TBH Results: August 2021

A round-up of results featuring TBH members.

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Stanhope 10 Mile: Saturday 28th August 2021

Ryan Holt 59.17 (2nd place)

Chris Sumsion 1:21.35

Full results can be found here


Mid Cheshire 5K (Summer): Friday 27th August 2021

Richard Tailford 18.03

Full results can be found here


Watergate 5K: Thursday 26th August 2021

Andrew Keers 18.04 (Personal Best)

Mark Toward 18.14

Simon Kirkley 26.23

Full results can be found here


Trimpell 20M: Sunday 22nd August 2021

Andy Chiu 2:29.29

Sarah Wharton 2:46.22

Phil Massey 3:02.40

Full results can be found here


Cheviot Trail Ingram Hillforts: Sunday 22nd August 2021

Paul O’Mara 32.24 1st Place

Craig Jones 34.03

John Tollitt 39.37

John Hurse 41.50


Raby Castle Half Marathon: Sunday 22nd August 2021

Katie Gallagher 2:49.11

Victoria Douglass 2:49.11

Full results can be found here


Raby Castle 10K: Sunday 22nd August 2021

Emily Douglas 57.23

Chantel Wilson 1:03.49

Michelle Nemeth 1:31.58

Michael Nemeth 1:31.59 (did you see what he did there, what a gent)

Full results can be found here


Try On The Tyne Sprint Duathlon: Saturday 21st August 2021

Alison Ennis 1.09.14 (super sprint ;) )

Chris Sumsion 1.22.34

Claire Norman 1.25.17

Full results can be found here.


Try On The Tyne 5k: Saturday 21st August 2021

Paul Routledge 18.34 (MV60 Club Record)

Full results can be found here


Try On The Tyne 10k: Saturday 21st August 2021

Alasdair Blain 36.54

Kathryn Stevenson 38.36 1st Lady (FV45 Club Record)

Becky Parkin 39.51

Fraser Bigg 44.14

James Sibbald 47.33

Avril Robinson 58.56

Full results can be found here


North East Masters (Track & Field): Monday 16th August 2021

David Cornish (High Jump) 1.30m

David Cornish (Triple Jump) 8.48m

Paul O’Mara (200m) 29.3

David Cornish (200m) 30.0

Paul O’Mara (800m) 2:14.1 (MV35 Club Record)

Kevin Sorlie (800m) 2:34.1

Jamie Wilson (Discus) 18.13m

Jamie Wilson (Shot) 7.42m (MV35 Club Record)

Full results can be found here


Branches & Bays 10K: Sunday 15th August 2021

Shaun Cowan 1:03.47

Katie Gallagher 1:17.09

Victoria Douglass 1:17.11

Sylvia Eggo 1:24.24

Michael Nemeth 1:31.28

Michelle Nemeth 1:31.28

Full results can be found here


Gateshead Trail 10K Race: Saturday 14th August 2021

Ryan Holt 32.52 1st place

Paul Turnbull 37.36

Mark Toward 39.17

Jonathan Longrigg 42.37

Louise Lennox 44.39

Lyndsey Thompson 45.16

Rachel Turnbull 46.18

Richard Taylor 47.24

Lysanne Wilkinson 47.49

Sarah Hamlin 48.09

Shaun Roberts 49.09

David Curran 50.02

Michael Nemeth 53.08

Glen Logan 53.30

Caroline Williams 54.21

James Prescott 55.08

Helen Bell 1:01.23

Carol Summerside 1:02.45

Claire Wynarczyk 1:12.25

Debbie Wardle 1:16.47

Scott Wilkinson 1:18.34

Full results can be found here


Gateshead Quayside 5K: Wednesday 11th August 2021

Ryan Holt 15.37

Kevin Richardson 16.01

Marc Fenwick 16.09

Chris West 16.27

David Wright 17.28

David Johnson 17.41

Richard Tailford 18.04

Kathryn Stevenson 18.28

Tyler Helmuth 18.36

Jon Bateman 18.59

Ian Jackman 19.15

Marc Marshall 19.25

Neil Eyes 19.36

Mikey Tindale 19.50

Louise Lennox 20.03

Kevin Sorlie 20.19

Richard Taylor 21.09

Hannah Stewart 21.29

Stephen Kettle 21.49

Helen Leck 21.59

Gemma Finnie 22.52

Laura Carrick 22.55

Janet Robinson 24.34

Isabel Clough 24.34

Mark Oselton 25.06

Susie Docherty 25.09

James Prescott 26.14

Jemma Alice Carr 28.53

Cheryl Charlton 30.20

Minna Eii 31.23

Claire Wynarczyk 34.56

Jennifer Hatfield 35.51

Guilians Wright 35.59

Full results can be found here


Darlington 10K: Sunday 1st August 2021

Carl Smith 30.55 (Race Winner)

Full results can be found here


York 10K: Sunday 1st August 2021

Katie Gallagher 54.18

Denise Connor 56.57

Full results can be found here


South Shields 10M Road Race: Sunday 1st August 2021

Andrew Keers 1:04.18 (Top 5)

James Prescott 1:43.14

Sarah Rushbrooke 1:44.24

Sylvia Eggo 1:52.12

Full results can be found here

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    • Philip O'Halloran on 19th August 2021 at 14:54
    • Reply

    When will the Tuesday evening training from Byker Pool resume?

    1. Hello Philip, the club are hoping to make an announcement soon regarding the return to Byker Pool as a base for training sessions.
      Once I hear anything I’ll be in touch.

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