TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 1

Provisional results from Race 1 of the 2015/16 Winter Series can be found viewed below.

Please get in touch if you notice an error with your name/result.


Well done to race winner Tom Charlton, posting the quickest time of the night with 15:40, and to Magda Grinsdale for finishing first lady in the race (18.59).


As with all the grand prix events, huge thanks must go to all the members who volunteered on the evening :thumbsup:


PositionNameRace timeClub
1Tom Charlton00:15:40
2James Dunce00:15:49
3Sparrow Morley00:16:37
4Alex Polding00:16:43
6Andy Smythe00:16:59
7Paul Turnbull00:17:04
8Alistair Blain00:17:24
9Chris Meek00:17:25
10Dave Moir00:17:25
11John Hurse00:17:37
12Stevie Barker00:17:38
13Luke Bryant00:17:39
14David Wright00:17:40
15Cees van der Land00:17:58
16David Colpitts00:18:07
17Leodhais MacPherson00:18:08
18Matt Davison00:18:25
19Charlie Townsend00:18:33
20Paul Waller00:18:54
21Magda Grinsdale00:18:56
22Phil Scott00:19:01
23Keith Rooney00:19:12
24Alex Lockwood00:19:20
25Tom Colquitt00:19:30
26Paul Routledge00:19:33
27Richard Tailford00:19:35
28Nick Pearson00:19:36
29Matt Walker00:19:38
30James Knox00:19:46
31Chris Chase00:19:48
32Steve Bond00:20:12
33Lee Allen00:20:17
34Kenny Chambers00:20:23Wallsend Harriers
35Graeme Mitchinson00:20:24
36Hannah Farran00:20:34
37Louise Lennox00:20:36
38Joy Fenwick00:20:41
39Lucy Turzynski00:20:44
40Mark Bousfield00:20:53
41Dave Rowe00:20:55
42Colin Dilks00:21:01
43Robert Wilson00:21:02Elswick Harriers
44Jenny Logue00:21:03
45Iain Dalby00:21:10
46Craig Davison00:21:11
47Natalie Bennett00:21:12
48Mal Gibson00:21:17
49Peter Sloan00:21:29Elswick Harriers
50Rachel Clewlow00:21:35
51Johnny Watson00:21:37
52Rachel Adamson00:21:40
53John Pickering00:21:50
54Tom Hanson00:21:51Elswick Harriers
55Sam Hutchinson00:21:52
56Heather Robinson00:21:57Jarrow & Hebburn
57Alan Alexander00:22:06
58Paul Feeley00:22:16
59Joel Tepace00:22:20
60Nicola Brady00:22:21
61Laura Dickson00:22:30
62Craig Alderson00:22:31
63Lysanne Jurriansen00:22:32
64Rachel Case00:22:38
65Neil Capstick00:22:39
66Sarah Chadwick00:22:41
67Vicki Thompson00:22:47Jarrow & Hebburn
68Andrew Keogan00:22:54
69Ian Banks00:23:09
70Daniel Greenhough00:23:20
71Michelle Moat00:23:25
72Alex Antonopoulos00:23:27
73Lindsay Thompson00:23:38
74David Ireland00:23:51
75Stephen Hall00:23:54
76Laura Stout00:23:57
77Emma Moir00:24:07
78Joanne Wood00:24:28
79Jacob De Liefde00:24:42
80Steve Attley00:24:47
81Ian Walton00:24:47
82Craig MacDougal00:24:54
83Rosanne McTernan00:25:05
84Darran James00:25:11
85David Frost00:25:32
86Emma Giles00:25:53
87Stacey Robinson00:26:06
88Tom Sheppard00:26:13
89Imogen Barr00:26:20
90Faye Slade00:26:42
91Alison Bulman00:27:02
92Jessica Anderson00:27:06
93Charley Blackburn00:27:13
94Sara James00:27:18
95Jenny headland00:27:23
96Yvonne Storey00:27:31
97Kerry Smith00:27:31
98Hilary Rose00:27:49
99Rachel Griffiths00:27:58
100Alison Habebi00:28:03
101Mandy Tunmore00:28:33
102Margaret Hagood00:28:45
103Ian Windsor00:28:59
104Sian Salter00:30:21
105Debbie Wardle00:30:55
106Michael Wisely00:31:46
107Kirk Connor00:32:02


The next grand prix race is scheduled for Tuesday, 3 November 2015.

Start line of the Winter Grand Prix

Start line of the Winter Grand Prix


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    • Debbie Wardle on 25th October 2015 at 08:28
    • Reply

    Hi, just to let you know if you are needing volunteers for marshalling on 3rd Nov I will be available as I am running on Sunday
    in the half marathon at exhibition park.
    Cheers Debbie

    • David Daniels on 25th October 2015 at 13:30
    • Reply

    Thanks Debbie, I’ve added your name to the volunteer roster.
    And good luck in the half marathon.

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