Results round-up: November 2022

A round-up of results featuring TBH Members (updated 28/11/2022).

Slaley Hall & Forest Trail Run – 10K: Sunday 20th November

Gillian Dodson 1:10.09

Katie Robins 1:10.10

Faye Slade 1:19.45

Full results can be found here

Slaley Hall & Forest Trail Run – Half Marathon: Sunday 20th November

Amy Fuller 1:32.37 (1st Lady :good: )

Full results can be found here

Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile Race: Sunday 20th November

Chris Stockdale 57.58 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 1:05.17 FV50 Club Record :thumbsup:

Simon Hall 1:06.01

Rebecca Blain 1:07.14 PB :thumbsup:

Alasdair Blain 1:07.12

Steve Attley 1:07.36

Lyndsey Thompson 1:08.01 PB & FV40 Club Record :thumbsup:

Stephen Kettle 1:08.02 PB :thumbsup:

Hannah Stewart 1:09.18

Richard Taylor 1:12.17 PB :thumbsup:

Sarah Hamblin 1:13.31 PB :thumbsup:

Amy Hume 1:13.45 PB :thumbsup:

Lucy Matheson 1:14:34

Angus Smith1:16.08

Angelo Gabriele 1:16.12 PB :thumbsup:

Blake Kesic 1:17.02

Anthony Tait 1:19.05 PB :thumbsup:

Carrie Collins 1:19.22

Jessica Graham 1:20.46 PB :thumbsup:

Alba Gadeau Cordoba 1:21.11

Amie O’Halloran 1:23.37

James Sibbard 1:24.19

Gill Parkin 1:24.20 FV55 Club Record :thumbsup:

Laura Gabriele 1:24.29 PB :thumbsup:

David Cornish 1:24.45

Joseph Taylor 1:25.17

Michael Nemeth 1:25.19

Chris Parkin 1:26.33

Full results can be found here

Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K: Sunday 13th November

Michael Hedley 32.03 (1st MV35, PB & MV35 Club Record :thumbsup: )

Sparrow Morley 34.33

Christ Stockdale 35.25

Amy Fuller 36.30 (2nd Female & PB :thumbsup: )

Richard Tailford 38.14 (1st MV60 and MV60 Club Record :thumbsup: )

Kathryn Stevenson 38.27 (1st FV50 & FV50 Club Record :thumbsup: )

James Stewart 38.28 (PB :thumbsup: )

Neil Eyes 39.28 (PB :thumbsup: )

Rachel Turnbull 41.27 (PB :thumbsup: )

Rory Tait 41.36

Stephen Kettle 41.36

Sophie Marr 41.57

Amy Johnson44.33

David Young 46.15

Marloes Peeters 46.39

Anthony Tait 47.42 (PB :thumbsup: )

Yamuna Thiru 48.06 (FV55 Club Record :thumbsup: )

Heather Dorman 48.25

Alexandra Baston 54.12 ( PB :thumbsup: )

Claire Wynarczyk 1:09.40

Full results can be found here

Battersea Park Half Marathon: Saturday 12th November

Georgia Wilding 1:35.21 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

Town Moor Half Marathon: Sunday 6th November

Neil Eyes 1:30.55

David Young 1:42.48

Anthony Tait 1:48.34

Vicki McClurey 2:18.38

Full results can be found here

TCS New York City Marathon: Sunday 6th November

Stuart Walker 4:58.42

Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 2nd November

Sparrow Morley 4.55

Full results can be found here

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