:44:00
132Alba Gadeau33:47:0033:47:00
158Nicole Pickles34:10:0034:10:00
167Annette Kelly34:15:0034:15:00
170Jennyfer Ricci34:21:0032:01:00
214Marloes Peeters35:08:0032:48:00
223Heather Allaway35:16:0032:56:00
227Gemma Finnie35:22:0035:22:00
277Louise Wrynne36:40:0036:40:00
296Kirsteen Kilgour37:27:0037:27:00
303Ria Knox37:47:0037:47:00
310Cathryn Anderson37:58:0037:58:00
341Georgia Wilding38:59:0036:39:00
351Catherine Powell39:35:0039:35:00
370Elaine O’mara40:36:0040:36:00
383Jordan Stock41:32:0041:32:00
444Sandra Ellis47:02:0047:02:00
458Claire Wynarczyk55:41:0055:41:00
Full results can be found here

Senior Men results

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
32Michael Hedley39:43:0034:43:00
54Kevin Richardson40:40:0038:10:00
72Craig Jones41:10:0036:10:00
110Jonathan Powell41:46:0041:46:00
112Paul O’Mara41:47:0036:47:00
135Tom Charlton42:06:0037:06:00
182Fraser Bigg42:55:0040:25:00
232David Moir43:55:0041:25:00
238Ben Rea44:12:0044:12:00
253Cyril Bourgenot44:34:0044:34:00
319Anthony Tait46:10:0046:10:00
359Ryan Dick47:22:0047:22:00
407Rob Dawes49:10:0049:10:00
408Ian Parker49:13:0049:13:00
465Jacob Turner52:06:0052:06:00
511David Curran55:35:0055:35:00
Full results can be found here

The ladies team finished 6th on the day and the senior men finished in 9th place. Thanks to everybody who turned out for the club.

The next fixture is at Lambton Estate on Saturday, 28th October 2023.

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