TBH Club Relays: 6th August 2019

TBH Club Relays

Newcastle Town Moor

Tuesday 6th August 2019


You would have thought the only concern planning a race in early August – supposedly the height of British Summer Time – would be if temperatures got too hot and competitors ran the risk of heat stroke. But cancelling the event because of prolonged and heavy rainfall? Don’t be silly.

But that’s exactly the situation that arose just hours before the race was due to begin, with persistent rain falling over the north-east for hours on end. As the clock ticked ever closer to tea-time, so my mouse cursor edged closer to the send button, because if there was no let-up in the poor weather, then the race would surely have to be cancelled.

But the rain did stop. The dark clouds lightened, gaps began to appear, and then whoa and behold, the sun started shining through. There would be a relay race after all.

Now we just needed runners to show up. And hopefully some volunteers.

Arriving early to set-up the course (a few posts here and a bit tape there), approaching dark clouds threatened to spoil the evening, but thankfully they skirted around the Town Moor and the evening remained positively warm and dry for the race. By asking members to turn up 10 minutes before the race I had no idea how many would actually show up, and initially feared it would just be myself and one man and his dog (Davy Anderson and his canine pal Robbie were first to arrive to help out). But then Mick & Judith (Bell) sprang up, soon followed by Matt (Walker). Then Lee (Pattison) ran past on one of his many warm-up laps around the Moor.

Well, if nothing else, at least I had enough runners to make up a team.

But I needn’t have worried because come 7pm, as the race was about to get underway, 14 runners stood on the start-line, each eager to complete their 2 laps of the course before handing over to their team-mate. Sincere thanks to the 57 members who turned up and supported the event. And many thanks to Davy, Kev Cheetham, Ron Murray, Sean Kelly, Morag Kerry, Margi Eccles and Jane Shearer who all helped and ensured the event passed by without a hitch.

The thing I enjoy most from these occasions is watching training groups mix together and members get to know people they wouldn’t usually run with. Although only 1 team can come first in the relay (congratulations Kenny, Adam, Tony and Patrick), to my mind, the biggest winner on the evening was the club.


Results (Each leg approx 1.1 Mile)

Pos1st LegTime2nd LegTimeCumulative
3rd LegTimeCumulative Time4th LegTimeTotal Time
1Kenny Primrose0:05:59Adam Jones0:07:040:13:03Tony Baines0:06:400:19:43Patrick Donald0:05:320:25:15
2Adrian Hall0:06:04Heather Dorman0:06:590:13:03Anna Dorman0:06:570:20:00Ryan Holt0:05:200:25:20
3Paul McMorrow0:07:09Marloes Peeters0:07:100:14:19Lee Pattison0:06:310:20:50Michael Hedley0:05:180:26:08
4Matt Pearson0:08:29Meg Parkin0:06:280:14:57Tom Charlton0:05:150:20:12Dave Hartis0:06:200:26:32
5Fiona Gilchrist0:08:07Yam Thiru0:07:290:15:36Tony Carter0:05:570:21:33Paul O'Mara0:05:370:27:10
6Jon Moss0:05:49Rachel McCracken0:08:160:14:05Rachael Perowne0:07:090:21:14Mick Bell0:06:210:27:35
7Gemma Finnie0:07:08Neil Thompson0:06:540:14:02David Farrell-Banks0:07:490:21:51John Hurse0:05:480:27:39
8Chris Stockdale0:05:33Keith Graham0:08:170:13:50Arthur Vane0:07:100:21:00Mairi Clancy0:06:420:27:42
9Chris West0:05:41Louise Gibson0:08:160:13:57Michael Nemeth0:07:040:21:01Rachel Gill0:06:510:27:52
10James Sibbald0:07:09David Cornish0:06:590:14:08Leo Davey0:07:330:21:41Nik Kamal0:06:430:28:24
11Michael0:08:50Richard Taylor0:06:250:15:15Bex Parkin0:07:010:22:16Alasdair Blain0:06:210:28:37
12Jake Dorman0:05:38Judith Bell0:10:180:15:56Chris Davison0:06:280:22:24Finlay Dorman0:06:320:28:56
13Paul Turnbull0:05:27Claire Wynarczyk0:10:380:16:05Hannah Stewart0:07:100:23:15Matt Walker0:06:090:29:24
14Deborah Amis0:07:23Tina Howe0:07:000:14:23Jo Evans0:07:450:22:08Cec Nichols/Anna Enrlich0:07:420:29:50

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    • Big Ron on 7th August 2019 at 09:02
    • Reply

    Great event, made even more special because runners of all abilities turned out to cheer each other on. What a fantastic club we have (even if the colours aren’t to my liking, haha)

    • kevin cheetham on 7th August 2019 at 10:05
    • Reply

    came up trumps again Mr Daniels is there anything you ever get wrong

    1. picking a football team to support :-0
      learning to swim :negative:
      relationships :cry:
      but apart from those, not much else :thumbsup:

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