2017/2018 Winter Grand Prix: Race 3

Christmas came early for Rory Tait in the form of a very generous pre-race handicap. And he took full advantage of his present by storming to victory a full minute ahead of the 2nd placed finisher Colin Rogerson.

Completing the first three finishers was Marie Costello, repeating her 3rd place finish from race 2.


In spite of the cool, breezy conditions along the quayside, there were some fantastic times, with many runners posting season or personal bests for the race. Click here for details  


Quickest time of the evening went to a guest runner from Saltwell Harriers, Abraham Tewelde, who posted a time of 16:28. And Kathryn Stevenson set the quickest ladies time, with 20.21.


With work still continuing on Newcastle Guildhall, organisors had to use the alternative out-and-back route along the quayside, and it’s with great thanks to all the volunteering members that the race passed without incident.


All being well, the next race is scheduled for Tuesday, 9th January 2018.


Race 3 results

PosNameRace TimeReal Time
1Rory Tait00:29:3600:19:36
2Colin Rogerson00:30:3600:23:06
3Marie Costello00:30:4400:23:14
4Ian Parker00:30:5500:23:55
5Abraham Twelde00:30:5800:16:28
6Deborah Amis00:31:0300:25:33
7Helen Joyner00:31:1000:21:10
8Chris Davison00:31:1600:21:16
9Trudie Cheetham00:31:2200:26:52
10Joanne Wood00:31:2200:25:52
11Amelia Short00:31:2300:22:23
12Craig Davison00:31:2300:19:23
13Chris Browell00:31:3100:18:31
14Matt Smith00:31:3300:20:03
15Leodhais MacPherson00:31:3400:17:04
16Rebecca Parkin00:31:3500:20:35
17Alan Lodge00:31:3500:20:35
18Emily Johnston00:31:3600:22:06
19Kevin McClurey00:31:4000:29:40
20Alasdair Blain00:31:4100:17:11
21Nicola Brady00:31:4200:23:12
22Tom Hanson00:31:4300:22:43
23Lindsey Letts00:31:4600:27:46
24Guy Letts00:31:4700:27:47
25Rachel Gill00:31:4800:21:48
26David Johnson00:31:5000:17:20
27Natalie Johnson00:31:5300:20:53
28Ingrid Verhaart00:31:5400:24:24
29Alastair Spanner00:31:5700:17:57
30Simon Kirkley00:31:5800:22:28
31Adrian Hall00:31:5900:18:59
32Michael Bell00:32:0100:20:01
33Dena Jordan00:32:0200:29:02
34Neil Thompson00:32:0300:21:03
35Dawn Cranston00:32:0600:21:06
36Shane Mendez00:32:1100:18:11
37Chris Sumsion00:32:1200:22:12
38John Hurse00:32:1400:18:44
39Chris Cooley00:32:1600:22:16
40Jonathan Foster00:32:1700:22:47
41Iain Dalby00:32:1800:20:18
42Lucy Matheson00:32:1900:20:49
43Philip Scott00:32:1900:18:19
44Kathryn Stevenson00:32:2100:20:21
45Laura Carrick00:32:2200:24:22
46Jamie Wilson00:32:2300:19:23
47Jonathan Pearson00:32:3000:20:00
48Leigh Tang00:32:3300:23:33
49Peter Sloan00:32:3400:20:34
50John Tollitt00:32:3500:19:35
51Linsey Hinshelwood00:32:3600:32:36
52Nicholas Pearson00:32:3600:22:06
53Alison Habebi00:32:3800:28:08
54Ryan Holt00:32:4100:18:41
55Andy Chiu00:32:4400:19:44
56Alex Antonopoulos00:32:4700:24:47
57Vicky McGreevy00:32:4900:27:49
58David Rowe00:32:5300:22:23
59Natalie Stepurko00:32:5500:23:25
60Tom Crossley00:32:5700:19:27
61Paul Hilton00:32:5900:18:59
62Ria Chaston00:33:1300:21:13
63Darran James00:33:2200:25:52


Points Table (after 3 events)

NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
Marie Costello*100148148396
Emily Johnston*100143133376
Kevin McClurey100138132370
Dena Jordan100150118368
Adrian Hall*100144120364
Rory Tait*100100150350
Joanne Wood*100100141341
Vicky McGreevy10014695341
Michael Bell100121119340
David Rowe*10014294336
Min Na Eii*100134100334
Colin Rogerson10083149332
Neil Thompson*100110117327
Rachel Gill*100100126326
David Johnson*100100125325
Natalie Johnson*100100124324
Amelia Short10082140322
Iain Dalby*100111111322
Peter Sloan100116103319
Nicholas Pearson100117100317
David Young*100115100315
Lucy Matheson100104110314
Tom Hanson10085129314
Dave Hartis*100113100313
Chris Parkin*100112100312
Jonathan Foster*100100112312
Leodhais MacPherson10076136312
Ingrid Verhaart10086123309
Jamie Wilson*100103106309
Steve Attley*100108100308
Paul Harris*100107100307
Emily Vasey*100106100306
Laura Carrick*10096107303
Davy Anderson*100100100300
Jevan Robertson*100100100300
Louise Lennox*100100100300
Richard Tailford*100100100300
Vicki Deritis*100100100300
Alex Black*10097100297
Andy Chiu*10010097297
Alex Antonopoulos*10010096296
John Tollitt10092102294
Linsey Hinshelwood10075101276
Howard Walker*10073100273
Paul Hilton*1008091271
Simon Lynch100145245
Helen Leck*100144244
Natalie Stepurko14993242
Trudie Cheetham100142242
Jonathan Pearson136105241
Tom Fraser*100141241
Andrea Hayden*140100240
Peter Daniels100139239
Alan Lodge101134235
Rebecca Parkin100135235
Lyndsey Thompson*100133233
Yvonne Storey100132232
Alasdair Blain*100131231
Chris West*131100231
Ian Walton100130230
Nicola Brady*100130230
Rachel Adamson100129229
Margaret Finn*123100223
Rachel Attley*100120220
Chris Sumsion*100115215
Darran James12689215
Pierre McCarthy*114100214
Philip Scott*100109209
Ria Chaston11990209
Sparrow Morley*100109209
Kathryn Stevenson*100108208
Karen Walker100105205
Alison Habebi10299201
Claire Wynarczyk*100100200
David Cornish*100100200
Emma Colbourne*100100200
Georgia Wilding*100100200
Gill Parkin*100100200
Helen Pye*100100200
Jessica Anderson*100100200
Jonathan Watson*100100200
Kay Black*100100200
Keith Graham*100100200
Kerry Reed*100100200
Kevin Sorlie*100100200
Lucy Turzynski*100100200
Lysanne Jurriansen*100100200
Mairi Clancy*100100200
Matt Walker*100100200
Matthew Pearson*100100200
Michelle Moat*100100200
Micky Baker*100100200
Sandy Anderson*100100200
Shaun Cowan*100100200
Russell Dickinson-Deane10099199
Simon Kirkley78121199
David Appleby*95100195
James Dunce10094194
Charlotte Stickley-Hawkins10091191
Mathew Garfitt*10084184
Luke Bryant*10081181
Graham King10079179
Sophie Marr10077177
Tom Crossley7292164
Ian Parker147147
Louise Browell147147
Abraham Twelde146146
Deborah Amis145145
Chris Davison143143
Craig Davison139139
Chris Browell138138
Joanne Evans137137
Matt Smith137137
Kirsty Woodhouse135135
Lindsey Letts128128
Sarah Pickett128128
Guy Letts127127
Rasmus Tideman127127
Megan Parkin125125
Helen MacKay124124
Alastair Spanner122122
Dan Law122122
David Weddell118118
Dawn Cranston116116
Shane Mendez115115
John Hurse114114
Chris Cooley113113
Leigh Tang104104
Adam Mitchell100100
Alan Alexander*100100
Alison Bulman*100100
Amanda Edwards100100
Andrew Eaton100100
Andy Eaton*100100
Carl Smith100100
Christopher Meek100100
Christopher Mitsides100100
Colin Dilks100100
Craig Boggon*100100
Craig MacDougall*100100
Darek Vardy*100100
David Kennedy*100100
David Moir100100
Fiona Todd100100
George Stainsby100100
Gilian Smith*100100
Harry Ransome*100100
Heather Dorman*100100
Helene Tyrrell*100100
Hilary Rose100100
Ian Pickett*100100
Jake Dorman*100100
Jill Anderson*100100
Jon Moss100100
Jonathan Longrigg100100
Jonny Johnson*100100
Kenny Chambers*100100
Lee Cuthbertson*100100
Lesley Ransome*100100
Louise Kelly*100100
Margi Eccles*100100
Mark Toward100100
Matt Davison100100
Michael Hedley100100
Michael Nemeth*100100
Michelle Blogg*100100
Michelle Nemeth*100100
Neal Paul Richardson100100
Parul Akter*100100
Rachael Estrop*100100
Rob Kirtley*100100
Roger Loxley100100
Sarah Delaney100100
Simon Kristiansen100100
Steve Allen*100100
Sue Regan*100100
Tim Hawkins*100100
Tina Howe100100
Tom Cullen100100
Tony Carter100100
Marc Fenwick9898
Ryan Holt9898
Gemma Finnie9393
Justin Januszewski9090
Rachel McMillan8989
Michaell McKenna8888
Adam Jones8787
Emma Moir7474


(* denotes a member has volunteered during the current series. Members have to volunteer during a race series to participate in the next series of races). 


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    • Lucy Matheson on 6th December 2017 at 13:04
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    Thank you to the race organisers and marshals. I love this course!

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