Results round-up: September 2023

A round-up of results featuring TBH members (updated 2nd October).

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The Stairway to Heaven (Holmfirth): Saturday 30th September

Georgine Brooke 1:18.17 (2nd senior lady)

Full results can be found here

European Masters Athletics Championships (Pescara): 25th – 1st September/October

Sophie Marr 19.16 (5000m Final)

Sophie Marr 40.52 (10k Road Race)

Sophie helped Great Britain & N.I. finish 2nd in the Championships :good:

The Cheviot Trail 10 ‘Valley2Village’: Sunday 24th September

Elaine O’Mara 2:30.24

Jessica Anderson 2:30.26

Full results can be found here

Northern Athletics Autumn Relays (Wirral): Sunday 24th September

Senior Men’s race

A: J Mckenna 14.58, M Hedley 15.38, Z Kettle 16.23, J Dorman 16.02, L MacPherson 16.30, S Morley 17.10 (Combined time 1:36.41, finishing position 20th)

B: T Charlton 16.02, D Wright 17.45, P Turnbull 17.16, A Blain 17.42, P O’Mara 16.59, I Pickett 17.34 (1:43.18, 49th)

Senior Women’s race

R Blain 19.06, H Stewart 19.22, Z Thompson 19.25, R Naylor 19.31 (1:17.24, 20th)

Full results can be found here

BMW Berlin Marathon: Sunday 24th September

Stuart Walker 5:31.40

Full results can be found here

Redcar Half Marathon: Sunday 24th September

Tim Wilcock 1:17.42

Mark Toward 1:27.22

Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 20th September

Sparrow 4.52

Jake Moir 4.57 PB :thumbsup:

Anthony Tait 5.51

Ruby Ditchburn 6.26 PB :thumbsup:

Adeline Bourgenot-Lewis 6.44 PB :thumbsup:

Tyrone Murphy 7.11

Full results can be found here

British Masters 10,000m Championships (Monkton Stadium): Saturday 16th September

Marie Bell 57.15 (FV45 Bronze :good: )

Full results can be found here

Lochaber 80Km: Saturday 16th September

Laura Braunholtz 11:57.17 (3rd lady :good: )

Full results can be found here

Ambleside Trail 50Km: Sunday 17th September

Oliver Baron 7:55.00

Full results can be found here

Northumberland Coastal Run: Sunday 17th September

Jarlath Mckenna 1:18.15 (1st place :good: )

Alasdair Blain 1:28.58

Rebecca Blain 1:35.33 (2nd lady :good: )

Andy Harrison 1:36.26 (3rd MV50 :good: )

