2015/16 Winter Grand Prix: Race 4 results

Firstly, HUGE thanks to all the members who volunteered for this evening’s race :thumbsup:


The club are blessed to have so many members willing to help out month after month, but more so when they’re prepared to stand out in the rain and wind in order to support their fellow club members. I’m sure I’m not the only one who truly appreciates their efforts.


A set of provisional race results can be found below. Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.

PositionNameRace TimeReal Time
1Rob Churnside00:29:2700:24:27
2James Sibbald00:31:0800:26:08
3Kirk Connor00:31:1700:31:17
4Steph Isaac00:31:3800:26:08
5David Curran00:31:4200:22:42
6Mal Gibson00:31:4400:21:14
7Charley Blackburn00:31:4600:25:16
8Michelle Moat00:31:4800:22:18
9Michael Wisely00:31:4900:28:19
10Ian Webster00:31:5000:21:50
11Craig Davison00:31:5100:21:51
12David Daniels00:31:5500:19:55
13Paul Waller00:32:0300:19:03
14Peter Sloan00:32:1000:20:40
15Parul Akter00:32:1100:27:11
16Lucy Matheson00:32:1100:21:11
17Kathryn Stevenson00:32:1500:20:15
18Andrew Sears00:32:2100:24:51
19Steve Attley00:32:2200:22:22
20Paul Routledge00:32:2200:19:22
21Gill Parkin00:32:2300:23:23
22Megan Parkin00:32:2400:23:24
23Robert Wilson00:32:2600:20:56
24Hannah Kirkham00:32:2600:23:56
25Will Johnson00:32:2700:18:27
26Edwin Wong00:32:2800:19:28
27Lindsay Thompson00:32:3200:22:02
28Alex Antonopoulos00:32:3400:24:04
29Andrew Wraith00:32:3500:25:05
30Colin Dilks00:32:4000:21:40
31Rachel Case00:32:4500:22:15
32Tom Hanson00:32:4900:22:49
33Adam Wood00:32:5100:19:51
34Justin Janusewski00:32:5500:18:10
35Sean McIntyre00:32:5900:19:59
36Iain Dalby00:32:5900:20:59
37David Rowe00:33:0200:22:02
38Dave Antill00:33:0500:19:05
39Tom Sheppard00:33:1200:27:42
40Emma Giles00:33:2200:25:52
41Johnny Watson00:33:3200:22:32
42Mark Bousfield00:33:3700:21:07
43Emma Moir00:33:3700:25:37
44James Dunce00:33:4800:16:18
45Hannan Farran00:34:0200:21:32
46Paul Jones00:34:4800:24:48
47Dave Moir00:36:0300:18:33
48Kevin Hatton00:37:0000:32:00


Congratulations to Rob Churnside, who stormed to victory in his first ever Grand Prix outing. In 2nd place was James Sibbald (another making their debut), with the ever improving Kirk Connor completing the Top 3. First female finisher was Steph Isaac.


Quickest lad and lass around the 5k course were James Dunce (16:18) and Kathryn Stevenson (20:15) respectively.


Thanks to everyone who turned up in support of the race – both competitors and volunteers.


The next race is scheduled for Tuesday, 2nd February 2016.

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