TBH Results: May 2022

A round-up of results featuring TBH members (updated 30 May 2022)

Please leave a comment below if your result is missing or you ran a Personal Best (PB).

Edinburgh Marathon Festival 28-29 May 2022


Yamuna Thiru 48:44 1st FV55 :thumbsup:

Heather Dorman 1:02:09

Judith Bell 1:12:59

Half Marathon

Tim Wilcock 1:14:10

Marc Marshall 1:29:10 :thumbsup: PB

Mike Norbury 1:31:52

Louise Lennox 1:34:00

Claire Norman 1:39:17 :thumbsup: PB

Heather Allaway 1:39:37

Emily Douglas 1:50:17 :thumbsup: PB

Rachel McCracken 1:59:09

Annie Heath 2:05:39 :thumbsup: PB

Roger Heath 2:05:39

James Prescott 2:07:03

Kate Lowdon 2:08:16

Lucie Glanville 2:23:18

Claire Wynarczyk 2:41:04


Mark Toward 3:02:36

Hannah Stewart 3:21:10

Amy Hume 3:29:13

Christopher Armstrong 3:55:44

Glen Logan 3:55:48

Carly Nixon 4:06:04

Gillian Dodson 5:37:09

Katie Robins 5:42:27

Full results can be found here.

Raby Castle 10k: Sunday 29 May 2022

Alasdair Blain 38:24

Rebecca Blain 42:36 :thumbsup: 2nd lady

Full results can be found here.

Sammy’ s Run 5K, Lakewood Ranch, Florida: Saturday 28th May 2022

51st Steve Pattison 23.01 mins (3rd MV 65-69)
116th Mary Pattison 31.48 mins (3rd FV 65-69)

NECAA Track: Saturday 21st May 2022

Chris Stockdale 35:28.9 PB :thumbsup:

Sparrow Morley 37:19.5 SB

Clive Cookson 10k: Wednesday 18 May 2022 (Club Championship Race)

NameChip Time
Michael Hedley32:28:00PB & 2nd overall & Men’s Club Champion :thumbsup:
Tom Charlton32:48:003rd :thumbsup:
Ryan Holt33:35:00
Craig Jones34:14:00PB & 2nd MV35 :thumbsup:
Chris Stockdale35:24:00PB & 2nd MV40 :thumbsup:
Sparrow Morley35:45:00
Connor Braithwaite36:36:00
Andrew Keers37:05:00PB :thumbsup:
Kathryn Stevenson39:51:001st FV50 & Ladies’ Club Champion :thumbsup:
Lyndsey Thompson40:18:00PB & 3rd FV35 :thumbsup:
Alison Dargie40:26:001st FV45 :thumbsup:
Rebecca Blain41:03:00
Erin Fairlamb41:15:00PB  :thumbsup:
Nicole Mcintyre41:44:00
John Tollitt41:57:00
Louise Lennox42:49:002nd FV45 :thumbsup:
Neil Clarkson42:23:00PB & 3rd MV60 :thumbsup:
Graeme Carr42:58:00
Rachel Turnbull43:58:00
Paul Turnbull43:59:00
Lucas Riley44:16:00PB :thumbsup:
Chris Sumsion44:51:00
Claire Norman45:17:00PB :thumbsup:
James Sibbald45:42:00
Clara Riach46:34:00PB :thumbsup:
Laura Carrick48:48:00
Shaun Roberts49:09:00
Alba Gadeau Cordoba50:11:00
James Prescott51:04:00PB :thumbsup:
Roger Heath51:54:00PB :thumbsup:
David Cornish52:27:00
Julie Killick53:05:00PB :thumbsup:
Gill Parkin53:59:00
Ria Knox54:07:00
Karen Walker54:26:00
Isabel Clough54:16:00
John Hindmarch54:59:00PB :thumbsup:
Kerry Reed55:01:00
Jemma Carr56:38:00PB :thumbsup:
Chantel Wilson01:01:28
Carol Summerside01:02:44
Claire Wynarczyk01:11:33

Saltire 5K trail race, Athelstaneford: Saturday 14 May 2022

10th Steve Pattison 25.17

25th Mary Pattison 34.10

Durham Trail 10 mile: Sunday 15 May 2022

Katie Gallagher 2:03:59

Laney Fitzpatrick 2:03:59

Jessica Anderson 2:08:28

Sarah Rushbrooke 2:13:43

Full results can be found here.

Chester Half Marathon: Sunday 15 May 2022

Kathryn Stevenson 1:30:57

David Gallagher 1:52:23

Jess Graham 1:56:21

Full results can be found here.

Pier to Pier: Sunday 15 May 2022

Sparrow Morley0:47:46,0
Graeme Carr0:50:33,0
Chris Sumsion0:53:31,0
Shaun Roberts0:56:56,0
Alba Gadeau1:00:00,0
James Prescott1:01:56,0
Rachel McCracken1:12:08,0
Dan Buckley1:12:08,0
Joanne Wood1:17:41,0
Matthew Pearson1:17:42,0
Victoria Douglass1:17:42,0
Catherine Williams1:18:28,0
Sylvia Eggo1:22:40,0
Claire Wynarczyk1:30:49,0

Full results can be found here.

Copenhagen Marathon: Sunday 15 May 2022

James Stewart 3:30:27

Alex Battersby 5:10:01

Full results can be found here.

Sunderland City Runs: 7-8th May 2022


Carl Smith 14:33

Ryan Holt 15:37

Sparrow Morley 16:10

Chris Stockdale 16:40 :thumbsup: PB

Michael Nemeth 22:41

Phil Scott 22:41

Michael Higgins 26:45


James Prescott 53:14

Vicky Mcclurey 1:03:20

Kevin Mcclurey 1:10:42

Claire Wynarczyk 1:12:39

Half Marathon

Mark Toward 1:19:54

Georgia Wilding 1:42:19

Isabel Clough 1:59:10

Michael Nemeth 2:04:19

Carol Summerside 2:22:15

Full results can be found here.

Lakeland Trails Staveley 18k Challenge: Saturday 7 May 22

Rachael Perowne 1:52:03

Claire Norman 1:52:03

Carly Nixon 1:58:11

Full results can be found here.

Belfast City Marathon: Sun 1 May 2022

Ria Knox 5:37:51

Gateshead 10k: Sun 1 May 2022

Adrian Hall 40:22

Alba Gadeau 50:37

Jack Wilde 52:40 :thumbsup: PB

James Prescott 53:10

Nicole Pickles 53:32 :thumbsup: PB

Claire Wynarczyk 1:13:03

Gateshead Half Marathon: Sun 1 May 2022

NICOLE MCINTYRE01:29:242nd lady & PB
SARAH HAMBLIN01:45:413rd FV45
RYAN MILLS01:55:01

Full results of both races can be found here.

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    • Steve Pattison on 18th May 2022 at 19:21
    • Reply

    Saturday 14th May

    Saltire 5K trail race, Athelstaneford

    10th Steve Pattison 25.17 mins
    25th Mary Pattison 34.10 mins

    • Steve Pattison on 2nd June 2022 at 02:02
    • Reply

    Saturday 28th May 2022

    Sammy’ s Run 5K, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

    51st Steve Pattison 23.01 mins (3rd MV 65-69)
    116th Mary Pattison 31.48 mins (3rd FV 65-69)

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