Spotlight on: Jon Bateman

Jon Bateman, our February member of the month ran a huge PB of 1.25 at the Barcelona half marathon, was part of the MV35 silver medallist team at the NEMAA Relays and is always willing to represent the club at relay and XC competitions.

Here, we find out a bit more about Jon…

What is your ideal pre-race snack/breakfast?

Lot’s of food, but steer clear of fat and fibre to make sure my gut stays in shape during the race. Perk of being a nutritionist is the little tricks.

What is your ideal post-race snack/meal?

Pasta/Pizza/Gnocchi, not always in that order.

Are you a hot or cold weather runner?

Hot Italian sunshine please.

Flat course or hills? / Long or short distance?

Better at long and hilly but prefer short and flat!

What is your favourite song to listen to while running?

Not so much a favourite but the theme tune to Paddington Bear is constantly in my head.

What is the main piece of kit you couldn’t do without?

Any of my Endurance Academy kit… biased!

What is your proudest/happiest running memory?

Soph winning the Ascoli Mezza Maratona.

What is your favourite running event and why?

I do love a fell race, great inclusive atmosphere, usually fun and interesting courses and usually get to stay close in the camper van.

What is your main training goal at the moment?

Probably trying to hit my pb’s for 5, 10 and half this year.

What are your favourite things about being a member of TBH?

Has to be the XC and relays.

Jon Bateman

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