TBH Results: October 2021


A round-up of results featuring TBH members. (updated 1st November 2021)

Please leave a comment below if your result is missing or you ran a Personal Best (PB).


Run Northumberland Hexham 10K: Sunday 31st October

Ruth Brooker 39.35 (1st Senior lady) 

James Mcathey 49.48

Kevin McClurey 1:07.21

Full results can be found here


Run Northumberland Castles Half Marathon: Sunday 24th October

Jonny Longrigg 1:27.42

Georgina Brooke 1:54.12

Full results can be found here


Yorkshire Marathon: Sunday 17th October

William Houghton 3:06.07

Rachael Perowne 3:28.36

Matthew Pearson 6:24.25

Full results can be found here


Hadrian’s Wall (Hexham) Half Marathon: Sunday 17th October

Cees van der Land 1:34.55 (2nd place)

Max Macadam 2:23.04

James Mcathey 2:31.19

Keelie Garrard 2:43.22

Victoria Douglass 2:59.24

Sylvia Eggo 3:16.34

Full results can be found here


North Tyneside 10K: Sunday 17th October

Sparrow Morley 34.36

Craig Jones 34.55 PB :thumbsup:

Kathryn Stevenson 38.41 (1st FV45)

Jonathan Longrigg 38.59

Adrian Hall 39.48

Ben Rea 39.54

Dave Hartis 41.23

Marc Marshall 41.34 PB :thumbsup:

Graeme Carr 43.02

Rachel Turnbull 44.42

Tony Baines 46.23 PB :thumbsup:

Helen Leck 47.14

Chris Birch 46.54

Colin Rogerson 47.25

Gemma Finnie 48.02

Rob Kirtley 50.11

Paul Colver 50.23 PB :thumbsup:

Glen Logan 51.51

Janet Robinson 52.02

David Curran 52.18

Kerry Reed 52.10

Graham King 52.51

Roger Heath 52.50 PB :thumbsup:

James Prescott 53.50

Caroline Meaney 54.54

John Hindmarch 56.32 PB :thumbsup:

Isabel Clough 56.53

Sarah Rushbrooke 58.58

Jemma Carr 1:01.25 PB :thumbsup:

Carol Summerside 1:00.51

Faye Slade 1:04.43

Full results can be found here


Redcar Half Marathon: Sunday 10th October

Chris Sumsion 1:45.47

Chris Birch 1:48.05

Alan Macauley 1:48:42

Full results can be found here


Manchester Marathon: Sunday 10th October

Steve Attley 3:12.04 PB :thumbsup:

Neil Thompson 3:35.40 PB :thumbsup:

Andrew Keers 3:57.54

Shaun Cowan 4:23.05

Gemma Finnie 5:08.03

Full results can be found here


Manchester Half Marathon: Sunday 10th October

Kevin Richardson 1:13.34

Tim Kelso 1:16.16

Chris West 1:17.03

Richard Tailford 1:22.41

Kathryn Stevenson 1:22.54

Full results can be found here


ERRA National Road Relays (Birmingham): Saturday 9th October

Tom Charlton 18.11

Carl Smith 17.31

Ryan Holt 18.52

Jake Dorman 19.44

Chris Stockdale 20.59

Sparrow Morley 20.28

The lads finished in 41st place, with a combined time of 1:55.45. Well done lads :good:

Full results can be found here


Beamish Trail Race: Saturday 9th October

Neil Alderson 55.51

Full results can be found here


London Marathon: Sunday 3rd October

Andy Chiu 3:04.08 PB :thumbsup:

Lyndsey Thompson 3:28:29 PB :thumbsup: V35 club record :thumbsup:  

Sarah Wharton 3:40.53

Georgia Wilding 3:55.30

Rachel McCracken 5:03.04

James Prescott 5:12.37

Dan Buckley 5:43.47

Full results can be found here


Chester Marathon: Sunday 3rd October

Laney Fitzpatrick 4:48.08

Full results can be found here


Loch Ness Marathon: Sunday 3rd October

Rob Wishart 3:50.37

Full results can be found here


Kielder Marathon: Sunday 3rd October

Cees Van der land 3:05.13 :thumbsup: 3rd place

Full results can be found here


Kielder Half Marathon: Sunday 3rd October

George Stainsby 1:39.46

Simon Hall 1:43.30

Amy Hume 1:46.37 PB :thumbsup:  

Lysanne Wilkinson 1:54:56

Alan Macaulay 1:56.38

Georgina Brooke 2:02.30

Roger Heath 2:06.58 PB :thumbsup:  

Ellie Chapman 2:16.22

Katie Robins 2:20.47

Full results can be found here


Kielder 10K: Saturday 2nd October

Paul Turnbull 38.21 (1st MV40) :thumbsup:  

Jon Bateman 39.36

Rachel Turnbull 45.20

Sophie Marr 46.51

Caroline Meaney 57.26

Lindsey Letts 1:05.02

Full results can be found here

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    • Badger on 24th October 2021 at 21:25
    • Reply

    Intrigued why statue of Christ the Redeemer features this month.

    1. Well…ordinarily I would have featured a picture of Whitley Bay Spanish City (NT 10K reference), but as it’s probably been featured every year since the event began, I thought no, let’s show something completely different and see if anyone is so intrigued that they leave a comment on the website. And guess what, it has! :dance:

    • Lyndsey Thompson on 5th February 2022 at 19:23
    • Reply

    Just noticed that my London time isn’t right… my time was 3:28:29… stop trying to take 10 seconds away from me… I grafted for that! 🤣 also it was brought to my attention it may be a v35 club record too… not that I’m bothered 😉🤣

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