2016-2017 North East Harrier League


Congratulations to the Senior Ladies team who finished 1st in their race :thumbsup:

Also coming up trumps was Leodhais, finishing 1st in the U17 Men’s race :thumbsup:

And the men held on for a terrific 2nd place in the Senior Men‘s race :good:

All in all, quite a good day for the club.

Well done to everyone who ran and represented the club.

Full results and latest tables can be found here.  


The North East Harrier League cross-country season resumes this week with the fixture at Herrington Country Park (Saturday, 7th January 2017).


Herrington Country Park is located off the A183 road (opposite Penshaw Monument) and the postcode for those reliant on satnav is DH4 7EL.

Parking is on the fields within the park and will cost £2.

Follow the directions of the parking marshals.



Any runner found to be be in a vehicle parked on the main road will be disqualified from the race.


Herrington Country Park course

This is a map of the Herrington XC course, brought to you by the Wearside Athletic Network. There is an inner loop which will enable all of the relevant distance requirements to be provided on the day. Not shown on the map is the copious amount of mud on the course, so take some strong tape for your shoes and some cleaning wipes for afterwards.
Club tents will be pitched in the area south-east of the start while the warm up area is to the north of the finish.

Please don’t warm-up on the course.


TBH currently top the Men’s Division and lie 3rd in the Ladies Division, but to build on a strong first half of the season the club needs members to turn out in force at the remaining fixtures. If you’re new to the club and haven’t ran cross-country before, you can still do your bit for the club by contacting your captain (Alasdair Blain for the men, Catherine Eaton for the ladies) who will register you prior to the race.

All members are encouraged to take part in cross-country as not only will you be representing the club, but it will help develop you as a stronger runner leading into the spring/summer season.



Event Timetable

12:15 Under 11 Boys / Girls

12:25 Under 13 Boys

12:35 Under 13 Girls

12:45 Under 15 Boys

12:55 Under 15 Girls

13:05 Under 17 & Under 20 Women

13:10 Senior & Veteran Women

13:50 Under 17 Men

14:15 Senior & Veteran Men


Please note, all times are approximate. Make sure you’re there in time to warm up and be ready for your race.


Current division tables can be found here.

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    • Kay Black on 8th January 2017 at 12:06
    • Reply

    Well done to all. It was a good day and I feel privileged to be a part of the Senior Ladies team making my XC debut (ever!) and to be wearing my THB vest in it’s first official race. The feeling of running ( or walking as was the case on the hills! ) and hear the words “come on Tyne Bridge” and know that it was for ME they were calling was one of the best in the world. Thanks to all the club members for your shout outs, support and reassurance. The atmosphere, the support of TBH and other runners (from all teams) and marshals was fantastic and I achieved something again I never thought I could do – not fast or pretty but I did it!
    A huge thanks to the leaders/coaches of TBH for your help and guidance and support in getting me to another stage in an incredible life journey for me and to all the incredible members of TBH who I am proud to know, have in my life and call my friends
    Proud to be a member of the TBH family

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