Northern Athletics Road Relays 2021

Northern Athletics Road Relays
Redcar Coast Road
Saturday 18th September 2021


TBH had three teams competing in this prestigious event, with the senior men finishing in 11th and 45th positions, and the TBH ladies finishing 29th in the senior women’s race.

Well done to everyone who took part.  


Senior Men (A) 11th position

Tom Charlton 18.26

Carl Smith 17.55

Michael Hedley 18.43

Kieran Reay 19.04

Ryan Holt 18.55

Sparrow Morley 20.14


Senior Men (B) 45th position

Paul Turnbull 21.13

Paul O’Mara 20.38

Jake Dorman 20.00

Alasdair Blain 21.14

David Moir 23.10

Cees van der Land 20.40


Senior Women 29th position

Nicole Mcintyre 24.35

Hannah Stewart 25.06

Rachel Turnbull 25.41

Becky Parkin 22.59


Full results can be found here


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