Results round-up: April 2023

A round-up of results featuring TBH members (updated 30th April)

Please get in touch here if you want a result featured, a Personal Best (PB) highlighted or would like to contribute a race report for the website.

Hartlepool Marina 5M: Sunday 30th April

David Johnson 26.58 PB & 3rd place :good:

Full results can be found here

Washington Trail 10k: Sunday 30th April

David Gallagher 55.12

Gemma Lynch 59.42

Helen Bell 1:09.58

Michelle Nemeth 1:21.21

Michael Nemeth 1:21.21

Full results can be found here

Gateshead 10K: Sunday 30th April

Chris Stockdale 34.52 1st MV40 :good:

Mark Toward 36.23

Alison Dargie 39.05 1st FV45 :good:

Sophie Marr 39.13 4th lady :good:

Zoe Thompson 41.54

Neil Clarkson 42.01 PB & 1st MV60 :good:

Alison Ennis 47.18 PB & 1st FV50 :good:

Amanda Gray 47.56

Jessica Graham 48.01 PB :thumbsup:

Yamuna Thiru 48.33 1st FV55 :good:

Jacob Turner 48.39

Charlie Marsh 48.22

Peter Coyle 48.41

Kayoung Goffe 49.43

Lindsey Letts 1:02.13 PB :thumbsup:

Thomas Knaggs 1:04.25

Full results can be found here

Gateshead Half Marathon: Sunday 30th April

Tim Wilcock 1:14.22 3rd place :good:

Ruth Brooker 1:27.24 PB & 1st Lady :good:

Cyril Bourgenot 1:28.27 PB :thumbsup:

Becky Blain 1:29.56 (gun) 5th Lady :good:

Steve Attley 1:30.27

Stephen Kettle 1:32.31 PB & 3rd MV55 :good:

Neil Thompson 1:32.37 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 1:34.39 1st FV50 :good:

Anthony Tait 1:36.27 PB :thumbsup:

Carrie Collins 1:37.26 PB :thumbsup:

David Young 1:44.27

Angus Smith 1:42.46 PB :thumbsup:

Heather Allaway 1:43.38 3rd FV50 :good:

Jack Wilde 1:51.34 PB :thumbsup:

Lucy Dunbar 1:53.34

Georgia Wilding 1:54.12

Nicole Pickles 1:54.12 PB :thumbsup:

Paul Colver 1:55.48 PB :thumbsup:

Marie Bell 1:59.48

Steven Keay 2:07.59 PB :thumbsup:

Catherine Richards 2:11.59

Vicky McClurey 2:21.24

Kevin McClurey 2:33.23

Full results can be found here

Corsham 10K: Sunday 23rd April

Amy Fuller 39.16 2nd female :good:

Alexandra Baston 58.27

Full results can be found here

Gisborough Moors Fell Race: Sunday 23rd April

John Tollitt 2:02.47

Full results to follow.

Terry O’Gara Memorial 5k: Sunday 23rd April

Connor Braithwaite 15.41 PB :thumbsup:

Tim Wilcock 15.51 PB :thumbsup:

Zak Kettle 16.05 PB :thumbsup:

David Johnson 16.07 PB :thumbsup:

Leodhais Macpherson 16.25 PB :thumbsup:

Chris Stockdale 16.26 PB :thumbsup:

David Wright 17.19

Tyler Helmuth 17.45 PB :thumbsup:

Sophie Marr 18.27

Jon Bateman 18.37 PB :thumbsup:

Anna Oswald 19.11 PB :thumbsup:

Hannah Stewart 19.16 PB :thumbsup:

Stephen Kettle 19.28

Zoe Thompson 19.39 PB :thumbsup:

Rachel Turnbull 19.42 PB :thumbsup:

Robyn Naylor 20.05

Joseph Taylor 20.46 PB :thumbsup:

Gavin Thompson 21.05 PB :thumbsup:

Jack Wilde 21.15

David Young 23.09

Nicole Pickles 23.11

Steven Keay 24.13

Michael Bell 24.46

Marie Bell 25.47

Michael Laverick 45.59

Full results can be found here

London Marathon: Sunday 23rd April

Alasdair Blain 2:53.57 PB :thumbsup:

Sparrow Morley 2:56.34

Ian Pickett 2:57.07 PB :thumbsup:

