2016/17 NEHL: Thornley Hall Farm

Kinnel! How hard was that?

Rain, sleet, wind, mud, hills, mud, water and more mud. Today’s fixture at Thornley Hall Farm had it all.

And yet, inspite of all that, provisional results have the senior ladies winning their race and the lads finishing 2nd in the senior men’s race! A terrific performance by EVERYONE who pulled on the black & white TBH vest.

As previously mentioned, provisional results show the senior men finishing 2nd in today’s fixture, which if/when confirmed, will result in the club winning the Men’s Division One title!!


Over to you ladies! 


Huge thanks to all the race organisors, marshals and officials.


Thornley Hall Farm results can be found at the following links.


Men: http://harrierleague.com/results/2016-17/Thornley2/SenM.htm

Ladies: http://harrierleague.com/results/2016-17/Thornley2/SenF.htm

All: http://harrierleague.com/results/2016-17/Thornley2/



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    • Kay Black on 11th February 2017 at 22:25
    • Reply

    Congratulations to all you fabulous gutsy runners who completed today in very demanding conditions, the sight of the ladies all huddled in the tent when their race was delayed was a sight to behold. Totally in awe of you all. I know for a fact that even though I went all prepared to attempt to run, the decision I made ( and had confirmed) not to run was the best one as it would have caused me (further) injury. You are all so deserving of your achievement and placing. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can improve and strengthen my weakness and can join you all in the final XC in Alnwick as a runner not a spectator.
    Well done to all. Huge respect

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