2016-2017 NEHL Cross Country: Race 3

Start Fitness North East Harrier League Cross Country: Race 3

Thornley Hall Farm: Saturday 26 November 2016


“Well done Ladies today @ Thornley Hall Farm, a challenging course but great conditions, sunshine blue skies.

Ladies, you finished 3rd place which is a tremendous result!

Well done everyone who turned out to race”.

Cat (Ladies Team Captain)


“Fantastic effort from every single person that ran today.

First place on the day, cementing our spot at the top of the league!”

Alasdair (Men’s Team Captain)


About 260 million years ago when the north east of England was located in the (sub) tropics a lovely reef was forming along the coast (think Great Barrier reef). Over time the calcite of the organisms (corals) that formed the reef has been converted into dolomite which is a very hard rock and forms steep ridges.

So, next time you run up or down the ridges at Thornley Hall, remember they’re there because of some happy corals 260 million years ago!

Geological field guide by Cees 


Results from Thornley Hall Farm (1) can be found here.


Many thanks to everyone involved in putting on a terrific event.


And thanks to Alex and Louise for the photographs

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    • Cees on 27th November 2016 at 19:26
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    Haha, thanks for putting the geological field guide on here! :-)

      • Si on 28th November 2016 at 21:38
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