Summer Grand Prix Race 1: April 2022

I make it five years since Tyne Bridge Harriers took over Jesmond Dene on a Tuesday night, but the summer grand prix 2 mile route has not lost any of its shine (or hills). Between runners and volunteers we had over 100 TBH taking part, and plenty more were lurking around cheering us on.

Tonight’s race also determined the winner of the April Start Fitness Voucher – that goes to Shaun Roberts who correctly predicted his time of 14:45. Well done Shaun! :thumbsup:

Commiserations to Hannah Stewart, David Cornish, Louise Lennox, Phil Scott and Amanda Gray who were one second out.

The quickest on the night were Tom Charlton for the men and Becky Blain for the ladies. :thumbsup:

Provisional results are below – please contact Claire Norman or leave a comment if you notice any problems. We’ve included your predictions so you can see how close you were!

Firstly, thank you very much to our volunteers. The event couldn’t go ahead without you.

Amy Johnson    Adrian Hall Annette Kelly     Avril Robinson   Chris Stockdale Chris Sumsion      Claire Norman  
Claire Wynarczyk      Dan Buckley    Dave Daniels     David Appleby   Davy Anderson Elaine O’Mara Fiona Gilchrist      
Gemma Finnie   Heather Dorman      Helen Bell     Ian Pickett     Jessica Anderson      John Tollitt       Katie Rennison  Louise Gibson  Mandy Tunmore Marloes Peeters       Mick Bell         Micky Baker Morag Kerry     Nick Howell    Paul O’Mara     Rachael Perowne         Rachael Spanner        Rachel McCracken          Rachel Turnbull      Richard Taylor       Rob Dawes         Rob Wishart      Sandy Anderson        Tove Elander Vicki Deritis

PositionTimeNamePredicted timeTime out% out
100:10:27Tom Charlton00:10:4000:00:132.0%
200:10:50Craig Jones00:12:0000:01:109.7%
300:11:34Zak Kettle00:11:0000:00:345.2%
400:11:38Fraser Bigg00:11:3000:00:081.2%
500:11:42Alasdair Blain00:12:0000:00:182.5%
600:11:43David Carr00:11:3000:00:131.9%
700:12:02Jonathan Powell00:13:0000:00:587.4%
800:12:02Andrew Keers00:11:4000:00:223.1%
900:12:11Dave Moir00:12:0000:00:111.5%
1000:12:19James Stewart00:14:0000:01:4112.0%
1100:12:38Marc Marshall00:13:0000:00:222.8%
1200:12:45Jake Moir00:12:0000:00:456.3%
1300:12:52Becky Blain00:13:0000:00:081.0%
1400:12:56Arthur Vane00:12:3000:00:263.5%
1500:13:01Phil Scott00:13:0000:00:010.1%
1600:13:14Callum Stewart00:13:14
1700:13:26Tony Lloyd00:14:0000:00:344.0%
1800:13:27Steve Kettle00:14:0000:00:333.9%
1900:13:32Chris Salkeld00:14:0000:00:283.3%
2000:13:36Erin Fairlamb00:14:0000:00:242.9%
2100:13:39Hannah Stewart00:13:4000:00:010.1%
2200:13:41Louise Lennox00:13:4000:00:010.1%
2300:13:43Kevin Sorlie00:13:3000:00:131.6%
2400:13:47Zoe Thompson00:14:1000:00:232.7%
2500:13:53Steven Sibbald00:14:0000:00:070.8%
2600:13:58Lucas Riley00:14:5600:00:586.5%
2700:14:07Clara Riach00:15:0000:00:535.9%
2800:14:29Sarah Hamblin00:15:4000:01:117.6%
2900:14:29Amanda Gray00:14:3000:00:010.1%
3000:14:32Claire Norman00:14:5000:00:182.0%
3100:14:37Peter Soward00:15:0000:00:232.6%
3200:14:40James Sibbald00:15:0000:00:202.2%
3300:14:45Shaun Roberts00:14:4500:00:000.0%
3400:14:51Ellie Chapman00:14:51
3500:14:52Dave Gallagher00:17:0000:02:0812.5%
3600:14:56Jessica Graham00:15:3000:00:343.7%
3700:14:59David Cornish00:15:0000:00:010.1%
3800:15:01Ruby Colver00:18:0000:02:5916.6%
3900:15:07Jack Wilde00:15:0000:00:070.8%
4000:15:12Ryan Mills00:12:3000:02:4221.6%
4100:15:13Steven Keay00:14:4000:00:333.8%
4200:15:15Tina Howe00:16:0000:00:454.7%
4300:15:16Alba Gadeau00:16:1500:00:596.1%
4400:15:16Ellen Robson00:16:0000:00:444.6%
4500:15:21Kayoung Goffe00:15:0000:00:212.3%
4600:15:23Nicole Pickles00:18:0000:02:3714.5%
4700:15:23Jessica Hamilton00:18:0000:02:3714.5%
4800:15:46Cassie Burgess-Rose00:15:0000:00:465.1%
4900:16:05Ria Harrison00:17:3000:01:258.1%
5000:16:27Gavin Thompson00:15:3000:00:576.1%
5100:16:29Rob Kirtley00:17:0000:00:313.0%
5200:16:56Sarah O'Neill00:16:56
5300:17:18Chris Desborough00:18:0000:00:423.9%
5400:17:20Anthony Tait00:19:0000:01:408.8%
5500:17:27John Hindmarch00:18:0000:00:333.1%
5600:17:28Paul Collins00:19:3000:02:0210.4%
5700:17:34Alex Antonopolous00:18:0000:00:262.4%
5800:18:06Emma Moir00:20:0000:01:549.5%
5900:18:08Catherine Powell00:19:0000:00:524.6%
6000:18:45Caroline Meaney00:19:0000:00:151.3%
6100:18:48Annie Heath00:23:5900:05:1121.6%
6200:18:48Roger Heath00:17:0000:01:4810.6%
6300:19:14Victoria Douglass00:19:0000:00:141.2%
6400:19:52Sylvia Eggo00:19:0000:00:524.6%

Everyone had a great time and there is appetite for a repeat race later in the summer… watch this space!

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