North Eastern Harrier League 2023-2024

Location: Wrekenton, Low Fell

Date: Saturday, 23rd September 2023

TBH results from the first fixture of the season.

Women’s results

NameRace TimeActual Time
Jessica Eaton28:16:0025:46:00
Alison Dargie31:18:0026:18:00
Rachel Turnbull31:26:0028:56:00
Kathryn Stevenson31:42:0026:42:00
Alba Gadeau32:23:0032:23:00
Jennyfer Ricci33:48:0031:18:00
Gemma Finnie34:33:0034:33:00
Gillian Dodson35:19:0035:19:00
Ria Knox35:34:0035:34:00
Claire Norman37:36:0037:36:00
Claire Whitelaw38:00:0038:00:00
Marie Bell39:01:0039:01:00
Rhonda Colver40:40:0040:40:00
Samantha Young40:41:0040:41:00
Sandra Ellis43:46:0043:46:00
The ladies finished in 8th place

Men’s results

NameRace TimeActual Time
Jarlath McKenna36:25:0031:25:00
Paul O’Mara37:51:0035:21:00
Sam Stow37:59:0037:59:00
Adrian Hall40:25:0040:25:00
Jonathan Powell40:51:0040:51:00
Stephen Kettle41:02:0041:02:00
Fraser Bigg41:17:0038:47:00
Arthur Vane41:43:0041:43:00
David Moir41:53:0039:23:00
Richard Tailford42:40:0040:10:00
Anthony Tait43:01:0043:01:00
William Bowers43:48:0038:48:00
Graeme Carr44:26:0044:26:00
Neil Thompson44:50:0044:50:00
James Knox45:08:0045:08:00
Rob Wishart45:39:0045:39:00
Simon Hall46:11:0046:11:00
Shaun Roberts46:34:0046:34:00
Guy Cowen-Hutton47:13:0047:13:00
Ian Parker48:09:0048:09:00
Paul Colver49:03:0049:03:00
The men finished in 7th place

The next fixture is at Druridge Bay on Sunday, 15th October 2023.

Full results can be found here

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