North Eastern Harrier League 2022/23 – Alnwick

Congratulations to the TBH women’s XC team who won today’s fixture at Alnwick (Saturday, 4th March) and won the Division 1 league :good:

A fantastic achievement made possible by this fab and committed team.

The fabulous TBH Ladies

And well done to the lads who finished 2nd on the day and 2nd in the league. A good season’s work.

Some of the TBH lads who took part on the day

Alnwick Results (Senior Women)

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
3Jessica Eaton29:28:0029:28:00
8Rebecca Blain33:04:0030:44:00
13Kathryn Stevenson34:17:0029:17:00
24Zoe Thompson35:00:0032:40:00
28Jennyfer Ricci35:17:0035:17:00
42Sophie Marr35:37:0030:37:00
53Robyn Naylor35:50:0030:50:00
78Rachel Turnbull36:16:0033:56:00
89Georgina Brooke36:32:0036:32:00
111Anna Oswald36:48:0031:48:00
138Hannah Stewart37:13:0032:13:00
141Heather Dorman37:18:0034:58:00
150Heather Allaway37:30:0035:10:00
151Marloes Peeters37:31:0035:11:00
157Amy Johnson37:37:0035:17:00
174Alison Ennis37:55:0037:55:00
231Kirsteen Kilgour39:09:0039:09:00
240Gemma Finnie39:24:0039:24:00
266Michelle Moat40:25:0040:25:00
269Claire Norman40:37:0040:37:00
279Laura Gabriele40:49:0040:49:00
339Sandy Anderson44:09:0044:09:00
365Sara James45:53:0045:53:00
396Elaine O’mara51:28:0051:28:00
397Morag Kerry51:28:0051:28:00
398Faye Slade51:28:0051:28:00
428Claire Wynarczyk58:13:0058:13:00
Full results can be found here

Alnwick Results (Senior Men)

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
12Michael Hedley42:03:0037:03:00
22Tom Charlton43:00:0038:00:00
26Ian Pickett43:26:0043:26:00
28Craig Jones43:31:0038:31:00
46Jon Bateman44:07:0044:07:00
70Chris Stockdale44:49:0039:49:00
126David Moir45:52:0043:22:00
173Cees Van Der Land46:40:0041:40:00
178Matt Walker46:44:0046:44:00
197Alasdair Blain47:07:0044:37:00
231Adrian Hall47:50:0047:50:00
287Nicholas Howell49:16:0049:16:00
299Neil Clarkson49:32:0049:32:00
326Graeme Carr50:24:0050:24:00
344John Tollitt51:08:0051:08:00
379Rob Dawes53:02:0053:02:00
386Stephen Kettle53:30:0053:30:00
389Angelo Gabriele53:42:0053:42:00
399Michael Nemeth54:01:0054:01:00
422David Cornish55:37:0055:37:00
429Peter Coyle55:55:0055:55:00
447Paul Colver57:16:0057:16:00
Full results can be found here

Well done to everyone who ran today and represented the club during the season. Everyone’s effort counts.

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