Priory Hills Session

Throughout 2017 the club will be putting on the ‘Priory Hills session’, where members start at the bottom of the bank – next to the gate entrance leading to the lighthouse – and run to and fro between the 12 lampposts leading to the top of the hill, approximately 4 miles of running in total.

Priory Hills layout


After each session, members submit their time to gauge their progress over the year.




Times after 1 April 2017 session.

Name201627 Dec 201621 Jan 20171 April 201729 April 201726 Aug 201726 Dec 2017
Adrian Hall29.5228.5330.5429.26
Andy Chiu28.15
Andrew Wraith34.40
Becky Parkin29.18
Cat Eaton30.37
Charly Blackburn37.12
Chris Huitson25:56
Chris Sumsion30.2429.3830.2029.4829.5831.2730:55
Claire Wynarczyk51.3045.36
(11 lamp-posts)
Craig Davison29.49
Danny Fletcher32.5732.14
Dave Young31.88
Doug Tickner24.50
Edwin Wong27.30
Ellie Dowding36.38
Heather Dorman29.42
Helen Blades48.11
Helen Joyner31.1129.5831.37
Iain Dalby31.25
Jake Dorman25.21
Jamie Wilson28.21
Jessica Anderson41.40
Jill Anderson40.2039.40
Jon Moss25.2025:15
Karen Walker34.4534.09
Kirk Connor40.09
Laura Carrick37.27
Louise Kelly40.57
Louise Lennox28:18
Lyndsey Thompson31.0831.0430:31
Mal Gibson31.10
Micky Baker31.57
Nick Varley29.16
Paul Black34:24
Paul Turnbull24.04
Phil Scott27.3027.03
Rachel Estrop33.2631.32
Rob Kirtley31.10
Rosanne McTernan36.20
Sandy Anderson39.40
Sophie Marr28.22
Tim Hawkins29.36
Tony Carter25.1424:0124:59
Will Johnson26.16
Keelie Garrard35.13
Lysanne Jurriansen31.09
Louise Gibson37.45
Tove Elander39.45
Scott Wilkinson40.00
Davy Anderson33.34
Dave Hartis27.5926.39
Kathryn Stevenson28.30
Rachel Perowne31.11
Pierre McCarthy27.31
Louise Harrison39.03

Leave your ‘time’ in the comment’s section below if it’s missing from the table.


The next session takes place on Saturday, 29th April 2017, with all members welcome along.

Members are asked to meet at the ‘bottom’ of the hill around 9:45am


Thanks to the leaders/coaches who put on the session.

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    • Chris Sumsion on 3rd April 2017 at 19:54
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    29:48 for me 1/4/17 thanks

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