2015 TBH Summer Grand Prix

On a night of high drama, the 2015 TBH Summer Series came to a close following a dramatic sixth race of the series, and the overall winner of the series is…


But before we get round to the series winner, a quick mention about this evening’s event and congratulations to Race 6 winner, Johnny Watson, making his first appearance of the series :thumbsup:


Perfectly pacing his run around the 2,25M course, Johnny claimed a terrific victory ahead of two other debutants, Stacey Robinson and Dawn Parker.


Well done to Tony Carter for posting the quickest time of the evening; 11m 48s :good:


NameRace TimeNet Time
Johnny Watson00:23:5100:15:21
Stacey Robinson00:24:4300:18:13
Dawn Parker00:25:0200:19:02
Margaret Hagood00:25:0500:20:05
Margaret Finn00:25:1000:18:40
Tony Carter00:25:1800:11:48
Matt Walker00:25:2300:14:23
Neil Banks00:25:3000:15:30
Adrian Hall00:25:4600:13:16
Mandy Tunmore00:25:4800:19:48
Jakub Bartos00:25:4900:13:19
Paul Routledge00:25:5200:14:22
Matt Davison00:25:5800:12:58
Andrew Keogan00:25:5900:15:29
Andrea Hayden00:26:0000:22:30
Jessica Anderson00:26:0000:19:30
David Anderson00:26:0100:12:31
Nick Heywood00:26:0200:14:32
Tom Vardy00:26:0400:12:34
Sara James00:26:0800:20:08
Billy Green00:26:1200:13:42
Kenny Chambers00:26:1900:13:49
Rachel Case00:26:2100:15:21
Faye Slade00:26:2900:19:29
Alan Alexander00:26:4000:15:10
Emily Mavin00:26:5500:18:25
Elaine O'Mara00:27:2100:24:51
Evie Maholam00:27:2200:24:52
Michael Wisely00:27:4200:21:42
Asari Rashid00:28:5300:17:53


And onto the final points table.

With points leader Craig Davison on volunteering duties in the final race of the series, it meant several members were still in with a chance of overall victory, and thanks to a terrific 9th place finish in Race 6, I’m delighted to announce ADRIAN HALL at this year’s winner of the TBH Summer Series. Congratulations Adrian :thumbsup:


NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
Adrian Hall*100133132124123142754
Craig Davison*100144144135129100752
Paul Routledge*100134135141100139749
Emily Mavin*100116140134100124714
Rachel Case*10091125100134128678
Sandy Anderson*100100100138133100671
Faye Slade*10095100125124126670
Morag Kerry*100147100100100100647
Asari Rashid*10092119100100120631
Michael Wisely*140115100149121625
Catherine Eaton*100100100100100100600
David Daniels*100100100100100100600
Davy Anderson*100100100100100100600
Paul Hilton*100100100100100100600
Alan Alexander*100100113146125584
Neil Banks*100100129100143572
David Appleby*10096127137100560
Iain Dalby*100102121100130553
Lysanne Jurriansen*100108108131100547
Micky Baker*100100147100100547
Lee Allen*100100122122100544
Matt Davison*100100100100138538
Jessica Anderson*100149147135531
Alasdair Blain*100100117100100517
Andrew Keogan*100143132137512
Vicki Deritis*100100100100100500
Charly Blackburn*100100150126476
Karen Walker*121129120100470
Chris Parkin*119112130100461
Jenny Logue*123120116100459
Jonathan Longrigg*100100116143459
Adam Jones*100129124100453
Stuart Dickson*100100102137439
Alan MacCauley*10099139100438
Craig MacDougall*100124113100437
Rachael Estrop*100106118100424
Charles Hazlerigg*100107100111418
Evelyn Maholam*10088100122410
Louise Kelly*100100100100400
Margaret Finn132120146398
Rob Kirtley*100149142391
Lyndsey Thompson*148142100390
Ian Walton*148137100385
Heather Dorman*143140100383
Michael Nemeth*100141142383
Sara James*100150131381
Tyrone Murphy*100149128377
Nick Pearson*100131139370
David Anderson*100128134362
Will Johnson100117141358
Scott Wilkinson100104150354
John Tollitt100106138344
Amanda Tunmore*100100141341
Gareth Mothersdale*100141100341
Sarah McMahon*100100139339
James Knox*100100136336
Paul O'Mara100117118335
Chris Huitson100103131334
Lucy Turzynski*110123100333
Paul Waller*100127100327
Emma Moir90114122326
Laura Carrick*100126100326
Arnaud Albertini*100100125325
Yam Thiru10094128322
Keith Rooney*100100121321
Alison Bulman*104112100316
Gill Parkin*100114100314
Stevie Barker*100112100312
Imogen Barr*100111100311
Mal Gibson*100100111311
Elaine O'Mara*87100123310
Colin Dilks*100109100309
Hannah Kirkham*100107100307
Annette Kelly*100105100305
Anne Grenfell*100100100300
Kevin Cheetham*100100100300
Tom Charlton*100100100300
Russel Deane*10093100293
Lauren Gardner*10089100289
Owen Quigley142146288
Natasha Baldwin145133278
Sandy Kerr143134277
Gary Pattison126136262
Howard Maclennan119136255
Jake Dorman130123253
Kirsten Loy105148253
Parul Akter100150250
Jakub Bartos109140249
Neil middleton*100147247
Nicola Brady*146100246
Lisa McConnell100145245
Charlie Townsend*145100245
Matt Walker*100144244
Phil Scott*100144244
Michelle Bannan128114242
Margaret Eccles*139100239
Joanne Wood137100237
Jen Patterson*136100236
Neal Richardson*135100235
Andrea Hayden97136233
Megan Parkin*133100233
Thomas Vardy*100132232
Kurt Heron100126226
James Dunce100125225
Edwin Wong*122100222
Karen Richardson*118100218
Alex Lockwood100113213
Henrik Aicher*100101201
Alison Habebi*100100200
Andrew Crawford*100100200
Cees van der Land*100100200
David Colpitts*100100200
David Moir*100100200
David Rowe*100100200
David Young*100100200
Derek Vardy*100100200
Graeme Mitchinson*100100200
John Pickering*100100200
Louise Lennox*100100200
Luke Bryant*100100200
Rachel Adamson*100100200
Rachel Clewlow*100100200
Rob Wishart*100100200
Sinead Coffey*100100200
Steve Compton100100200
Yvonne Storey*100100200
Rachel Griffiths*100100200
Johnny Watson150150
Stacey Robinson149149
Dawn Parker148148
Edwin Roca148148
Margaret Hagood147147
Tommy Johnson146146
Mark Bousfield145145
Tony Carter145145
Paul Robinson144144
Mandy Tunmore141141
Sparrow Morley140140
Jose Grueso138138
Rachel Jones138138
John Reicher135135
Nick Heywood133133
Bryan Ankers132132
Janet Pollington131131
Billy Green130130
Nikki Crowley130130
Kenny Chambers129129
Francois Albertini127127
Matthew Kingston127127
Tony Kerr121121
Finn Brodie120120
Emma Giles119119
Joel English115115
Michael Simcox115115
Charles Casey109109
Stephen Hall103103
Irene Frost101101
Adam Wood*100100
Aimee Cook*100100
Alastair Spanner*100100
Alex Black100100
Amy Whitelaw*100100
Andy Eaton100100
Andy Smythe*100100
Beate Muller*100100
Chris Meek100100
Chris Sumsion100100
Danny Fletcher*100100
David Antill*100100
David Dickson100100
David Frost*100100
Ella Foreman100100
Eoghan Quigley*100100
Gemma Cowan100100
Helen Hargrave100100
Jane Shearer*100100
Jayne Russell*100100
Jenny Headland*100100
Jenny Nelson*100100
Joel Tepace100100
John Goldsbrough*100100
John Hurse*100100
Jon Moss*100100
Kerry Neill100100
Kerry Reed*100100
Kerry Smith*100100
Laura Dickson*100100
Lee Cuthbertson*100100
Leodhais MacPherson*100100
Linda Rochester100100
Lindsay Walsh100100
Louise Easton100100
Lucy Matheson*100100
Lynda Rochester*100100
Magda Grinsdale*100100
Maggie Davison*100100
Natalie Bennett*100100
Neil Capstick*100100
Nick Howell*100100
Nick Varley*100100
Paul Brown100100
Paul Feeley*100100
Rebecca Parkin*100100
Rhian Davey100100
Richard Tailford*100100
Ron Murray*100100
Ross Palmer*100100
Santiago Martinez100100
Sarah Chadwick*100100
Shaun Cowan*100100
Sheetal Sharma*100100
Si Kristiansen*100100
Stephanie McFarlane100100
Steve Bond*100100
Tom Colquitt*100100
Vicki Thompson100100
Vicky Forster*100100
Simon Pryde9898


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed during the Summer Series.


The Winter Series returns on Tuesday, 6th October 2015.





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  1. The final points table has been amended, with Jenny Logue, Rachel Griffiths and Charlie Townsend being awarded points for volunteering during Tuesday’s event.

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