The 40th Blaydon Race – 9th Joon 2022

There was a huge TBH contingent taking part in the 40th running of the Blaydon Race, and the first since 2019. After a slightly delayed start we set off from the new start line in the quayside – not before a photo opportunity with the mayor though! Big thanks to Blaydon Harriers for a well organised event with some very welcome tasty beers and snacks at the end, and to all the TBH who were cheering along the route (especially Phil Scott, who was popping up everywhere).

The race was won by Gateshead’s Calum Johnson and Wallsend’s Danielle Hodgkinson.

NameChip time
Adam Scott-Jones00:45:19
Adrian Hall00:39:19
Alasdair Blain00:36:08
Alba Gadeau00:47:46
Alex Antonopoulos00:55:41
Alison Ennis00:48:19
Andrew Chiu00:42:26
Andrew Keers00:36:13
Andy Harrison00:41:48
Annette Kelly00:50:27
Carol Summerside01:02:12
Caroline Meaney00:56:34
Cassie Burgess-Rose00:50:05
Chris Parkin00:49:31
Claire Norman00:49:36
Claire Wynarczyk01:15:03
Clara Riach00:46:12
Connor Braithwaite00:35:49
David Cornish00:52:04
David Moir00:38:43
Erin Fairlamb00:40:15
Ewan Richardson00:36:34
Garuth Logan00:51:38
Gemma Finnie00:47:46
Gemma Lynch00:50:25
Georgia Wilding00:45:29
Gillian Parkin00:51:34
Glen Logan00:49:16
Graeme Carr00:41:36
Hannah Stewart00:43:43
Heather Dorman00:51:00
Ian Walton01:07:47
James Knox00:54:11
James Prescott00:51:02
James Sibbald00:46:43
Jamie Wilson00:43:45
Jen Ricci00:51:54
Joanne Wood01:05:35
John Hindmarch00:53:52
John Hurse00:38:02
Jonathan Longrigg00:40:39
Judith Bell01:09:08
Julie Killick00:54:13
Karen Walker00:52:09
Kathryn Stevenson00:39:22Third FV45-54
Katie Gallagher00:53:03
Keith Smith00:42:52
Kerry Reed00:52:12
Laura Carrick00:49:16
Lindsey Letts01:02:01
Louise Lennox00:43:00
Mairi Clancy00:50:59
Marc Marshall00:39:08
Matthew Pearson00:57:01
Michael Hedley00:31:04
Michael Higgins00:56:02
Michael Nemeth01:09:33
Michelle Nemeth01:09:34
Minna Eii01:04:29
Neil Alderson00:48:18
Neil Eyes00:40:40
Neil Thompson00:44:26
Nick Howell00:43:13
Nicole Mcintyre00:40:04
Nik Mohamed Kamal01:02:54
Paul Colver00:48:56
Paul Turnbull00:43:13
Rachael Perowne00:43:15
Rachel Adamson00:48:20
Rachel Attley00:54:27
Rachel Gill00:43:13
Rachel Mccracken00:52:09
Rebecca Blain00:39:20
Richard Tailford00:36:59
Roger Heath00:51:29
Sarah Wharton00:52:09
Sean Kelly00:47:41
Simon Hall00:39:32
Sparrow Morley00:36:48
Steve Attley00:43:49
Tom Charlton00:31:50
Yamuna Thiru00:46:12
Zoe Thompson00:42:36

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