NEHL 2019-2020: Aykley Heads

North Eastern Harrier League

Aykley Heads, Durham

Saturday, 23rd November 2019


In spite of the dire weather and horrendous course conditions, the second cross country fixture of the year produced some terrific performances, with the senior women finishing 1st and the senior men finishing 3rd in their respective races.

Those results move the ladies to the top of Division 1 and place the men 3rd in their division.    

Well done to everyone who represented the club :good:


Women’s Results

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
10Rachel Gill35:16:0035:16:00
18Alison Dargie36:02:0030:47:00
24Emma Peters36:22:0036:22:00
25Emily Vasey36:28:0036:28:00
38Charlotte Carpenter37:21:0037:21:00
41Rachael Perowne37:23:0037:23:00
66Heather Dorman38:30:0036:05:00
71Catherine Eaton38:40:0036:15:00
107Hannah Stewart39:46:0037:21:00
127Sophie Marr40:12:0034:57:00
142Mairi Clancy40:39:0035:24:00
156Gemma Finnie41:10:0041:10:00
169Annette Kelly41:39:0041:39:00
176Lysanne Jurriansen41:47:0039:22:00
194Laura Carrick42:14:0042:14:00
263Justine Carrion - Weiss45:46:0045:46:00
265Georgia Wilding45:55:0045:55:00
290Rachel Attley46:52:0046:52:00
324Elaine O'mara48:57:0048:57:00
348Lisa Walker52:01:0052:01:00
384Claire Wynarczyk69:36:0069:36:00


Men’s Results

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
5Tony Carter44:52:0044:52:00
13Michael Hedley46:29:0041:14:00
16Tom Charlton46:42:0041:27:00
41Marc Fenwick48:04:0042:49:00
73Alex Black49:13:0043:58:00
111Paul Turnbull50:24:0045:09:00
146Adrian Hall51:19:0051:19:00
149Alistair Maxwell51:23:0048:48:00
151Andy Chiu51:24:0051:24:00
164David Moir51:46:0046:31:00
170Chris Stockdale51:52:0046:37:00
183Connor Braithwaite52:23:0047:08:00
204Dave Wright53:03:0047:48:00
225Jon Bateman53:52:0053:52:00
227John Tollitt53:58:0053:58:00
237Steve Attley54:07:0054:07:00
247Ian Pickett54:23:0049:08:00
249Tom Elmer54:29:0049:14:00
269Graeme Carr55:05:0055:05:00
333Neil Thompson58:21:0058:21:00
434Paul Colver64:13:0064:13:00
439Rob Wishart64:50:0064:50:00
443Tony Baines65:08:0065:08:00


Full results can be found here and latest division tables here.


The next NEHL fixture takes place at Thornley Hall Farm, on Sunday, 9th February 2020.

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