TBH Results: September 2021

A round-up of results featuring TBH members.

(please leave a comment below if you would like your race result added or a PB highlighted).


RAF Spadeadam Half Marathon: Sunday 26th September

John Tollitt 1:46.17

Full results can be found here


Berlin Marathon: Sunday 26th September

Sarah Wharton 3:42.49

Alex Battersby 3:48.03 PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here


Sheffield Half Marathon: Sunday 26th September

Chris Birch 2:14.26

Full results can be found here


Two Breweries hill race (Saturday 25 September)

Claire Norman 5:13:56

Full results can be found here


Brough Law (Sunday 19 September)

Craig Jones 40:14 (2nd)

Paul O’Mara 40:26 (3rd) 

John Bateman 45:22

John Tollitt 48:41

Lucas Riley 52:45

Claire Norman 57:53


Ironman Italy (Emilia Romangna): Saturday 18th September

Ian Parker 12:30.04

Full results can be found here


Great North Run: Sunday 12th September

Adam Scott-Jones 1:47.17

Alan Macaulay 1:50.10

Alex Battersby 1:45.26

Alison Ennis 1:53.22

Andy Harrison 1:33.15

Annie Heath 2:12.41 PB :thumbsup:

Arthur Vane 1:38.02

Ben Rea 1:28.26

Carol Summerside 2:20.14

Caroline Simonsen 2:06.04

Chris Robson 1:57.59

Chris Sumsion 1:42.37

Chris Parkin 1:45.31

Chris West 1:19.07

Claire Davison 3:10.16

Dan Buckley 2:23.23

David Curran 1:53.15

David Young 1:46.43

Deborah Morrison 1:45.42 PB :thumbsup:

Denise Connor 2:21.51

Derek Vardy 2:10.31

Faye Slade 2:32.56

France Villeneuve 2:44.25

Gemma Finnie 1:48.41

Georgia Wilding 1:43.45

Gillian Parkin 1:59.22

Glen Logan 1:50.15

Graeme Carr 1:35.24 PB :thumbsup:

Helen Bell 2:17.47

Ian Jackman 1:29.21

Jake Dorman 1:21.52

James Sibbald 1:44.33

Janet Robinson 1:59.25

Jemma Alice Carr 2:20.45

Jennifer Hatfield 2:48.29

Jennifer Jones 2:31.45

Jennyfer Ricci 1:59.54

Joanne Wood 2:29.27

Joseph Taylor 2:09.01

Julie Killick 2:04.31 PB :thumbsup:

Katherine Wilson 2:20.20

Kathryn Stevenson 1:27.26

Katie Gallagher 2:04.19

Kerry Reed 1:53.22

Kevin McClurey 2:31.13

Kevin Richardson 1:17.46 PB :thumbsup:

Laney Fitzpatrick 2:05.46 PB :thumbsup:

Louise Lennox 1:38.29

Lyndsey Thompson 1:38.07

Marc Marshall 1:31.00 PB :thumbsup:

Mark Lyon 1:45.45

Michael Nemeth 2:37.47

Michelle Moat 1:55.33

Michelle Nemeth 2:37.47

Neil Eyes 1:32.48

Neil Thompson 1:36.40

Nick Howell 1:39.10

Nicole Bairstow 2:16.48

Nicole McIntyre 1:33.02 PB :thumbsup:

Parkerman 2:00.33

Paul Gibson 1:47.01

Phil Scott 1:34.55

Rachel Attley 2:06.25

Rachel McCracken 2:03.09 PB :thumbsup:

Rebecca Parkin 1:27.25 PB :thumbsup:

Richard Taylor 1:43.15

Roger Heath 2:12.41

Ryan Holt 1:14.19 

Sahar Ahmed 1:58.05

Sarah Rushbrooke 2:15.47

Shaun Cowan 1:59.37

Simon Hall 1:31.43

Sparrow Morley 1:18.21

Steve Attley 1:54.33

Sylvia Eggo 2:26.02 PB :thumbsup:

Thomas Gray 1:45.37

Tim Kelso 1:17.48

Tony Baines 1:48.29 PB :thumbsup:

Vicky McClurey 2:22.31

Victoria Barrow 2:33.51

Victoria Douglass 2:14.16

William Broughton 1:30.04

Full results can be found here


Great North Run 5K: Friday 10th September

Paul O’Mara 16.18 (Personal Best)

Adrian Hall 18.53

Katie Gallagher 24.58

Roger Heath 25.09 (Personal Best)

Full result can be found here


Cheviots Challenge (Long Run): Saturday 4th September

Chris Sumsion 4:29.36 (1st MV50)

Full results can be found here


Wetherby Run 10K: Sunday 5th September

Fiona Gilchrist 55.06

Full results can be found here


Southampton Marathon: Sunday 5th September

Alexandra Battersby 3:52.40

Full results can be found here


Wrexham Half Marathon: Sunday 5th September

Chris Stockdale 1:24.28

Full results can be found here


Morpeth 10K: Sunday 5th September

James Prescott 54.26

Full results can be found here


Farringdon Cross Country Relays: Saturday 4th September

Senior Men (A) : 3rd place

Doug Tickner 11.21

Tom Charlton 9.0

Ryan Holt 9.17

Michael Hedley 9.11


Senior Men (B) : 16th place

Fraser Bigg 10.55

Paul Colver 14.19

Steve Kettle 12.34

DD 11.26


Veteran Men : 2nd place

Jon Bateman 10.32

Chris Stockdale 10.12

Dave Moir 11.20 

Alasdair Blain 10.27

Full results can be found here


South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 1st September

Paul O’Mara 4.47 (Personal Best & MV35 Club Record)

Alasdair Blain 5.11 (Personal Best)

Becky Parkin 5.39 (Personal Best)

Chris Parkin 6.34 (Season Best)

Full results can be found here

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  1. Cheviots Challenge on Saturday – bit of a toughy but fab scenery

    • A on 14th September 2021 at 07:28

    Annie Heath got a pb for GNR half marathon

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