Anna Oswald 1:50.26

David Cornish 2:13.13

Full results can be found here

Monument 5K (Ulverston): Wednesday 13th September

Michael Higgins 25.29

Full results can be found here

Great North Run: Sunday 10th September

NameFinish TimeOther
michael hedley01:15:20
sam wood01:18:03PB :thumbsup:
Tim Wilcock01:19:04
andrew keers01:19:52
alasdair blain01:22:30
Dominic Munnelly01:22:59
ian pickett01:24:09
sparrow morley01:24:18
jordan ray01:25:04PB :thumbsup:
mark toward01:25:55
Alec Lauder01:27:17
K MacPherson01:28:14
richard tailford01:28:41
fraser bigg01:29:29
zoe thompson01:30:29
becky blain01:31:07
James Stewart01:31:52
Cyril Bourgenot01:32:34
kathryn stevenson01:33:50
Robyn Naylor01:35:16
Ruth Brooker01:35:19
graeme carr01:35:23
nicole mcintyre01:35:58
andy harrison01:36:01
erin fairlamb01:36:08
paul hilton01:37:03
Jessica Eaton01:37:17PB :thumbsup:
Rachel Turnbull01:39:03
philip scott01:40:19
simon hall01:40:46
Carrie Collins01:43:00
Lyndsey Thompson01:43:00
neil thompson01:43:20
martin clay01:43:26
Emily Vasey01:43:29
rachael perowne01:43:29
Louise Lennox01:43:29
Sophie Marr01:44:58
peter coyle01:45:23PB :thumbsup:
Jake Stephenson01:47:07
Ria Chaston01:47:23
chris parkin01:47:25
richard taylor01:47:33
Lucas Riley01:47:45
carly nixon01:47:48
angus smith01:48:00
sarah hamblin01:48:04
steve attley01:48:08
alex battersby01:50:33
Amy Johnson01:50:56
Anthony Tait01:53:19
Laura Booi01:54:11PB :thumbsup:
amie o’halloran01:55:16
James Knox01:55:18
marc marshall01:55:49
adam scott-jones01:56:03
paul colver01:56:07
neil alderson01:57:14
ian parker01:57:17
angelo gabriele01:57:34
shaun roberts01:58:15
Ryan Mills01:58:36
ellie chapman01:58:58
gemma finnie01:59:13
Ria Knox01:59:44
colin gillespie02:00:17PB :thumbsup:
gillian parkin02:00:26
Alba Gadeau02:01:54
amanda gray02:01:58
blake kesic02:02:32
james prescott02:02:40
david young02:03:11
anthony mcivor02:03:18
tony baines02:04:31
jack wilde02:06:23
lisa swann02:06:58
jonathan moody02:07:41PB :thumbsup:
abigail irving-munro02:07:53
james sibbald02:07:55
Lucy Dunbar02:09:12
david curran02:10:07
edwin wong02:10:07
michael nemeth02:11:48
laney fitzpatrick02:13:24
Chris Boyle02:13:31
roger heath02:13:34
phil massey02:14:02PB :thumbsup:
sarah massey02:14:02
Rachel McCracken02:14:20
katie gallagher02:14:24
michelle moat02:15:03
cassie burgess-rose02:15:04
hazel phillips02:15:52
Laura Carrick02:15:59
rachel attley02:16:33
christopher desborough02:17:30PB :thumbsup:
caroline meaney02:17:44
Kirsty Woodhouse02:18:28PB :thumbsup:
joanne wood02:19:11
cathryn anderson02:21:28PB :thumbsup:
rhonda colver02:23:04PB :thumbsup:
Samantha Young02:23:14
Sylvia Eggo02:24:31PB :thumbsup:
karen nicholson02:25:44
Marie Bell02:26:44
vicky mcclurey02:26:50
jemma carr02:26:56
Sam Smith02:28:00
alison bulman02:34:44
carol summerside02:34:46
nik mohamed kamal02:38:42
danielle bell02:39:10PB :thumbsup:
victoria douglass02:40:45
faye slade02:42:39
thomas knaggs02:43:12
Deborah Butler02:47:34
annie heath02:49:29
kevin mcclurey02:51:45
michelle ankers02:52:31
nat fisher02:54:08
claire wynarczyk03:07:51
Full results can be found here

Great North 5K: Friday 8th September

zak kettle00:16:36
leodhais macpherson00:16:51
steve kettle00:19:35
Blake Kesic00:21:38
Alison Ennis00:22:39 PB :thumbsup:
elouise pretorius00:23:29
Neil Alderson00:23:42
Edwin Wong00:25:22
andrea ingles00:25:57
christopher desborough00:26:11
babsy ewusie00:26:55
amanda tunmore00:28:20
rachel gray00:28:38
thomas knaggs00:29:59
Claire Nally00:32:30
Natalie Fisher00:37:25
Full results can be found here

Autumn Coast Road 5K: Wednesday 6th September

David Johnson 16.25

Douglas Tickner 19.21

Full results can be found here

The Big Half (marathon): Sunday 3rd September

Sparrow Morley 1:19.52

Full results can be found here

Waterside Half Marathon: Sunday 3rd September

Eoghan Quigley 1:48.52

Full results can be found here

Middlesbrough 10K: Sunday 3rd September

James Prescott 51.04

Full results can be found here

Prudhoe Miners Run 5M: Sunday 3rd September

Clara Riach 37.00 (2nd FV30 :good: )

Sarah Silipo 42.07 (1st FV50 :good: )

Sandy Anderson 49.20

Jessica Anderson 49.20 (2nd FV60 :good: )

Full results can be found here

Farringdon Cross Country Relays: Saturday 2nd September

SM A: L MacPherson 9.13, J Dorman 9.08, P Turnbull 10.14, T Charlton 9.29 (2nd placed team :good: )

SM B: R Tailford 11.24, D Moir 11.05, S Kettle 11.56, K MacPherson 11.07 (11th)

SM C: M Nemeth 13.04, P Colver 13.33, I Parker 14.08, R Heath 14.47 (21st)

SW A: R Turnbull 12.01, M Peeters 12.48, H Dorman 12.55 (7th)

Full results can be found here

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