2017 Summer Series: Race 2 Results

Please find below results from Race 2 of the 2017 TBH Summer Series.


PosNameRace TimeReal Time
1Ian Parker00:18:1700:14:47
2Craig MacDougall00:18:3900:15:09
3Philip Scott00:18:5200:11:52
4David Weddell00:18:5500:14:25
5Adam Jones00:19:0100:14:16
6David Cornish00:19:0500:14:35
7Nicola Brady00:19:1300:14:28
8Graham King00:19:1800:13:48
9Alan Alexander00:19:2000:15:20
10Orlaigh Gill00:19:3100:14:16
11Jessica Anderson00:19:3400:17:34
12Andrew Eaton00:19:3600:15:36
13Tom Fraser00:19:3600:12:36
14Rosanne McTernan00:19:3900:16:09
15Chris Parkin00:19:4000:13:55
16Rachel Attley00:19:4300:16:43
17Hannah Waters00:19:4300:13:58
18Anna Humphreys00:19:4600:15:46
19Paul Turnbull00:19:4700:10:47
20Paul O'Mara00:19:4800:10:48
21Stuart Dickson00:19:4900:14:04
21Simon Kirkley00:19:5100:14:06
23Alex Antonopoulos00:19:5400:15:09
24Maria Sanchez00:19:5600:13:26
25John Hurse00:19:5900:11:29
26Rachel Gill00:20:0000:14:15
27Stephanie Isaac00:20:0000:15:30
28Keith Graham00:20:0200:15:32
29Neil Thompson00:20:0200:14:02
30Matt Smith00:20:0300:12:03
31Nicola Burnip00:20:0600:18:06
32Colin Dilks00:20:0700:14:37
33Jamie Wilson00:20:0700:12:07
34Heather Dorman00:20:1000:13:40
35Juan Carlos Diaz00:20:1100:12:11
36Jonathan Longrigg00:20:1200:12:12
37Iain Dalby00:20:1800:12:48
38Sue Regan00:20:2000:18:35
39Helen Pye00:20:2200:20:22
40Jason Clark00:20:2500:11:55
41Alison Bulman00:20:2800:17:28
42Charlie Townsend00:20:2900:11:29
43Ian Ward00:20:5900:18:59


First over the finishing line was Parkerman (aka Ian Parker), with Craig MacDougall and Philip Scott completing the Top Three.

In ideal weather conditions, two runners managed to dip under 11 minutes for the 2-Mile course, with Paul Turnbull posting 10:47, closely followed by Paul O’Mara (10:51).

Quickest female around the course was Maria Sanchez (13:26), with Heather Dorman and Hannah Waters completing the Top 3 quickest ladies.


As ever, huge thanks to everyone who volunteered for the event :thumbsup:


Points Table [updated 3 May 2017]

NameRace 1Race 2Total
Craig Macdougall*100149249
Orlaigh Gill100141241
Jessica Anderson*100140240
Tom Fraser100138238
Rosanne McTernan100137237
Chris Parkin100136236
Hannah Waters100134234
Stuart Dickson100130230
Simon Kirkley100129229
Alex Antonopoulos*100128228
Rachel Gill100125225
Stephanie Isaac100124224
Keith Graham100123223
Neil Thompson*100122222
Matt Smith100121221
Colin Dilks100119219
Jamie Wilson100118218
Jonathan Longrigg100115215
Iain Dalby100114214
Sue Regan100113213
Jason Clark100111211
Alison Bulman100110210
Adrian Hall*100100200
Alex Lockwood*100100200
Ashleigh Soward*100100200
David Daniels*100100200
Jake Dorman*100100200
Jill Anderson*100100200
John Tollitt*100100200
Jonathan Foster*100100200
Jonny Johnson*100100200
Kay Black*100100200
Laurens Damminga*100100200
Louise Lennox*100100200
Maria Prendergast*100100200
Matthew Pearson*100100200
Paul Hilton*100100200
Sandy Anderson*100100200
Steve Attley*100100200
Tom Crossley*100100200
Trudie Cheetham*100100200
Vicki Deritis*100100200
Ian Parker150150
Philip Scott148148
David Weddell147147
Adam Jones146146
David Cornish145145
Nicola Brady144144
Graham King143143
Alan Alexander142142
Andrew Eaton139139
Rachel Attley135135
Anna Humphreys133133
Paul Turnbull132132
Paul O'Mara131131
Maria Sanchez127127
John Hurse126126
Nicola Burnip120120
Heather Dorman117117
Juan Carlos Diaz116116
Helen Pye112112
Charlie Townsend109109
Ian Ward108108
Alan Macaulay100100
Alex Bradbury100100
Alistair Spanner*100100
Amanda Tunmore100100
Ben van Oeveren100100
Christopher Meek100100
Claire Wynarczyk*100100
Dan Eccles*100100
David Appleby100100
David Kennedy100100
David Moir*100100
David Rowe*100100
Deborah Morrison*100100
Emma Colbourne*100100
Finlay Dorman100100
Gavin Lennox100100
George Stainsby*100100
Gill Parkin100100
Gillian Smith*100100
Hilary Rose100100
Holly Sinkinson100100
Ian Pickett*100100
Ian Walton*100100
James Knox100100
Jamie Lee*100100
Jen Ferguson100100
Jen Patterson*100100
Jimmy Mcathey100100
Joanne Wood100100
June Hindmarch100100
Karen Walker100100
Kat McKay*100100
Kathryn Powell*100100
Kathyrn Stevenson*100100
Katie Gallagher*100100
Keelie Garrad100100
Kev Hickey*100100
Kirk Connor*100100
Louise Gibson*100100
Louise Rankin100100
Lysanne Jurriansen*100100
Margaret Finn100100
Margaret Heyward100100
Margi Eccles*100100
Mark Grant100100
Mark Toward100100
Matt Davison100100
Megan Parkin100100
Michelle Moat*100100
Mike Norbury100100
Nick Varley100100
Pierre McCarthy*100100
Rachael Estrop*100100
Rachael Spanner100100
Rachel Adamson*100100
Rachel Perowne*100100
Rebecca Parkin100100
Rob Kirtley100100
Russell Dickinson-Deane100100
Stephanie Knox100100
Sue Mullinger*100100
Suzanne Dunn*100100
Tove Elander*100100


(* indicates member has volunteered during the series)

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    • Sue on 2nd May 2017 at 22:11
    • Reply

    Big thanks to all the marshals, so encouraging,
    and special mentions for Kay and Caitlin
    for end-of-race cakes! ?

    • Kay Black on 2nd May 2017 at 23:00
    • Reply

    Brilliant running tonight by everyone ( juniors included) you made it a pleasure to marshall/cheer.
    Big thank you from me to Caitlin for being cake monitor tonight :)

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