Results round-up: 1st November 2015

A round-up of recent race results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


ECCA Cross-Country Relays (Mansfield): Saturday 31 October 2015

‘A’ team – 1:10:48 (Position 54th of 149)

16:35 James Dunce

17:29 Alex Polding

18:02 Paul Turnbull

18:41 Finn Brodie


‘B’ team – 1:19:46 (Position 115 of 149)

19:21 David Anderson

19:55 Charlie Townsend

19:35 Rob Wishart

20:54 Tom Colquitt


‘C’ team – incomplete

18:44 John Hurse

19:14 David Daniels

20:33 Paul Hilton


Well done to every one who ran on behalf of the club and many thanks to Louise Kelly for travelling down and supporting the guys. Congratulations to Morpeth Harriers, winners of the Senior Men’s race.

TBH team

TBH team



Senior men results can be found here and incomplete team results here.

(and if Stevie Cairns is reading this, Eric the fireman said hi)



Guy Fawkes 10M: Sunday 1st November 2015

1:51:21 Roger Heath

Full results can be found here.



Derwent 10M: Sunday 1st November 2015

58:32 Matty Tomlinson

1:09:34 Sophie Marr

Full results can be found here.



Newcastle Town Moor Half-Marathon: Sunday 1st November 2015

1:34:31 Charles Casey

1:44:03 Adam Jones

2:39:50 Debbie Wardle

Full results can be found here.



Newcastle Town Moor Marathon: Sunday 1st November 2015

3:07:17 David Daniels

3:56:48 Alex Lockwood

4:24:54 Adrian Brooks

Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch if you took part in a race over the weekend and would like a mention.

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