2016-2017 TBH Harrier League Grand Prix

Many congratulations to this year’s winners of the TBH Harrier League Grand Prix Series

Alison Dargie and Tom Charlton :thumbsup:




The TBH Harrier League Grand Prix is an internal club competition for members who represent TBH during the cross-country season.



After eight cross country fixtures (six North East Harrier League races and two competition meets) members are awarded points on participation and their finishing position.



A handicap points scoring system is used to calculate the points, ensuring all members – from Group 1 to Group 5 – have an equal chance of winning the competition; so the more races you compete in, the greater odds of winning the HLGP.





Bonus points are also awarded to;



the male & female member deemed to have performed best during a race (not necessarily the fastest)



members finishing as club counters in a race



members officiating at an event



members who complete six of the eight cross-country fixtures throughout the season




Following the NEHL fixture at Alnwick Pastures (Saturday, 4th March 2017), the final points tables from this season can be viewed below.



(Simon Pryde and Maria Sanchez were selected as Captain’s picks from Saturday’s fixture).













Women’s Table

NameWrekentonDruridge BaySouth Shields
Davison Shield
Thornley Hall FarmDurham
Herrington ParkThornley Hall FarmAlnwick6 Fixture Bonus PointsTotal
Alison Dargie160100190100190160160601120
Mairi Clancy1701908013080809060880
Kathryn Stevenson90125125100175859560855
Lisa Walker95901009010090958560805
Lysanne Jurriansen1001501009016013060790
Heather Dorman65751008510075857560720
Emma Moir909010090100908560705
Sophie Marr180100100100808060700
Charlotte Carpenter758010010080909060675
Laura Irving10012010017080570
Vicki Deritis105105105115105535
Debbie Wardle105100105115105530
Jane Fairclough959513095105520
Rachel Taylor95100100105100500
Keelie Garrad9590100100100485
Deborah Amis901009510095480
Tove Elander95901009595475
Rachael Estrop909010090100470
Sara Tomassini9510016595455
Michelle Moat85100759585440
Jill Anderson105100110105420
Jessica Anderson105100105100410
Rachael Perowne901058595375
Rebecca Parkin15080100330
Trudi Cheetham95100105300
Parul Akter10095100295
Georgia Wilding10090100290
Catherine Isaac9510095290
Lucy Matheson80100100280
Eleanor Dowding9010085275
Rosanne Mcternan8510085270
Emma Giles8010080260
Annette Kelly807080230
Sara James110100210
Michelle Nemeth100110210
Maria Sanchez210210
Louise Kelly100105205
Stephanie Knox100100200
Danielle Hardy100100200
Deborah Morrison100100200
Kay Black100100200
Imogen Barr10095195
Louise Gibson95100195
Megan Parkin9595190
Tracey Cockburn9590185
Jenny Headland9590185
Gill Parkin9590185
Lyndsey Thompson9090180
Laura Pentland10080180
Adrienne Bishop9085175
Lucy Turzynski8090170
Rachel Case9080170
Joanna Smith170170
Rachel Adamson155155
Catherine Eaton155155
Nicola Brady7570145
Dawn Cranston135135
Deborah Airey105105
Magda Grinsdale105105
Kirsten Budig105105
Jill Anderson105105
Alison Harris100100
Sarah Chadwick100100
Yvonne Storey100100
Alexandra Battersby100100
Cheryl Charlton100100
Christine Stobbs100100
Ashleigh Foster100100
Yvonne Huebner9595
Charlotte Blackburn9595
Victoria Harrison9595
Morag Kerry9595
Catherine Powell9090
Laura Walls9090
Felicity Watson9090
Ellie Charles9090
Kat Mckay9090
Joanne Lee8585
Natalie Bennett8080
Elaine Omara8080
Natalie Bennett8080
Eleanor Klejnow8080
Claire Mcelduff7575
Joy Fenwick7070
Izzy Cairns7070
Laura Carrick6565


Men’s Table

NameWrekentonDruridge BaySouth Shields
Sherman Cup
Thornley Hall FarmDurham
Herrington ParkThornley Hall FarmAlnwick6 Fixture Bonus PointsTotal
Tom Charlton95130160100155155155601010
Finn Brodie19515516010016016560995
Micky Baker10010010010010010510010060865
David Daniels10010010010010010010010060860
John Hurse10011510011510011510060805
Rob Kirtley11511010012010011060715
Justin Januszewski165105105160130665
John Tollitt125100120125120590
Alex Lockwood115100190115520
William Johnson170105100115490
David Moir9090100105100485
Philip Scott110100135140485
David Appleby120100120145485
Ian Pickett175200105480
Tom Crossley115110120120465
Alasdair Blain110100110130450
Michael Nemeth100100115105420
Lee Cuthbertson110115180405
Marc Fenwick145155100400
Christopher Huitson170100110380
Terry Scott145130100375
Andrew Mellon100140120360
Paul Turnbull16595100360
James Dunce90100150340
Jonathon Foster110100115325
James Knox100100120320
Craig Macdougall105105100310
Stuart Dickson105100105310
Andy Harrison100100100300
Andrew Eaton10095100295
Tim Bonham190100290
Charlie Townsend170100270
Cees Van Der Land165100265
Mike Norbury165100265
Tom Cullen160105265
Paul Routledge125125250
Arnuad Albertini120120240
Edwin Wong115115230
Scott Wilkinson100130230
Matthew Tomlinson115110225
Garry Douglass110115225
Paul O'Mara100125225
Thomas Price115105220
Nick Howell115105220
Iain Dalby110105215
Chris Sumison115100215
Kevin Cheetham115100215
David Frost110100210
Colin Dilks105105210
Adam Jones105100205
Chris Chase100105205
Tim Hawkins100105205
Davey Anderson100100200
Alex Black100100200
Alexander Anderson100100200
Simon Kristiansen175175
Simon Pryde175175
Mark Toward165165
Jon Moss165165
Tony Carter150150
Nick Joyce130130
Neal Richardson125125
Paul Hilton120120
Louis Goffe120120
John Pickering120120
Jonathon Johnson120120
Mike Shimwell120120
Stephen Hargreaves120120
Kevin Sorlie120120
Rory Tait115115
Michael Bell115115
Tyrone Murphy115115
Pierre McCarthy115115
Keith Graham110110
David Dickson110110
Tom Fraser110110
David Rowe105105
Kenny Chambers105105
Jonathon Powell100100
Daniel Eccles100100
Stefanos Stephanou100100
Douglas Tickner100100
George Stainsby100100
Harry Ransome100100
Derek Vardy100100
Christopher Bartlett100100
Steve Cairns9595
Rob Wishart9595
Jamie Lee9090
Christopher Meek7575


Thanks to everyone who competed during the cross country season.


Many thanks to David Appleby for compiling the point’s tables.

Click here if you have any queries.

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