parkrun challenge: 18th April 2020

As we all know, parkrun events are currently suspended because cafe’s have ran out of cake and coffee. But that doesn’t mean we can’t run parkun in the virtual world (this virtual world is a mighty busy place at the moment).

The premise behind this challenge was to count the number of members who ran/walked a minimum of 5k on Saturday morning between 9-10am, multiply that number by 5 to give a fictional distance and see which parkrun event we could reach.

Five members completed a Saturday morning run – amounting to 25km – and as luck would have it, the distance to run the parkrun triumvirate of Jesmond Dene, Newcastle and Leazes (starting and finishing at East End Pool) comes to 24.75km. So, enough to fit in a short (very short) warm-up run somewhere.


Thanks to the members who helped with this challenge.

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