OnBoard Pro Exhibition Park Cup 5K – Results


Well done to everybody who took part in this mornings OnBoard Pro Exhibition Park Cup 5K & Young Athletes Mile Race

here are the results of the 5K Race.
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The winners of the team races were.

Senior Men: Tyne Bridge – Mark Fenwick, Tom Charlton, James Dunce
Vet Men: Morpeth – Ian Hudspith, Paul Waterstone, Rob Hancox
Senior Women: Tyne Bridge – Magda Grinsdale, Joy Fenwick, Lucy Turzynski
Vet Women: Tyne Bridge – Jacqueline Etherington, Louise Lennox, Yamuna Thiru

Category Prize Winners


1 Tadele Geremew – Elswick Harriers
2 Ian Hudspith – Morpeth Harriers & Athletic Club
3 Jed Marshall – Gateshead

1 Michael Thompson – Sunderland Harriers
2 David Anderson – Tyne Bridge Harriers
3 Mick Skeldon – Morpeth Harriers & Athletic Club

1 Kevin Emmett – Jarrow & Hebburn AC
2 Dave Moir – Tyne Bridge Harriers

1 Paul Waterstone – Morpeth Harriers & Athletic Club

1 Peter Walton – Unattached

1 Alasdair Wilson-Craw – Claremont

1 Mark McNally – Elswick Harriers

1 Liam Emmett – Jarrow & Hebburn AC
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1 Justina Heslop – Elswick Harriers
2 Emma Holt – Morpeth Harriers & Athletic Club
3 Stephanie Pattinson – Jarrow & Hebburn AC

1 Kelly Dodds – Heaton Harriers
2 Jacqueline Etherington – Tyne Bridge Harriers
3 Kerri Turner – Vegan Runners AC

1 Louise Lennox – Tyne Bridge Harriers

1 Elaine Leslie – Jarrow & Hebburn AC

1 Claire Mason – Blyth Running Club

1 Elizabeth Hodgson – Gateshead Harriers & AC

1 Lesley Chapman – Morpeth Harriers & Athletic Club


Race winners: Tadele and Justina

Race winners: Tadele and Justina

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Exhibition Cup 1 mile Race for Young Athletes

1Harry Morris21110+MaleGateshead Harriers & AC00:05:4211
2Ben Flanagan20410+MaleElswick Harriers00:05:5422
3Andrew Hudspith22010+MaleMorpeth00:05:5533
4Abigail Thwaites21510+FemaleBirtley Athletics Club00:06:1411
5Rowan Mason21710+MaleBirtley00:06:2144
6James Tilley22410+MaleMorpeth00:06:2455
7Finlay Dorman20310+MaleTyne Bridge Harriers00:06:2966
8Caitlin Flanagan229Under 10sFemaleUnattached00:06:4021
9Willow Morris21210+FemaleGateshead Harriers & AC00:06:4232
10Ciaran Leahy20510+MaleMorpeth Harriers & Athletic Club00:06:4477
11Lily Robson22310+FemaleNorth Shields Poly00:06:5643
12Joseph Hudspith221Under 10sMaleMorpeth00:06:5781
13Anna Dorman202Under 10sFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers00:07:0952
14Harry Robson22210+MaleNorth Shields Poly00:07:1098
15Harry White226Under 10sMaleUnattached00:07:23102
16Jake Moir210Under 10sMaleTyne Bridge Harriers00:07:36113
17Josie Gaukrodger218Under 10sFemaleUnattached00:07:3963
18Benjamin Maley206Under 10sMaleNorth Shields Poly Club00:07:44124
19Scott Calland200Under 10sMaleTyne Bridge Harriers00:07:55135
20Hope Moir209Under 10sFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers00:08:1974
21Jonathan Maley207Under 10sMaleNorth Shields Poly Club00:08:24146
22Matthew Maley208Under 10sMaleNorth Shields Poly Club00:08:31157
23Patrick Salmon219Under 10sMaleUnattached00:08:31168
24Isaac Pickett228Under 10sMaleUnattached00:09:25179
25Henry Pickett227Under 10sMaleUnattached00:09:271810
26Eoin Kavanagh225Under 10sMaleUnattached00:11:391911
27James Wallace216Under 10sMaleUnattached00:11:592012

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Under 10’s Winners
1- Caitlin Flanagan
2-Joseph Hudspith
3- Anna Dorman

Over 10’s Winners
1- Harry Morris
2- Ben Flanagan
3- Andrew Hudspith

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    • garry on 17th July 2016 at 23:31
    • Reply

    are you having the exhibition 5k this year

    1. Hi Garry, unfortunately, there are no plans to hold the 5K this year.

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