2018-2019 TBH Harrier League Grand Prix: Points Tables

Every year, in tandem with the cross-country season, Tyne Bridge Harriers holds an internal competition for its club members.

Following every local cross country event (six North East Harrier League fixtures, the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield competition and the North Eastern Cross Country Championships) members are awarded points for participation and their finishing position. The higher position a member finishes, the higher number of points they score.

Bonus points are awarded to members who finish as team counters during a race, to the male & female member deemed to have performed best during a race* and to every member who completes six cross-country events during the season.

(* Club captains Alasdair Blain and Catherine Eaton select the ‘performance of the day’ athletes)


Ladies Points tables (after 4 events)

NameWrekentonDruridge BayGosforth ParkAykley HeadsTotal
Lysanne Jurriansen115195*65375
Lisa Walker85908080335
Emma Moir80857575315
Trudi Cheetham8585110*280
Mairi Clancy16585250
Charlotte Carpenter7080100250
Alison Dargie100150250
Min Na Eii807580235
Catherine Eaton15560215
Claire Wynarczyk105105210
Deborah Morrison12075195
Jessica Anderson9595190
Rachel Gill85105190
Lucy Miller9090180
Joanne Lee70100170
Justine Carrion - Weiss8080160
Annette Kelly7580155
Gemma Finnie8065145
Heather Dorman6085145
Lucy Matheson140140
Louise Lennox130130
Georgia Wilding120120
Marie Costello110110
Sophie Marr110110
Claire Norman105*105
Sara James105105
Elaine O'mara105105
Deborah Amis100100
Kathryn Stevenson100100
Louise Rodgers85*85
Morag Kerry8585
Keelie Garrad8585
Rachel Attley8585
Beate Muller8080
Laura Harker8080
Sarah Pickett8080
Stephanie Isaac7070

(* indicates Performance of the Day)


Men’s Points tables (after 4 events)

NameWrekentonDruridge BayGosforth ParkAykley HeadsTotal
David Moir110105110160485
Tom Elmer165205*90460
Tom Charlton145125150420
Connor Braithwaite165195*360
Chris Stockdale165160325
Paul Turnbull1508090320
James Dunce150155305
Jonathon Foster1009595290
Richard Tailford145125270
Paul O'Mara16095255
Tom Crossley115140255
David Appleby125125250
Douglas Tickner16090250
John Tollitt115125240
Michael Bell115115230
Jonathon Johnson115115230
Simon Pryde100125225
Sandy Anderson100110210
Kevin Richardson100105205
David Cornish100100200
Stuart Dickson100100200
Andrew Dougal195*195
Jevan Robertson195*195
Thomas Gray95100195
Dave Hartis185185
Paul Hilton175175
Simon Kristiansen175175
Mark Toward170170
Tim Kelso170170
Alex Black160160
Mark Hall150150
Ian Pickett145145
James Knox125125
Matt Walker120120
Louis Goffe115115
Andy Chiu115115
Craig Macdougall105105
Neal Richardson105105
Nicholas Pearson105105
Andrew Hardy100100
Adrian Hall100100
Alex Lockwood100100
Cees Van Der Land100100
Glen Logan9595
Simon Kirkley8080

(* indicates Performance of the Day)


Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.

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