Rachael Perowne 3:29.25

Alexandra Battersby 3.44.26

Cassie Burgess-Rose 3:53:06 PB :thumbsup:

Michael Nemeth 6:08:03

Michelle Nemeth 6:10:01

Sand Dancer 10K: Sunday 23rd April

Mark Toward 38.13

Jessica Anderson 60.18

Full results can be found here

Boston Marathon: Monday 17th April

Alexandra Battersby 3:32.20 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

Vale of York 5M: Sunday 16th April

Sophie Marr 30.45 PB & 3rd Lady :good:

Full results can be found here

Manchester Marathon: Sunday 16th April

Cees Van Der Land 2:45.47

Greg Coker 2:58.26

Sam Wood 3:04:29

James Stewart 3:09.16 PB :thumbsup:

Jordan Ray 3:23.54

Jack Batkin 4:14.19

Karen Nicholson 4:17.21

Caroline Meaney 4:22.14 PB :thumbsup:

Roger Heath 5:11.29

Annie Heath 5:11.29

Victoria Douglass 5:18.37 PB :thumbsup:

Matthew Pearson 5:18.37 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

Han River 10k, Seoul: Saturday 15 April

Kayoung Goffe 49:58

Kayoung racing on the banks of the Han River

National Road Relays – Women’s 6 Stage (Birmingham): Saturday 15th April

Amy Fuller 34.20

Kathryn Stevenson 19.26

Zoe Thompson 20.42

Becky Blain 34.09

Hannah Stewart 20.23

Jessica Eaton 18.51

TBH ladies

The team finished in 18th position. Congratulation lasses :good:

Full results can be found here

Dalton Park Easter 10K: Monday 10th April

James Prescott 54.42

Full results can be found here

Isle of Man Easter Festival of running 5K: Sunday 9th April

Lucy Crookes 17.45

Full results can be found here

North Tyneside 10K: Sunday 9th April

Tim Wilcock 33.20

Sparrow Morley 33.43

Sophie Marr 38.23 PB & 2nd Lady :good:

Jordan Ray 39.52

Robyn Naylor 40.27 PB :thumbsup:

Mikey Tindale 40.22

Zoe Thompson 40.53 PB :thumbsup:

Steve Attley 40.48 PB :thumbsup:

Rachel Turnbull 41.45

Neil Clarkson 42.31 PB :thumbsup:

Louise Lennox 42.44 1st FV50 :good:

Anthony Tait 43.17 PB :thumbsup:

Angus Smith 42.55

Carrie Collins 43.25

Jonathan Longrigg 43.57

Andrew Norton 44.13

John Dobbs 44.27

Sarah Hamblin 44.59 PB & 3rd FV45 :good:

Angelo Gabriele 45.41 PB :thumbsup:

Sarah O’Neill 46.46 2nd FV50 :good:

Kenny Chambers 46.47

Amy Hume 46.48

Amie O’Halloran 46.53 PB :thumbsup:

Peter Soward 47.22

David Young 47.35

Peter Coyle 48.16 PB :thumbsup:

Annette Kelly 49.52

Graham King 50.20

David Cornish 49.48

Adam Scott-Jones 50.54

Chris Salkeld 50.11

Richard Taylor 51.23

Karen Ord 51.56 3rd FV55 :good:

Laura Gabriele 52.01

Michael Higgins 52.22 PB :thumbsup:

Kerry Reed 52.19

Karen Nicholson 52.23

James Prescott 52.25

Caroline Meaney 52.31 PB :thumbsup:

Ria Knox 52.59

Lisa Swann 53.39

Louise Gibson 54.20

Rachel Attley 54.20

Anthony McIvor 53.27

John Hindmarch 56.14

Alexandra Baston 55.48

Eoghan Quigley 56.15

Nik Mohamed Kamal 56.18

Jemma Carr 57.42 PB :thumbsup:

Cathryn Anderson 1:01.23

Alison Bulman 1:02.41

Dawn Parker 1:03.22

Slyvia Eggo 1:04.12

Sarah Rushbrooke 1:04.52

Carol Summerside 1:04.16

Faye Slade 1:05.29

Michelle Ankers 1:07.22

Amanda Tunmore 1:07.49

Claire Wynarczyk 1:14.24

Sandra Ellis 1:13.17

Elizabeth Pallister 1:23.32

Full results can be found here

Isle of Man Easter Festival of running 10K: Friday 7th April

Lucy Crookes 36.12

Full results can be found here

Elswick Harriers Good Friday Relays: Friday 7th April

Senior Men A: T Charlton 11.47, J Dorman 11.44, A Wilkins 12.10, C Braithwaite 11.50 (6th of 48)

