TBH Anniversary 5K: Results

Thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate the club’s 9th anniversary, either by competing or volunteering.

Preliminary results from tonight’s race can be viewed below.

00:15:59Sparrow Morley
00:16:43Connor Braithwaite
00:16:47Mark Toward
00:16:50Jevan Robertson
00:16:55Christopher WestPB :thumbsup:
00:17:08Chris StockdalePB :thumbsup:
00:17:17David Wright
00:17:27Alistair Maxwell
00:17:35Alexander WilkinsPB :thumbsup:
00:18:09Andrew KeersPB :thumbsup:
00:18:25Tim Kelso
00:18:26Tom Jackson-Taylor
00:18:26Korbinian Sautter
00:18:27Jonathan Longrigg
00:18:32Andy ChiuPB :thumbsup:
00:18:55Finan Awit
00:18:57Adrian Hall
00:19:07Sophie Marr
00:19:08Russell Dickenson-Deane
00:19:31William Alister Houghton
00:19:46Rachel Adamson
00:19:50Zak KettlePB :thumbsup:
00:19:54Lee Pattison
00:19:55David CarrPB :thumbsup:
00:19:58Marc MarshallPB :thumbsup:
00:19:59Jamie SoulPB :thumbsup:
00:20:02Graeme CarrPB :thumbsup:
00:20:05Jamie Wilson
00:20:19Ryan Darrington
00:20:57Joseph TaylorPB :thumbsup:
00:21:02Emma PetersPB :thumbsup:
00:21:11Shaun RobertsPB :thumbsup:
00:21:16Anna OswaldPB :thumbsup:
00:21:18Hannah StewartPB :thumbsup:
00:21:27Matt Smith
00:21:39Emily VaseyPB :thumbsup:
00:21:40Heather DormanPB :thumbsup:
00:21:43Conrad Scott
00:21:49Fraser BiggPB :thumbsup:
00:21:50Arthur VanePB :thumbsup:
00:21:54Oliver Bahrami
00:21:56Amy HumePB :thumbsup:
00:22:01Claire NormanPB :thumbsup:
00:22:08Jake MoirPB :thumbsup:
00:22:09Graham King
00:22:13Cecily NicholsPB :thumbsup:
00:22:16Chris Parkin
00:22:17Ashleigh SowardPB :thumbsup:
00:22:25David Cornish
00:22:32David Curran
00:22:54Richard Taylor
00:23:34Laura Carrick
00:23:36Emma Cervenak
00:23:43David HillPB :thumbsup:
00:23:53Michael Nemeth
00:23:54Emily Douglass
00:24:11Paul DormanPB :thumbsup:
00:24:18Simon Kirkley
00:24:21Alison EnnisPB :thumbsup:
00:24:21Alba Gadeau
00:24:37Isabel DixonPB :thumbsup:
00:24:49Justine Carrion-Weiss
00:25:00Amelie OttPB :thumbsup:
00:25:05Ruby Rose Colver
00:25:06Paul Colver
00:26:50Jean-Louis Poisson
00:26:56Carol SummersidePB :thumbsup:
00:27:00Alison Bulman
00:27:03Claire BurnhamPB :thumbsup:
00:27:32Roger Heath
00:28:21Emma Moir
00:29:12Nicola Bairstow

Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.


Many thanks to the following volunteers;

Vicki Deritis, Claire Wynarczyk, Rachel McCracken, Morag Kerry, Michelle Nemeth, Victoria Douglass, Derek Vardy, Steve Attley, Jenny Jones, Neil Thompson, Chris Sumsion, Mick Bell, Chris Desborough, Keith Graham, June Hindmarch, John Hindmarch, Matt Walker, Joanne Cheetham, Fiona Gilchrist, Rob Wishart, Helen Blades, Zara Hough, Matt Pearson, Paul McMorrow, Allen Dickenson-Deane, John Tollitt, Sandy Anderson, Gemma Finnie, Thomas Vardy, Annette Kelly, Katie Rennison, Louise Kelly, Kenny Chambers, Lucy Dunbar, Lindsey Letts and Lucy Alexandra.  


More to follow.

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    • Claire Wynarczyk on 4th February 2020 at 21:34
    • Reply

    Thanks to Lindsey Letts and Lucy Alexandra who volunteered at last minute

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