Senior Men B: 18/48; T Wilcock 12.10, Z Kettle 12.23, L Craciunas 13.57, A Hall 13.59 (18/48)

Senior Men C: J Wilson 15.27, A Tait 15.02, M Nemeth 16.10, J Turner 16.26 (39/48)

Vet Men A: T Scott 12.15, P Turnbull 12.47, D Wright 12.57, C Stockdale 12.32 (1st Vet Men Team :good: )

Vet Men B: A Blain 12.49, J Bateman 14.12, S Kettle 14.33, P Coyle 16.40 (12/35)

Senior Women A: A Fuller 13.29, R Blain 14.04, S Marr 14.01 (2nd SW Team :thumbsup: )

Senior Women B: R Naylor 14.43, R Turnbull 15.16, R Perowne 15.44 (14/43)

Senior Women C: R Harrison 16.38, J Graham 15.40, M Peeters 16.26 (24/43)

Vet Women A: A Dargie 14.11, Z Thompson 15.08, K Stevenson 14.20 (1st VW Team :good: )

Vet Women B: G Parkin 18.13, H Dorman 17.16, K Reed 19.17 (15/34)

Vet Women C: K Kilgour 18.29, C Whitelaw 21.05, M Bell 18.40 (27/34)

Full results can be found here

TBH Men’s squad

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 5th April

Sparrow Morley 4.41

Freddie Palmer 4.58 PB :thumbsup:

Steven Keay 7.23

Full results can be found here

South Park 20M (Darlington): Sunday 2nd April

Cees van der Land 2:04.55 PB & Club MV40 record :good:

Full results can be found here

Paris Marathon: Sunday 2nd April

Erin Fairlamb 3:25.35 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

London Landmarks Half Marathon: Sunday 2nd April

Claire Wynarczyk 2:46.34

Claire – swapping the Tyne for the Thames

Full results can be found here

Port of Blyth 10K: Sunday 2nd April

Chris Stockdale 34.40 PB :thumbsup:

Sophie Marr 38.17 PB & 1st Lady :good:

Alison Dargie 39.03 3rd Lady :thumbsup:

Laurentiu Craciunas 40.47 PB :thumbsup:

Zoe Thompson 41.01 PB & 1st FV35 :good:

Ian Pickett 41.01

Cyril Bourgenot 41.14

Rachel Turnbull 42.07 2nd FV35 :good:

Janet Robinson 45.21

Angelo Gabriele 45.53 PB :thumbsup:

Gavin Thompson 46.01

Rachael Perowne 46.30

Alba Gadeau Cordoba 48.34 PB :thumbsup:

Laura Gabriele 51.47

Samantha Young 57.29 PB :thumbsup:

Keith Graham 1:01.36

Sophie, Alison & Zoe were 1st Ladies team :good:

Full results can be found here

Prague Half Marathon: Saturday 1st April

Alasdair Blain 1:20:07

Becky Blain 1:26:22 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 1:26:53 2nd FV50 :good:

Lucy Matheson 1:43:15

Gill Parkin 1:55:41

Full results can be found here

Allendale Challenge (26 miles – North Pennines): Saturday 1st April

David Moir 4:36.50

Matt Walker 4:59.01

Martin Clay 5:11.51

John Tollitt 5:44.09

Course map (click to enlarge)

Full results can be found here

Kielder Ultra Trails (32K): Saturday 1st April

Jen Lockett 3:01.59

Tom Robertson 3:11.05

Caroline Meaney 4:41.58

Eoghan Quigley 4:42.08

Victoria Douglass 4:53.03

Full results can be found here

Northern Athletics Road Relays Championships (Redcar): Saturday 1st April

Tom Charlton 31.04

Connor Braithwaite 16.21

Marc Fenwick 32.27

David Wright 17.45

Terry Scott 33.14

Paul Turnbull 17.28

Chris Stockdale 33.31

Tyler Helmuth 18.13

Ewan Richardson 17.26

Fraser Bigg 18.43

Stephen Kettle 19.38

Sparrow Morley 14.06

The team finished in 18th position, with a combined time of 4:29.56. Well done lads.

Full results can be found here

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